WWE RAW Results – July 21, 2014

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Triple H Opens RAW, Handicap Match Announced

The post-Battleground edition of WWE RAW opens this week with a live shot of the fans in the arena and then Justin Roberts immediately introducing Triple H. “King of Kings” plays as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, which comes from Miami, Florida this week, as “The Game” makes his way to the ring.

Triple H opens by talking about how John Cena retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Fatal Four-Way match at Battleground on Sunday night. He says he’s very mad today, but he has options. He mocks people who threaten and complain on Twitter. He says he could fire everyone or he can relax knowing than sooner or later he always wins.

HHH says he may have to wait four weeks, but at SummerSlam he can guaran-damn-tee that John Cena will no longer be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He says the question is who? Who gets the opportunity? Before he can continue, Randy Orton’s theme music hits.

Orton comes out and says what about me and my rematch? He says ever since WrestleMania he has been owed a championship one-on-one rematch. He guarantees Triple H that if he puts him in a one-on-one match against John Cena at SummerSlam, he will beat John Cena in a one-on-one match at SummerSlam.

HHH says he can appreciate Orton’s confidence and he makes a compelling argument. He says Orton is the frontrunner right now, but he hasn’t completely made up his mind. He says he’s going to give the entire roster a chance to convince him. He wants someone to impress him and go the extra mile.

Orton complains that if Kane would have done his job last night that he would be champion right now. He tells HHH he shouldn’t be considering Kane. With that said, Kane’s pyro explodes, his theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Kane, in his mask, says he hopes he’s being considered. He says he knows he can beat Cena so long as he knows he’s not simply being Randy Orton’s protector. He says he is tired of babysitting.

With that said, Roman Reigns’ theme plays. The crowd erupts as Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

Reigns says if they’re going to have a conversation about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, his name should be in it. He says the last time he checked, nobody wants to see John Cena vs. Kane and nobody wants to see John Cena vs. Randy Orton again. It says it sounds to him like everyone wants to see John Cena vs. Roman Reigns. Everyone cheers. Reigns says “believe that” and then drops the mic and Superman punches Kane. Orton slithers out of the ring.

Triple H says what he believes is that right now Roman Reigns is going to have a match. He says Roman Reigns is going to face Kane and Randy Orton and he’s going to do so right now. The entire crowd goes “oooh.” Triple H’s music plays as he goes out of the ring and gives some marching orders to Kane and Orton. We head to commercial.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orrton & Kane

When we return from commercial, the bell rings and Orton starts things off in the ring with Reigns. Reigns takes the early offensive lead over Orton, beating him from one side of the ring to the other until Orton clotheslines Reigns down and tags Kane into the match.

Kane comes into the ring and picks up where Orton left off, taking it to Reigns. Reigns hits Kane with a Samoan drop out of nowhere to turn the offensive tide in the match. Reigns fires away at Kane with punches and then Orton tags in. Reigns immediately starts blasting Orton with punches too. Orton takes Reigns’ leg out and tags Kane right back in.

Kane comes in and goes to work on the leg of Reigns that Orton just set up. Kane continues to go to work on Reigns as the fans try and rally behind Reigns and help get him back into the match. Reigns starts showing some signs of life, firing away at Kane with punches, but Kane quickly kills his momentum with a big clothesline.

Reigns goes flying through the second ropes and crashes out to the floor at the hands of Kane. Kane goes out to deliver some additional punishment on the floor, however Reigns slams Kane into the ring side steps to regain the offensive advantage. We head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, Reigns is still being beaten down, as Kane and Orton take turns tagging in and out to keep a fresh man on him. This continues for a while until Reigns makes his comeback, hitting all of his usual spots. Orton and Kane end up arguing in the corner at one point, where Kane grabs Orton by the throat, but Reigns strikes again, hitting Kane with a Superman punch. Orton bails at this point as Reigns follows up on Kane with a spear for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After The Match

After the match, Orton comes back to the ring, where Reigns is still standing. Reigns is waiting for him to get in the ring, but Orton ultimately decides not to. Orton slowly walks away again as Reigns stands tall in the ring as the winner.

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    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says this show sucks so far, 2 handicap matches, BO(ring) Dallas & then when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Flo-Rida is going to perform later. Who books this shit?

      • Brian

        It’s been super boring, and super predictable. I mean, NO ONE saw Lesnar returning, right? Oh wait, that’s been predicted for about a month now. The handicap matches were a joke (again). Outside of the Brie/Stephanie promos, AJ/Paige match (sad that two diva segments are highlights of the show), and the underrated Ziggler/Miz match, the entire show has been terrible (oh, and yes, Flo Rida was worthless. Why the fuck is he performing on Raw . . .)

        • Guest

          And Triple H’s segment at the beginning is basically towards you guys basically saying you think it’s boring well to bad, deal with it, and just whine and complain online

          • Brian

            Hunter’s SEGMENT at the beginning was just that: a fucking segment. I’m sorry that you grew up after the Attitude Era had long passed, but this shit isn’t wrestling. It’s predictable and boring, and has been for YEARS now.

            Oh, and just as a heads up, the correct grammar would be “you think it’s boring well TOO bad . . .”

            • Guest

              Awww someone thinks I have bad grammar lol and fyi I grew up with the attitude era but I don’t complain on the internet about bringing back the attitude era I just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the product they come up with so like I said you think it’s boring well TO bad and deal with it or just stop watching

            • Brian

              This is a PUBLIC comment section, where a fun thing called freedom of speech allows me to say whatever the fuck I please (well, within reason, of course). Why wouldn’t I express my discontent with their product? If I follow a company, and I’m not enjoying the content they produce, but I still WANT to enjoy wrestling (the content in question here), I have three options: Voice my concerns, watch another product, or don’t watch at all.

              My personal opinion is that, as bad as the product WWE puts out each week, it’s still light years ahead of what any of the competition can put out. So that rules out going elsewhere. And I still enjoy wrestling, so why would I want to stop watching? So, that leaves me with the option of simply voicing my concerns.

              Just as you are free to say you are ok with the product they are putting out, I am free to say I’m against it. Did it ever occur to you that my way of “dealing with it,” (your words, to get this through to you), is to come to a place, such as this, and express my discontent? No, of course it didn’t.

              If it bothers you so much that I’m not advocating WWE continuing to be a flaming pile of shit, then I would suggest you apply your own advice when dealing with a section like this: If you don’t agree with someone, fucking ignore them. You like the product. I wouldn’t bash you for liking it, and I won’t carry any ill will towards someone who does. I expect the same in my own right, when I say I dislike the product.

              Oh, and one last thing. I never advocated bringing back the AE. I used it as an EXAMPLE (you know, a literary device to hammer home a point) to suggest that wrestling isn’t anywhere near as good as it once was. I don’t care about PG, I don’t care about how they do it, I simply want to see an entertaining product again. End rant.

            • Guest

              Haha you’re funny you know that and by the way: TO bad and deal with it lol

            • Brian

              I mean, if you want to look like a fucking idiot, that’s your prerogative. I can’t force you to use proper grammar, but I can inform you when you are being incredibly naive. You sound like you are an illiterate child when you use improper grammar. Granted, you don’t seem to care, but hey, that’s on you.

              And may I point out, the only “point” you’ve gotten across to me, is that you are ever so slightly dim-witted, seeings as you intentionally use improper grammar even when corrected.

            • Guest

              And by the way if the message gets across I couldn’t care less how I spell my words

            • Brian

              Oh, and by the way, you are still misusing the word too/to. They do have different meanings and aren’t interchangeable like you seemingly think they are. Too, is to suggest emphasis, or to accentuate the point you are making. In other words, if you are saying something is TOO bad, you are trying to put emphasis on the word, bad.

              Here’s a nice link for you, do everyone a favor, and please be literate when interacting with others:


          • P.P. Johnny

            P.P. Johnny is happy that HHH has acknowledged us people who bitch about how bad the WWE product has become. It’s time for WWE creative to remove their heads from their asses & be…uh…hmm…..eh……CREATIVE.

            • Brian

              That’s actually a very fair point. Perhaps that was managements way of acknowledging that they hear the complaints. I don’t expect anything to change, but it could be positive news if they at least recognize that not everyone in the fanbase is just going to blindly agree with everything they produce.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says Paige’s heel turn on AJ was awesome & well deserved. It’s about time someone jacked up AJ. This is THE highlight of tonight’s RAW.

    • Guest48361648583638484

      Not a mention of the Nikki Bella nip slip?

      • .

        What’s so exciting about that? Her husband got more titties than her lol

        • Joseph James

          Boyfriend not Husband, Brie is the married one

    • Brian

      Just another typical Raw. One or two solid, entertaining segment, but overall, a terribly boring show. As I mentioned below, as if we didn’t ALL know that Lesnar was returning. It’s just so predictable with WWE creative at this point. I don’t feel any hype going forward.

      I guess it just highlights that I’m probably not renewing my Network subscription. I barely paid any attention during Battleground because of how boring and predictable it was. Hell, the best match might have been the tag title matchup, and it was pretty obvious that the Usos were going to win. Just not much incentive to keep wasting my money on things I’m barely going to pay attention to.

      • Wall

        creative is so predictable after ive gone online to read all of WWEs plans

        • Brian

          Actually, it’s predictable . . . because, shocker here, it’s just plain fucking predictable. WWE creative has got to be filled with some of the dumbest idiots in the world, because if you consider the product they put out now as something that keeps you on your toes, or that keeps you excited throughout, you really missed the glory days of professional wrestling. Hell, ten years ago, you could go through an entire Raw, and love almost every segment they put on. Hell, it wasn’t even terrible five years ago. It’s been on a steady decline for many, many different reasons.

      • Camp Cornette

        The only new stuff I watch on the Network is really just the Live “Pay Per Views”. The rest of the time I just spend watching the old pay per view library, which as disappointing as the new stuff may be sometimes, the old stuff still justifies the price for me. But that’s me though…

        • straz

          unfortunately, a lot of things orton did and had to go along with on raw last night totally sucked!
          I hated Raw last night because the so called action wasn’t anything more than a bunch of whiny nonsense happening which insults the
          WWE and isn’t doing anything except losing money with the stupid things they’re going along with doing. Non-entertaining promos, matches, pay-per-views and too many uninteresting things happening on Raw
          I didn’t watch the first half hour or so of the show and based on things i read about what happened…I am glad i didn’t watch that part because it’s extremely insulting, unfair, and lousy to force Orton, Kane…to have to do the heelish things they’re having to do and go along with in matches vs. Cena. Reigns and so on.

        • Damien Kreslein

          I’m right there with you 10 a month for every WCW ECW and WWF/E PPV to good to pass up and yeah for new content I usually just watch the ppvs but I’m pumped for Nitro and the Monday Night War to start as well.

      • Ned

        Too many things happening in WWE at the present time are being done completely wrong.
        WWE’s going along with forcing guys in WWE who don’t dererve to have to continue to kiss Triple H’s, John Cena’s, Roman Reigns’s asses…to always have to do exactly that! To me that’s extremely objectionable, frusterating and hatefully wrong!

        • Brian

          I don’t have a problem with them pushing Reign’s, but at the end of the day, when you unify the world title’s, there is going to be a cluster of guys who SHOULD be getting pushed for main event time, who are simply relegated to sitting in limbo (a list that currently includes guys like Cesaro and so many others who could be getting groomed as eventual top wrestlers).

          The other problem is WWE is so desperate to stick to the same four or five guys at the top. I was thrilled when we finally saw Daniel Bryan get a push as a top guy, because at least we had something fresh and different. But the amount of time guys like Cena and Orton have spent in the main card is just sickening at this point.

      • Damien Kreslein

        This past Raw was actually pretty good from top to bottom while I’m one of the people he was insulting or whatever the Triple H promo was good, the match with Miz and Zigs was good Paige’s heel turn was awesome the forming of a possible new Nation was cool. The match with Cesaro and Ambrose was good. While yeah we all knew it was coming Brocks return and more so Haymens promo was great. But best of all no garbage Cena, or Adam Rose. Yeah of course it wasn’t 100% great but considering everything it wasn’t bad. Besides its not like they really could’ve done much outside of take Lesnar out of the main event at Summerslam and you know that wasn’t going to happen.

        • Brian

          . . . . What you just said highlights everything I’ve already pointed out in this comment section. I said the Ziggler/Miz match was entertaining, and that the Paige/AJ rivalry is going well. I even conceded that they are doing a decent job building hype between the Bellas and Stephanie. But the other 2.5 hours of the show were either predictable, or just downright terrible. How bad are things when WWE creative is filling a ten minute segment with fucking “Flo Rida.” Cesaro/Ambrose was decent, but nothing great.

          Bo Dallas has got to be one of the most stupid fucking characters creative has come up with. And past that, I don’t even remember what else even happened, because it was that forgettable. I just don’t see how it was “good.” Heyman can work a mic, but he was hyping a guy who’s been on hiatus for four months now. Sorry if I don’t get too hyped over that.

          • Stuart Moulding

            Someone needs to remind Flo Rida that if you are gonna mime a song it helps if you hold the mic up to your mouth when you’re supposed to be singing.

            • Brian

              I swear, that might have been the worst “hype” segment I’ve ever seen . . .

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny asks did anyone notice that when Stephanie was in handcuffs that her cleavage was wide enough to drive an 18 wheeler through?

      • Guest58373758363758

        I believe the scientific name for it is “Kofi Chest”.

    • AM Real

      Brock should win but they are gonba make Cena “avenge” undertakers loss…I guess Brock never needs another title again considering the streak is his but still…I don’t understand why they need to give Cena meteoric pushes stil??

      • Triwo

        Cena getting meteoric pushes sucks

        • Oberon

          Cena and Reigns always being able to “win” in matches OR be “champion” = NON-ENTERTAINING SUCKFEST CRAP
          Orton always having to job to guys in WWE who he deserves to win against and beat, defeat and….BE VICTORIOUS AGAINST IS SUCKFEST, HELLACIOUS AND WRONG!!!

    • UltraManTits Black

      I think we’re all forgetting the true highlight from Raw:


      • Damien Kreslein


    • wwefanforlife

      I loved raw last night lots of great action as for you whine baby asses go cry a river the WWE will still make millions

      • WWE Is No Fun Anymorre

        the way randy orton is presently speaking with his current bearded look, heelish attitude and negative behaviours can be summed up, in this way:
        Orton sucks
        Orton sucks
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        Orton sucks
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        Orton sucks

    • guest73737478w827 u83

      Soooo xavier woods starting a new faction?

      • Stuart Moulding

        The New Nation of Domination?

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny noticed since Xavier donned a pair of glasses, he’s looking like Malcolm X with more hair.

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