WWE RAW Results – July 7, 2014

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Roman Reigns and Kane Brawl to Kick-Off RAW in Montreal

This week’s show opens up with highlights of the conclusion of last week’s show. After that, Roman Reigns’ theme music hits, we enter the live arena in Montreal and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Justin Roberts does the formal ring introductions as Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd. Cole also informs us that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are not here tonight, as they are on vacation.

Reigns starts off talking about how Triple H probably thinks adding him to the fatal four-way match at the Battleground pay-per-view will probably help nullify John Cena. He says he can if he wants. He says they probably think it will result in Randy Orton leaving as champion — but it won’t. The fans chant “Cena Sucks.” Reigns stares at the crowd trying to find out what they’re chanting. He finally says “when Roman Reigns is in the house, you damn right Cena sucks.”

Kane’s pyro explodes just as Reigns guarantees everyone he’ll become the new champion at Battleground. Reigns asks if Kane is in charge because The Authority isn’t here because lately it seems like he’s just Randy Orton’s bitch. The fans pop for that line.

Kane heard enough and he and Reigns go at it. The fight spills out to the floor and Reigns is taking it to “The Devil’s Favorite Demon.” Kane gets the upper-hand as the action returns to the ring. A ton of referees come down to break things up. Eventually they do. Reigns, however, spears one of the officials and then hits Kane, who was standing on the apron, with a Superman punch. Reigns’ music hits and the crowd pops.

What’s On Tap For Tonight …

The announcers promote the fact that Bret Hart is here in Montreal tonight. They also plug the Chris Jericho vs. Miz match, and tonight’s main event between John Cena and Seth Rollins. We head to our first commercial break of the evening.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. The Usos

We’re back from the break and we see Luke Harper and Erick Rowan already standing in the ring. Out next are the WWE Tag-Team Champions, The Usos.

The bell rings and Uso and Harper kick things off for their respective teams. Uso gets the better of the early exchanges. Jey tags in Jimmy. The two knock Harper and Rowan out to the floor.

Back in the ring, Harper takes it to Uso in the corner. Harper beats down Uso a bit and then tags in Rowan. Rowan picks up where Harper left off, taking it to Uso in the corner of the ring.

A dueling “let’s go Wyatt’s” and “let’s go Usos” chant breaks out in Montreal as Rowan continues to deliver some punishment to Jimmy. Rowan misses a big leg drop, which allows Jimmy to make the tag to Jey.

Jey comes in and takes it to Rowan early, but a Harper distraction allows the Sheep-wearing Wyatt member to regain control of the offense. He establishes control a bit and then tags Harper in.

Harper puts the boots to Uso for just a few seconds before tagging Rowan right back in. Rowan hits a big splash on Uso for a near fall. We head to commercial on that note.

When we return from the break, we see Rowan taking it to Uso in the middle of the ring. A loud, random “CM Punk” chant breaks out as the pace picks up inside the ring.

The action really picks up now, as after a bunch of interference, The Usos score a super-close near fall that the fans absolutely bought into. In fact, the announcers even seemed confused as to whether or not the referee counted to three. This leads to some “This is awesome” chants.

The Usos go to hit a double-dive on Harper on one side of the ring, but when they hit the ropes, Rowan pulls one of them out to the floor. The other Uso turns and baseball slide-kicks Rowan, only to turn around into a big boot from Harper. 1-2-3. The Wyatt’s pick up the victory.

Winners: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Backstage: Kane, Randy Orton & Seth Rollins

Backstage, we see Kane and Randy Orton. Orton tells Kane that if Roman Reigns had done one more thing, he would have come out to help, just like he knows Kane will help him at Battleground. Seth Rollins comes in and promises that if Kane or Orton wins the title, he’ll think twice about cashing in his briefcase. Rollins leaves. Orton tells Kane he’s really starting to hate that kid. Kane says not as much as I’m starting to hate you (talking to Orton). We head to commercial.

One Hand Tied Behind Their Back
Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox

When we return from commercial, Justin Roberts announces that “per orders of The Authority” the next match will feature each person with one hand tied behind their back. Nikki Bella’s music hits and out she comes to the ring. Already in the ring is her opponent, Alicia Fox.

Highlights are shown of Brie Bella slapping Stephanie McMahon at the Payback pay-per-view after she “quit.” The referee ties Nikki’s hand behind her back. The ref goes to tie Fox’s hand behind her back, but Fox keeps screwing around.

Ultimately, Fox runs from the ref before he can tie her hand. She goes over and attacks Nikki, who does have one hand tied behind her back. The fans are chanting something, it sounds like they’re saying “boring” but it’s hard to make out.

The action spills out to the floor, where Fox continues to deliver additional punishment to the one-handed identical twin. She rolls her back in the ring as the “boring” chants escalate.

Back in the ring, Nikki tries fighting back with her one arm, but ultimately Alicia Fox — with two hands — is too much for her to handle.

Fox goes outside the ring and goes under the ring to grab something. It looks like two Red Bulls. She cracks them open, sprays them all over Nikki and stomps away. That’s it. Not sure who “wins,” but I know who lost — anyone who sat through all of that just now! We head to commercial.

Winner: No Contest

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    • cm punk chants

      Same old crap

      • Jeremy

        Unfortunately I agree. What upsets me the most is everytime Cena has the title we hear Michael Cole constantly say how Cena is the greatest champion of all time.

        • SJ

          Cena being the greatest champion of all time SUCKS!!!!

          The Viper Randy Orton IS the GREATEST CHAMPION of all time!!!

          The Viper Randy Orton NOT BEING the GREATEST CHAMPION OF ALL TIME is a great and extremely grave, miscarriage of justice and fairness!!!!

          • Anja

            Unfortuntately, WWE is not EVER going to stop sucking and being the absolutely worst, most non-entertaining, un-interesting, boring, talentless friggin crap like it has been and usually is these days. I know a girl who can draw about a zillion times better than that guy who WWE decided to kiss ass and let him put his artwork up and have Orton try to sell it. Not worth buying the current Orton merch anyway because most of his current mercy with his bearded look is beyond fucking pathetic garbage and isn’t worth investing in!
            I used to be a fan of his and would have bought merchandise of Orton’s…..but that stopped when he decided to suck and be and go along with behaving and being like a loser!
            Which sucks beyond horribly and insultingly!!!
            Orton is not capable of being champion. Cena is. I hate this part because I am definitely not enjoying anything about WWE with the way it is presently right now. I mean, even though I used to like Orton…he doesn’t need to be champion or deserve to be. Matter of fact…. nobody in WWE deserves to be champion.
            Not right now. Orton having to be in The Authority, or go along with the scummy suckfest gimmick, of Apex Predator SUCKS!
            Orton being and behaving like a goddamn jobber, loser and him making Cena look good is fucking more annoying than anything….except for Orton being a heel, having facial hair, having to side with heels and there being only negativity and bad things happening in WWE. It’s heartbreaking and discouraging and a tremendously huge letdown to me and maybe to other people as well…..this goddamn idiocy of and about Orton being a heel fucking sucks beyond tremendously!!!!

            • zkallday

              I really want an anti cena crowed and cm punk chants!

    • George Flegel

      Nothing exciting for sure. Not sure why the hell the WWE is making Sandow suffer through this ridiculous mimicry every week. It’s lame and a waste of his talent. Speaking of a waste, WTF is RVD jobbing for Retard Rusev? I hope Swagger takes him out, though I doubt it as Swagger is a glorified jobber and being wasted too.

      • Bevo

        Damien Sandow is probably bored and misses WWE being fun and cool. Maybe he wants people to enjoy WWE again. What is lame is John Cena winning and being champion. That clean shaven baby face good guy, better known as: The Viper Randy Orton should be facing against heels like… John Cena, Rusev, Big Show, Triple H, Roman Reigns, and other in ring opponents!!!

      • Sal

        WWE isn’t allowed to be exciting, cool, entertaining, interesting, fun, enjoyable, or mean a damn thing anymore no thanks to how things have become so completely reprehensible in WWE.

    • fons

      Yes yes , you see the pussy lips fromm Paige when she count cameron

      • SJ

        I’d rather be able and allowed to receive a french kiss and be able to cuddle up closely, get hugged by, do fun things with and be able to sit, stand, lie next to The Viper Randy Orton and for he and I to be romantically involved together…..

        • warjod

          Orton behaving cowardly, like a loser, and him being hellish, having facial hair and behaving like a jobber fucking sucks tremendously!! Not only that but it is one hundred percent absolutely fucking damned pathetic, objectionable, offensive, wrong, insulting, unfair, lousy, despicably hurtful, disappointing, dissatisfying, bad, weakassed crap and nothing is going to ever be right in WWE EVER again! I hate this sh*t! It’s beyond ridiculous and extremely hurtful and is also wrong and should not be allowed on TV! Same goes for Cena and all these guys in WWE! It’s completely screwed up, wrongful and the way things have become and are now in the WWE is flat out nothing except rottenly hateful and completely despicable!!!

    • David

      Safe to say this was the most boring RAW in recent history and most dead crowd in recent history. Best part was Usos v Harper and Rowan. Can someone explain what Bret’s role was out there? He’s the worst there was, worst there is and worst there ever will be on the mic. He even struggled to get a reaction out of his home crowd. Christ, it was painful to watch

      • SJ

        Reason that Raw had it’s boring aspects was and is due in part to the fact that The Viper Randy Orton hasn’t been allowed to go back to being the clean shaven good guy like he was in 2008-2009!
        When he looks, behaves like, and his attitude is like it was and used to be then…he’s INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC, HANDSOME, GOOD LOOKING, HOT AND ADOREABLY CUTE!!! He has heart, does his best, has been putting over other guys in WWE but they don’t deserve to be champion! The Viper Randy Keith Orton does deserve to be champion!!!

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