WWE RAW Results – June 30, 2014

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The Authority & John Cena Open The Show

RAW opens up with highlights of last night’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view. After that, “King of Kings” hits and out comes The Authority. As Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring, we shoot over to the commentary team, where Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler quickly recap some of the happenings at last night’s pay-per-view.

The music dies down and Stephanie starts things off on the microphone. As soon as she begins to talk, a loud and passionate “CM Punk” chant breaks out. She tries to emphasize the name Daniel Bryan when talking about last night, in an attempt to get the fans to drop the Punk chants and get into the “Yes!” stuff. Thry ignore her and barrel on with “CM Punk” chants.

Steph goes on to put over Seth Rollins for winning the briefcase last night and she guarantees he will cash it in eventually and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. HHH talks and says he’s said it plenty of times and he’ll say it again, Seth Rollins is the future.

“The Game” turns his attention to last night’s main event, and puts over John Cena for becoming a 15-time champion. He introduces Cena.

The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s music hits and Cena comes out with both titles strapped around his neck the same way he does in the tweet he posted earlier today.

When the music stops and Steph goes to speak, Cena cuts her off. He promises to give Daniel Bryan a chance to get back the titles he never lost whenever he eventually makes his return to the ring.

Steph tells Cena to commemorate his 15th championship reign, WWE is featuring Cena on the cover of the new WWE 2K15 video game. We hear a drum roll and then a giant cover of the 2K15 game with Cena pictured on it drops down from the ceiling.

Cena thanks them for the video game cover and calls it an honor but is questioning why they are being so nice to him. He thinks something is fishy. He says they didn’t seem so happy for him last night. He shows a picture of their reaction to his victory last night, where they both look bummed out.

He starts his super-gangster talk and guarantees The Authority that they can’t control him. HHH mocks Cena and starts talking all “hood” as well. Cena says he can kick Triple H’s ass in front of everybody right now.

HHH turns serious and informs Cena that he can do things the easy way or he can do things the hard way. Cena says he won’t be his stooge, so he picks the hard way. HHH says if he wants it the hard way, that’s exactly what he’ll get. He tells Cena that he’ll defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming WWE Battleground pay-per-view in a four-way match.

Cena, in his serious voice, says, “that’s great. Who’s in it?” HHH says two of the guys in it are the two people he will face tonight. He says those two are “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Demon” Kane. He tells Cena not to worry, as he’ll have a partner against those two men. He says his partner will be the fourth person in the Battleground main event — Roman Reigns. The fans erupt with cheers at that news.

HHH tells Cena to enjoy his moment because it goes by fast. Cena mocks Steph for swimming in a pool of crap. His music plays and he walks off. As he’s leaving, HHH cuts his music off and tells Cena that at Battleground he’s in a fatal four-way, and if he survives that, don’t worry – there’s always a “Plan B.”

Seth Rollins’ music hits and he walks out with the briefcase. He blatantly looks at his briefcase and then walks past Cena and heads to the ring. He stands in the ring and he and The Authority celebrate. We head to our first commercial break of the evening. We’re told that The Usos & Sheamus will take on all three members of The Wyatt Family later tonight.

Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam

When we return from commercial, Rollins is still in the ring holding his briefcase as we hear Rob Van Dam’s theme music. Van Dam is in the ring as well, as it’s time for a one-on-one match between RVD and Seth Rollins. The bell rings and the “RVD” chants start up immediately. After that, a random, but very loud “ECW” chant spreads throughout the arena.

Van Dam gets the better of Rollins early on, so Rollins ducks out to the floor and recovers a bit. He re-enters the ring and Van Dam immediately starts taking it to him again. Rollins heads out the back door and recovers on the floor a bit again.

Back in the ring, Rollins immediately starts taking more punishment from “Mr. Monday Night.” Van Dam is taking it to Rollins in what has been a one-sided match thus far. Rollins rolls out to the floor to regroup yet again. This time, Van Dam goes for a dive, but misses. Rollins is now in control of the match for the first time, as we head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, we see Rollins still in control of the match, as he’s taking to Van Dam, focusing specifically on his leg. This continues for a while until Van Dam gets a couplle of hope spots. The finish, however, comes moments later when Rollins nails Van Dam with the Curb Stomp for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After The Match: Dean Ambrose Threatens Seth Rollins

After the match, Renee Young interviews Rollins in the ring. He brags about winning the Money In The Bank briefcase and talks about how he will absolutely be the WWE Champion when he cahses it in. As he continues to talk, he is interupted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose, who is backstage, talks on the titan tron about how he was set up last night, but that it’s ok. He threatens Rollins and says he’s going to eventually get to him. We head to commercial.

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    • Matt Rayfield

      WWE finally does something right with Zeb and Swagger here.

      • George Flegel

        I hope Swagger doesn’t job for that bum Rusev. Swagger deserves better than that.

        • Matt Rayfield

          Yeah I know, but Rusev is very boring indeed that is why I finally gave in and Stood and said “We The People” because Rusev and Lana are very boring indeed. But I agree he does not need to be a jobber.

          • George Flegel

            Swagger needs another big push, though that won’t happen as they are too busy shoving Cena and Orton down our throats.

            • Jayden

              Orton being a heel fucking sucks! Change his pathetic suckfest in ring character. Ooops, I forgot. He has to still kiss ass with The Authority–Triple H, Seth Rollins, Stephanie McMahon and Kane while being a bad guy/heel. With him as a heel/bad guy which makes WWE suck incredibly lousy.
              As for the extremely lousy suckfest episode of RAW that aired last night….quite embarrassing for a company that pretends to be entertaining.
              To say the least. The main event tag team match was worse than horribly awful and extremely bad. Worse, people are expected to like this crap that was happening on the show?!
              The suckfest, boring, dull occourances happening such as the the suckfest goddamn crap from what happened at the scummy pay per view, MITB that happened at TD Gardens in Boston, MA and on last night’s WWE RAW episode in the main event was annoying and irritating.

            • Kavic

              Orton kissing ass and siding with The Authority, going along with what Seth Rollins, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon want sucks and him not being the clean shaven badass underdog baby face he used to be and once was sucks incredibly awful and unbearably. Him not chasing after and challenging whoever’s got the championship title then fucking kicking his pathetic sorry ass and defeating him sucks!

            • Matt Rayfield

              Yes while he does, we need to do something better with this whole Rusev and Lana vs Zeb and Swagger Storyline first. Because Zeb and Swagger finally have a worthwhile reason to say We The People now so it needs to run its course.

    • Maryse is having my baby

      So much for Y2J!!! Fuck The Miz! Waste of a champion, waste of space, he should’ve been cut instead of JTG! Lol

      • Maryse is still having my baby

        Nevermind! Yes! !!! Y2J!!! Only man that can come back party time & main event Wrestlemania & get away with it!

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        I hope u say that bcuz JTG is the most underrated WWE superstar of all time.

    • Q9V

      Jericho just came back to job for the Wyatts, then he’ll be gone again thankfully.

      • raw is Jericho

        You must be a PG era fan lol

        • Q9V

          Nope. Jericho was meh back in WcW. Now, he just comes back to job to people, then leaves again to play with the kids on twitter.

    • Bob

      Why the hell didn’t that ref start the match? It’s not like it’s the first time a MitB has been cashed in on a downed opponent.

      • Shaquille Burton

        It was in the script to not start the match why put the belt on rollins knowing he’s not big enough yet to feud with lesnar if we are going to have a transitional champion I’d rather it be Cena than anyone else

      • donny

        to continue to fuel the Ambrose Rollins feud Ambrose will probably continue to intercept Rollins before the cash in takes place for a week or two just for mind games until finally letting the bell ring to actually mess up Rollins title shot

        • Ste

          The idiotic feud between Rollins and Ambrose isn’t even staying between them because it appears to be like Rollins is dragging in other members of The Authority (Orton, Triple H, Kane, Stepnanie McMahon) to help him fight Ambrose which sucks incredibly and is stupid. The Authority staying together and Orton being stuck having to continue remaining part of that stupid faction sucks! Him being a hellish bad guy like he’s doing presently is fucking pathetic, moronic, lameassed, no-good crap!

      • Q9V

        Because Rollins isn’t anywhere near ready to be a WWE champion. Especially with Lesnar coming back into the title picture.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says the wrong Brooks family member showed up at RAW tonight. Phil, you’re married now, make sure your old lady stays at home.

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        ayyy PP!!! U excited as I am bout da LEGENDARY AJ Lee returning? Whoopin “no personality” Paige’s ass!!!

        • P.P. Johnny

          P.P. Johnny says, c’mon Will, I’m about excited to see AJ as I am to get diarrhea at 3 in the morning.

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            lol too far

    • uncle yoder’s nuts

      why the hell did they have to bring back A.J.Lee? She needs to stop with her little skipping. If I was any of the divas I would be pissed, because she won the title again. Hope it doesn’t last long.

      • Guest

        They brought her back because she can fight you don’t like It deal with it or stop watching

        • uncle yoder’s nuts

          WOW!!! If you don’t like what I say don’t look at what I post, and you can DEAL WITH THAT ONE!!!!

          • Guest

            You broadcast your comment to everyone so if I read it it’s because I have no idea what you said and since it’s complaining so much I decided to let you know WWE doesn’t care about your opinion and either deal with it or stop watching and by the way the all caps just makes you look like a tool

            • uncle yoder’s nuts

              And the WWE really don’t care about you. Do you think they care about any of us? No. Oops did I yell to much at you. Oh so sorry if I did. And speaking of “tool”, your wife loved my tool last night!

            • Guest

              Did I say they cared about me? Nope doesn’t change the fact they don’t care about you and fyi I’m not married too busy going to school where I can converse with actual adults and actually doing something with my life instead of crying over AJ being brought back and how her gimmick is annoying and all…

          • Guest Stompers

            Presently in WWE these days the only thing that happens is bad guys like Cena, Reigns, Rollins are allowed to “win” and get away with harming and injuring other people in WWE without being harmed themselves as payback for treating other superstars that way. That fucking sucks!
            All these people in WWE think they know how to fight.
            Yeah, I’d like to see what they’re going to fucking do when I get into the WWE and am on RAW and SmackDown and
            WWE and have 1 – 2 dogs, one with bitework training, the other either being a guard dog breed or a flock guardian breed….let’s see them physically handle or touch myself or my dogs or someone I want my dogs to protect…..without permission without being/getting bitten and or mauled..

    • chrissi calvert

      I hated AJs return. Should have kept the title off her until Battleground or Summerslam. Give time for the Paige/AJ feud to build up. Miz, no one actually gave a shit that he returned. Thank fuck that Jericho is back!

    • Zack Ranolds

      Who should Damien Sandow dress up like on Monday? If Daniel Bryan American dragon Damien Bryan / American dragon
      Original pose and ride of the Valkyrie original theme ? Rewind form 2011 -2010
      Fist Will Daniel Bryan and shave his mustache and beard off cut hair
      He’s goes for the da bell lock
      Still the back flip

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