WWE RAW Results – March 3, 2014

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Backstage: Christian Attacks Sheamus

Backstage, Renee Young is with Sheamus. He talks about it being a long road back from recovery, but before he can continue, Christian ambushes and attacks him from behind. He keeps shouting that he warned him not to underestimate him. A bunch of referee hit the scene and break things up.

The Bella Twins vs. Aksana & Alicia Fox

Back in the arena, four Divas are in the ring. We have a Divas tag-team match between The Bella Twins and the team of Aksana and Alicia Fox. Brie starts things off with Aksana. She gets the better of her and then tags in Nikki Bella. Nikki works the arm of Aksana briefly and then tags Brie back in. Aksana yanks Brie off the top and then crawls over and tags in Alicia Fox.

Fox chokes Brie from behind as the announcers promote the upcoming return of the Total Divas reality show, which this season will include Summer Rae. Aksana tags back in and slaps the crap out of Brie on the ground. She tags Alicia back in. Fox works over Brie briefly and then tags Aksana back in.

Aksana stomps away at Brie and then she quickly tags Alicia back in. Brie finally escapes from the grasp of Alicia and makes the tag to Nikki. Nikki comes in and flies around on Alicia. A “CM Punk” chant breaks out as Nikki continues her comeback. Aksana comes in and Brie comes in to dropkick her out of the picture. Nikki hits her finisher on Alicia. 1-2-3. The Bella Twins pick up the victory.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Kane Promo

We see Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring as we head to another commercial break. His match against Batista is up after the break. When we return from commercial, we get a preview for the USA Network show Sirens. After that, Daniel Bryan’s theme music hits. The crowd erupts and does the Yes! chant as he comes out smiling. He “Yes’s!” his way to the ring for this one-on-one match with Batista.

Bryan is standing in the middle of the ring with a mic. Bryan says the people in Chicago have a voice. He says “we” have a voice. He says tonight “we” are going to hijack RAW. The crowd explodes with “Yes!” chants. He says he is not going to leave this ring until one of two things happen. A very loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out and he smiles big. He says he won’t leave this ring until Batista comes down to fight. The crowd boo’s. Or until Triple H comes down to answer his challenge. They boo again. He talks about HHH flat out turning him down for a match at WrestleMania. The crowd does a big “No!” chant in response to both options. As Bryan continues to speak, Triple H’s music interupts him.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way out to the top of the stage. They make their way to the ring. A loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out as their music is still playing. HHH smiles and taunts the crowd as they continue to chant for Punk. Stephanie goes to speak and the crowd explodes with boo’s. She barrels ahead. This is the absolute loudest boo’ing I’ve maybe ever heard. Bryan confronts Triple H. Bryan talks about HHH screwing him repeatedly out of the title. He says he is still standing here, unbroken, with these people behind me. They all do the “Yes!” chant. Bryan challenges HHH to a match at WrestleMania XXX again. HHH laughs.

The first time he opens his mouth to speak, the entire arena boo’s loudly again. HHH talks about everyone in this era making excuses. The crowd has not stopped boo’ing insanely loudly this entire time. He ignores them and keeps talking. A thunderous “CM Punk” chant breaks out, which HHH again ignores. HHH calls Bryan a B+ player. He says he doesn’t understand why that angers people, because B+ is pretty damn good. He says it’s a good little spot for Daniel. He says it’s going to take a lot more than a B+ player to get him to lace up his boots at WrestleMania. The crowd chants “asshole” and HHH responds by saying “they’re saying it’s your turn.”

Bryan says the fans see through HHH’s lies. That’s why they chant. They all do the “Yes!” chant. Bryan says HHH ignores the fans. He says the only way he’ll see it is if he beats the crap out of him at WrestleMania. Stephanie goes to speak and the crowd explodes with boo’s. Stephanie says the fans will eventually turn on him, but she and HHH never will.

Stephanie says without her family, Bryan would have nothing. Stephanie says they made him. Bryan says why don’t she put on HHH’s trunks and he put on her skirt, then they can fight at WrestleMania while he watches. The crowd chants “Yes!” HHH says he’s 90 percent sure she’d whip his ass too. The crowd boo’s loudly. HHH tells Daniel that it’s just not going to happen. HHH talks to Bryan like a little kid with the Elmer Fudd voice. He tells him his “wittle match” isn’t going to happen. He says Bryan just doesn’t measure up. He tells Bryan to get out of his ring. Bryan says it isn’t their ring. Steph says actually it is. Bryan says it’s “their” ring, and points to the fans. HHH says everything in this arena, including the fans and Bryan, belongs to him. He orders Bryan once again to get the hell out of his ring. Bryan gets in HHH’s face and says, “why don’t you make me.” Stephanie calls for Kane.

The fire pyro explodes, Kane’s music hits and out he comes power-walking to the ring. Bryan charges after Kane and attacks him. Bryan whoops up on Kane on the floor as Stephanie screaches for security to come out there. Security breaks them up as a loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out. We head to a commercial.

WWE Network Promotion

When we return from commercial, we see highlights of the Brock Lesnar attack on Mark Henry at the beginning of the show earlier tonight. After that, the RAW announce team plug the WWE Network.

We shoot up to the RAW panel. Josh Mathews talks briefly and then introduces Booker T. Booker talks about the new tag-team champs. Next is “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. He just does a quick “Hoooooo!” Alex Riley is the last member of the panel and he talks about Lesnar and Undertaker briefly. They plug the RAW post-show on the Network as we hear Alberto Del Rio’s theme music playing.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio makes his way to the ring. Out next we hear a loud Mustang car pull up. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. Aaron Paul gets out of the driver’s seat. Ziggler comes out of the passenger seat. They both come to the ring together. They pose on the ropes and then Paul joins the commentary team for this match.

The bell rings and Del Rio goes to work immediately on Ziggler. Del Rio puts the boots to Ziggler in the corner as the crowd chants for Ziggler. On commentary, the guys are sucking up to Aaron Paul. Paul just sounds excited to be there. Meanwhile, Ziggler starts fighting back in the ring. Del Rio slows his momentum down with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Ziggler starts fighting back again, nailing Del Rio with a big DDT. Del Rio again cuts his offensive attempts short as he catches him with a big knee. Aaron Paul drops his headset and stands up on the table to distract Del Rio. Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Ziggler reverses into the Zig-Zag. 1-2-3. Ziggler wins.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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    • rab912

      brock lesnar just nailed the camera guy with the TV monitor


      Paul heyman is really good at promos.. I still call bs that punk and wwe aren’t gonna make it happen tonight… This batista/orton things is garbage..

      • SJ

        That’s not true. The Batista vs. Randy Orton thing is able to be excellent and good but they need to have Randy be allowed to return back to having a clean shaven look and fight back and win.

    • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

      hahahhaha all this talk of da crowd goin “nuts” and “rebelling” for punk and yet they ALREADY forgot bout him. ahahahhahahaha mayb he isnt as popular as all of u think, his hometown doesnt even give a shit anymore

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        I see posts like this and it makes me think you don’t even watch wrestling….

        • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

          notice the time. It was at the beginning of raw when there were virtually no CM Punk chants. Of course the chants increased when they wanted DB saved from the authority at the end. Im glad he didnt come back even tho I was wrong n told every1 he would. 1 less cryass in the wwe

          • Theodore Krhtikos

            sir,you’re a class A dumbfuck

            • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

              excuse myself while i go slit my wrists :_(

      • Chi-Town’s Finest

        You must’ve been watching on mute, chump.

        • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

          seemed like there were just as many cm punk chants at previous raws as this one. For all the hype of #hijackraw this was an EPIC failure. They mainly started chanting CM Punk at the end 2 save their HERO DB.

          • Theodore Krhtikos

            I’ve counted more than 30 fucking loud punk chants.Get your shit together,asshole.

            • yoyo

              You didn’t get the memo: Punk screwed Punk.

            • Theodore Krhtikos

              How can you get ”screwed” when your company you work for is full of shit?
              He set himself free.

            • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

              u look like a transgender

            • Theodore Krhtikos

              that’s why,you cancered piece of fuck,I listen to proper music not cRAP.

            • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

              so u admit ur a transgender?

            • Theodore Krhtikos

              naaaah.You do have a bleeding anus though!

        • D

          Too bad Punk didn’t give two shits about the crowd though, huh?

    • TeamRollins

      Seth Rollins is AMAZING!

      • ImOnTeamRollinsToo

        Rollins FOREVER

    • F’awesome

      The Shield vs Wyatt’s should have been the main event.

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        they better not break up the shield. I kno there r rumors of shield triple threat at mania but i think that shouldnt b until WM 31. Like when Reigns is WWE World Champ then have THAT be the reason shield breaks up bcuz of Ambroses jealousy. That would actually make sense. This break up right now is too forced

        • Derp

          What is it with the WWE and breaking up good factions too early? They’re gonna fuck up the Shield and the Wyatts before they even get to really establish themselves. Remember when DX ran around for years and years? WWE droppin the ball again.

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            ah yes the good ol days of the attitude era. Its bcuz they r always thinking of the next “breakout solo star” and think for some reason it cant be done with a faction. I love Reigns but he becomes a whole hell of a lot less interesting without the shield

    • Peeter Pants

      Best raw of 2014 maybe even 2013. Why can’t ppvs be this good

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        i thought elimination chamber was a damn good ppv

    • Eric

      So then, all that CM Punk is gonna be at Raw was all bullshit. Once again thanks a lot internet.

    • Jericho

      yea I agree stupid internet

    • Liane

      So it means there is no Shield anymore? I’m sad :(

    • The Truth

      WWE obviously leaked that CM Punk ‘rumour’ on purpose just to make people think he would be back in order to create more heat on last night’s show. If he does come back it will likely be at a big show like Wrestlemania. I don’t count on him being gone for good though, or nobody on the show would bother discussing it.

    • AyHello

      That was an epic raw with a very disappointing ending. I say boycott wm30 til they give us a reason to order/watch it. And screw wwe network..using nostalgia to keep itself alive whilst the current product continues to sink

    • Hector Naranjo

      Great RAW, especially Shield vs Wyatts, Man i really hope they make changes and have them go at it at WM30. It has the potential to steal the show. Big ups to Seth Rollins fkn dude really showed his talents.

      • SJ

        Awwwww……. F******K!!!!
        I didn’t watch because I didn’t think Randy was going to be allowed to be on…he was on the show but wasn’t himself. I can tell because of the fact that he’s not currently allowed to do anything which sucks!!! Now they have Orton appearing like he isn’t resilient which is total fucking bullshit! I hope that Bray Wyatt knows what the fuck he’s doing and I hope Cena knows what he’s doing and that Orton knows what he’s doing and Triple H knows what he’s doing and that things are allowed to go back to being like they were when WWE actually had a frosted, good, exciting, cool, absorbing, fascinating, interesting, terriffic side like it used to!!!
        I saw the extremely cool pics of Randy in the new issue of WWE Magazine on the newsstand…him unleashing an RKO was AMAZING!!! The photo of Randy Orton and Triple H from the WrestleMania 25 Pay-Per-View was just INCREDIBLE!!!!
        Randy Orton said that the match he did vs. Triple H…the crowd wasn’t as loud during it and that The Undertaker’s match was better than the one he and Triple H did.
        WTF ‘ ing HELL???!! NO WAY!!!!
        Randy Orton’s match vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 25 was way better than The Undertaker’s match at that same pay-per-view!!! I know because of the fact that Randy Orton and Triple H put on excellent matches when they’re allowed to face against each other!!!

      • SJ

        Randy Orton’s been sucking with the new look he has been forced to go along with and him having to have facial hair and a beaded look and him having to put over other guys!!!
        ** thumbs down**
        That SUCKS
        He was a helluva LOT better when he was clean shaven and was fighting back against opponnents!!!

    • feed me smores

      I just wanna see the Orton punt one last time while he’s heel

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