WWE RAW Results – March 3, 2014

WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee: Paul Bearer

We are told that the latest inductee into the 2014 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame will be revealed after the break. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

When we return from commercial, we see a graphic showing Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts and Lita as the current WWE Hall Of Fame inductees that have been announced. From there, we shoot directly into the next inductee’s video package. It’s Paul Bearer.

Big E. vs. Jack Swagger

After that, we see Big E. and Jack Swagger both standing in the ring. Apparently Big E. is working another match here tonight. Earlier in the show, which we are seeing highlights of now, Swagger cost Cesaro his match with Big E.

The bell rings and before either guy does anything, Cesaro jumps Big E. from behind and hits him with his Neutralizer finisher. The referee calls for the bell. Swagger is distracted.

Winner via Disqualification: Big E.

After The Match

Cesaro and Swagger get in each other’s face. Swagger pushes Cesaro. Cesaro ends up grabbing Swagger by the legs. He goes to do the big Cesaro Swing until Zeb Colter gets on the mic and tells him not to do it. He tells him to be a Real American. Cesaro eventually lets him go. Colter tells him to help his brother up. Cesaro extends his hand. Swagger grabs it and Cesaro helps him up. Colter tells them to let this thing go and put it behind them. They’re Real Americans. Colter tells them to hug it out. They hug. Colter does his usual “we the people” stuff to conclude the segment.

John Cena Addresses The Wyatt Family

Before we head to another break, Michael Cole and the commentary team plug that Cena will address The Wyatt Family next. On that note, we head to another commercial.

When we return from commercial, John Cena’s music hits. He gingerly walks to the ring, selling his “injured” leg. Cena’s music ends and he begins speaking. The loud “CM Punk” chants start up. He thanks the fans for a warm Chicago welcome. He talks about being injured by The Wyatt Family last week. He says he won’t be able to wrestle tonight. The crowd cheers. He goes to continue speaking, and they cut him off with a loud “CM Punk” chant. He says that’s why he came out here, to hear the fans. They boo him. Cena talks about his history in the All State Arena. He talks about having a very special moment with “somebody” in the All Stare Arena at the Money In The Bank PPV. The fans chant “CM Punk” again. Cena says he and Chicago haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. He says he’s big on respect and he respects the hell out of this city. Cena says he’s been listening to this whole “hijack business” and he understands that the WWE Universe wants change. The fans break out in a split “Yes!” and “CM Punk” chant. Cena says he respects that, but they need to respect this: change will come, but it will go through him. They all boo.

Cena tells all WWE Superstars, especially Mr. Bray Wyatt, that his name is John Cena. He says he’s given the last 12 years of his life to this business. He says ironically enough he’s in the same place that his career started in 2002 — the All State Arena. He says he’s doing the same thing now that he was doing then — standing tall, right here. The Wyatt Family cut-in happens. The lights go out. On the titantron we see The Wyatt Family.

Bray says Cena is out there all alone. He says Cena built this empire all around him. He asks if Cena can feel this energy. He says Cena reminds him of a thoroughbread horse. The fans ignore Wyatt and chant loudly for “CM Punk.” The chants die down as Wyatt continues his race-horse analogy promo. Wyatt says he is the reaper and he’s going to put Cena down. Wyatt says he knows what Cena is really afraid of. Wyatt says he’s going to take everything away from Cena. He concludes by saying his usual, “follow the buzzards.”

Alexander Rusev & Lana Segment

When we return from commercial, we see Lana coming out. There’s a little podium on the top of the stage. She tells the people to rise. Alexander Rusev comes out. He cuts a promo in Bulgarian. The crowd screws with him with “What?” chants during the pauses of his Bulgarian speech. He raises his fist and that’s about it.

WrestleMania XXX Announcement From Hulk Hogan

The announce team promote an announcement from Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania XXX at next week’s RAW.

Batista vs. Daniel Bryan

After that, we see Batista walking backstage. He’s coming to the ring for his main event. We see Randy Orton. Orton wishes Batista the best of luck out there tonight. He says “that’s all.” He walks off and Batista continues walking towards the ring. We head to a commercial. When we return from commercial, the Rusev and Hogan announcement mentioned above happened.

Randy Orton’s theme music hits and he comes out unexpected, according to the announcers. Next up, Batista’s theme music hits and he comes out. The bell rings and Justin Roberts does his introductions for the main event as “The Animal” makes his way to the ring. Finally, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes to the ring to a bunch of “Yes!” chants from the fans in Chicago.

The bell rings and here we go. The fans immediately jump on Batista with “Boo-Tista” chants. They do the “Yes!” chants and “Daniel Bryan” chants as Bryan chops away at Batista with “Yes!” kicks to the legs. Bryan continues to work over the leg of Batista, locking him in a half-crab submission hold. Batista breaks free and power-clotheslines Bryan down. The fans boo.

A loud “you can’t wrestle” chant breaks out as Batista starts mounting some offense on the crowd favorite. We see Randy Orton seated at ringside watching this match. Batista throws Bryan out to the floor. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial at 11:05pm. Cole says it’s the final commercial of the evening.

When we return from commercial, the fans are passionately chanting “Yes!” as he tries to fight out of a Batista headlock. He does. We see another shot of Orton looking on. Bryan charges and blasts Batista with a big kick in the corner. Bryan goes for another but Batista ducks out the back door and out to the floor. Bryan does his trademark dive through the ropes and splashes onto “The Animal.” The fans break out into another loud “Yes!” chant.

Back in the ring, Bryan floors Batista with a missile dropkick. Bryan starts nailing Batista with repated “Yes!” kicks as the crowd chants along. Bryan goes for the pin but Batista kicks out at two. We see Orton nearly get out of his chair. As Bryan starts to climb the top rope, we see Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane come down to ringside. Bryan is distracted and Batista knocks him to the floor. The fans break out into a loud “CM Punk” chant upon seeing The Authority.

Meanwhile, Batista blatantly throws Bryan into Orton. Bryan knocks Orton out of his chair as a result. Both guys are down. Batista throws Bryan back in the ring as the fans break out in an “overrated” chant. Bryan blasts Batista with a kick from his back. Orton hits the ring and attacks Bryan. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner via Disqualification: Daniel Bryan

After The Match

Orton goes for the RKO on Batista but Batiata throws Orton into Bryan, who catches him with his Running Knee. Bryan goes to do a dive onto HHH but Batista catches him coming off the ropes with a spear.

Triple H, Kane and Batista are in the ring now. HHH gets on the mic. He says he’s getting tired of Bryan’s little fantasy crap. Bryan blasts HHH with a kick from his back. Batista nails Bryan with a Batista Bomb. HHH takes off his suit. HHH pedigrees Bryan. The crowd boo’s. The Authority stands over Bryan mocking him as the crowd chants for CM Punk. Triple H’s theme music hits again. That’s RAW for ya this week folks. No CM Punk.