WWE RAW Results: November 14, 2011

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, November 14th, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The TD Garden in Boston, MA
Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We are LIVE and just as the rumors suggested, we start with Michael Cole being introduced! We’ve got a few things in the middle of the ring covered with a black blanket. Cole asks for our attention and welcomes us to the supershow. He says that finally, Jim Ross has shown some guts and is here in Boston to take the Michael Cole challenge. He knows that the Thanksgiving parade isn’t until next week, but would like to introduce the closest thing the WWE has to a cartoon float. Jim Ross is out with his hat and suit! Cole says that the competition is simple, there will be three challenges and if Jim Ross completes all three, Cole will quit. The first competition is an Arm Wrestling Match. He calls in a ref to monitor the match.

This is what our extra hour is for. They lock arms and of course, Cole stalls to stretch and do a few jumpin jacks. We’re back at the table and Cole must now powder his hands. Lockup, ref calls for the match to start and Jim Ross slams his hand down in .2 seconds, giving Jim Ross the win. Cole grabs the mic to complain, says JR started it too quick then says that he gave up because JR’s BBQ breath…. -yawn-

Jim Ross: 1 Michael Cole: 0

The second competition is one Michael Cole is undefeated in. He is so confident that he is going to allow the WWE Universe to vote on who they believe wins. The next competition is a Dance Competition. Kill me now….Cole dances…sort of. It’s more like convulsing with a scarf. It’s Jim Ross’s turn and I’m a bit curious to see what JR’s got…The Dougie? The Cupid Shuffle? They play the music, JR takes off his jacket and he’s got the Tootsie Roll. JR gets down with the get down! He pop, locks and DROPS IT like a black girl outta Community College who is late to pick up her kid at the daycare!! GET EM GUUUURRRLLLL!!!! The crowd votes, and of course…Jim Ross gets the crowd’s favor.

Jim Ross: 2 Michael Cole: 0

Cole says that both careers are on the line because if JR wins, he gets the announce booth and Cole leaves forever. Cole says JR is about to pull the biggest choke job since the Boston Red Sox. The next competition is Who Weighs Less? as he unveils a scale. Being the good sport that Cole is, he will go first. The scale reads around 200 pounds. JR stands on the scale and he’s close to 240. It appears that this means Jim Ross loses. Oh but wait……CM Punk’s music hits! He’s got the pipe bomb!!! Oh good LORD, save us! Cole is claiming that Punk has no business being out here as Punk gingerly walks down the ramp. “How Dare You!” says Cole.

Punk says oh yes, it was going oh so well. Punk says that Cole’s time is up. He knows that all of this has nothing to do with Cole, but once it became pianfully obvious that JR had no shot, this whole thing became a colossal waste of time! Preach, Brotha! He says that Jim Ross dancing was not a waste of time, that was awesome. Punk says that JR is a better announcer, but we knew all these things already which makes this a huge waste of everybody’s time. Speaking of time, your 15 minutes of fame is up, Cole. It’s time for you to leave. Punk asks Cole to leave. Between Cole, Ace and Del Rio, the show is become unbearable. Everyone in the audience wishes they had a remote to fast forward to this. Punk says its a 3 hour show and it already feels like Cole has ben out here for 6. He plans on making this show entertaining and interesting, Cole is not doing that. Punk will do whatever it takes ,commentary, ring announcer, time keeper, hold a camera, whatever it takes to make it as good as it can be and he is here now to start by taking the spotlight off of—–

Johnny Ace comes to the top of the ramp to interrupt. According to his twitter page, they wanted to see the competition and Punk ruined that. Punk says screw you and your 38,000 twitter followers. Ace says he cares about them and the Universe and he is going to give them what they are interested in. Punk will team up with The Big Show to face Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio. Cole laughs it up, saying the pipe bomb really blew up Punk’s face, didn’t it. Cole demands an apology from Punk. Punk looks directly at the camera, smiling. Punk with a headbutt. Cole is on the ground and Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, shouting I’m sorry. His music hits and we get a break. Punk saying this was a waste of time was spot on, but it really begs the question as to why they even had the segment if this was the case…

We are in the back with Matt Striker all giddy like a school girl. A limo pulls up as Striker orgasms on the microphone!! The door opens and it’s Mick Foley!!! What a surprise….sorta! He says that he spared no expense to be back for The Rock and gets the classic cheap shot.

Match 1: Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes and Hunico
I should note that they have given Rhodes another remix of his old music and comes outmaskless. There’s a short promo saying that orton emancipated him.

Sin Cara and Hunico to start. Sin Cara with a kick. Springboard off the ropes into a hurricanrana then an arm drag. Sin Cara twerks the arm, tags in Kofi and Kofi drops an axe handle. We get an springboard monkey flip then Kofi with a dropkick to Cody Rhodes. Sin Cara and Kofi are up top and they fly off the turnbuckle to the ground with two body presses and we get a break.

We are back and Rhodes is in control with Sin Cara. Front suplex and a tag to Hinco as he flips over the rope with a tope. Hunico with a headlock from behind but Sin Cara hits an elbow. Hunico slams him down then whips him to the ropes. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a tag to Cody. Rhodes with a stomp to the ankle of Sin Cara. Rhodes with a whip and hits a hard knee then drops an elbow to the back of the head of Sin Cara. Rhodes with a tag. Hunico with a right to the gut, drops an elbow and whips Sin Cara, he goes for another Twilt a Whirl but Sin Cara switches it into a pin for 1! Tag to Rhodes, Rhodes with a blow to the back. he signals for the Cross Rhodes but instead sends Sin Cara to the ropes. Sin hits a hurricanrana and both men are down. They are looking for tags. Sin Cara gets one, Kofi with a high right then some chops and a dropkick. It looked kind of sloppy. Rhodes with a right, Kofi with a duck, goes up top and we get a nice cross body onto Rhodes and a pin for 2 as hunico breaks it up. Sin Cara comes in to send Hunico to the outside, corkscrew over the ropes onto Hunico as Rhodes reverses a kick into the Cross Rhodes and a pin for 1…2…3!!!!
Winners: Cody Rhodes and Hunico (**1/2)
There were some sloppy parts, particularly between Kofi and Cody, which is surprising, but the match was entertaining to say the least.

The Rock is here!

We’re back and Santino is playing WWE 12! He is The Rock and here’s Zack Ryder. He asks Santino to sign the petition to get the US Title match. Santino calls Cena “Chain-a.” He advertises the WWE 12 game. Ryder says that in the Ring, his broskii John Cena will beat The Rock every night of the week. Santino does the It Doesn’t Matter thang then Ryder says they must agree that Cena and Rock are going to blow Mania up! Santino WOO WOO WOO’s.

EXCUSE ME!!!! Vickie Guerrero is out! She says there is bad news. Today, WWE.com reported that Christian has suffered a serious ankle injury in Europe after also sustaining a neck injury on Smackdown (nice!). Due to this, Christian is out of Survivor Series. What’s discouraging is that WWE.com didn’t write that this was Teddy Long’s fault. She says, she has good news though. She spoke to Johnny Ace and is happy to anounce that…

Dolph Ziggler cuts her off and announces himself that he is now officially on Team Barrett. It’s funny that it’s called Team Barrett when Dolph Ziggler is the cat’s pajamas. He is officially in action at Survivor Series this Sunday. But tonight, he is taking on something that is more cyborg than man. A superstar with two first names and no clue, Mason Ryan.

Before the match, Ace is aside the announce table with Cole in a sling. He tells JR that he’s got to leave as Cole gets his spot back. This is so stupid.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler vs. Mason Ryan
Cousin Batista tosses Dolph to the corner but Dolph gets a right arm. Dolph tries to run but Mason grabs him by the trunks then hits a hard ass right to the face. Shoulder thrust in the corner. Mason hits the ropes and hits a big boot then bench presses Dolph for a little bit Press slam as Vickie gets on the apron. She smacks Mason in the face, which is enough for a DQ.
Winner: Mason Ryan (1/2*)
I still don’t care about Ryan

As Dolph tries to leave, a wet John Morrison comes down the ramp to send Dolph back in the ring. Mason locks in a Full Nelson and tosses Dolph around a bit.

Mick Foley is……WALKING!! He catches up with Ryder. he says he’ll sign the petition if he teaches Foley how to fist pump! haha. They WOO WOO WOO and he continues….WALKING!!!!

We’re back from the break and here is the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley!!!! Foley soaks it all in for a bit and call me crazy, but he looks younger than usual. He says thank you for the response. He says there’s no place like home, so while it’s great fun to be back in the WWE where he belongs, he came to talk about serious business. This Sunday, we will be seeing an epic confrontation featuring one of the greatest tag team tandems of all time. He was thinking that maybe this won’t be a one time thing. Cena and The Rock. When he namedrops Cena, they boo him. Foley calls this a problem. He wants people to see Cena the way he sees him, as one of the greatest performers of WWE history. The crowd says nah mang, nah! Foley says he will make this right and he’s going to start now by introducing….John Cena! Considering we are in the home state of Cena, I thought it’d be pro-Cena but it’s just as split as other places, it appears.

Cena: Can you beleive this?! A sold out arena and Mick Foley invites Cena to the ring? Thank you! Cena says that he and The Rock do not need to be friends to be a tag team. He knows what Mick is doing and he respects it but when he asked for The Rock to be his partner, it’s because he’s the most Electrifying Man in all of Entertainment. He didn’t ask him because he’s his friend. Foley says he knows that, maybe he pushes things a little bit, even in calling Cena a good friend. Their relationship is based off of mutual respect, right? Cena says yes he is correct. Foley says it’s a tale of two writings. 2006, he saw Cena in matches and all that, but he saw how he interacted with everyone. He treated EVERYONE with respect and THAT is why he is a hell of a man according to Foley. Some of the crowd ain’t buying it. Foley says he got in a little trouble recently with this new Twitter thing where he said he thinks it’s about time that everyone started showing appreciation for Cena matches in the WWE. It was like a firestorm of controversy. Foley thinks Cena is among the very best to ever set foot inside this ring. He shows his shirt which is The Rock’s shirt and Cena’s shirt, sewed together. He feels that tonight, he wants to be the thread that binds the two sides together. He’s done it before, he can do it again….how?


Cena doesn’t think this is a good idea. He’s seen this before and it’s not a good idea. Foley says to roll the emotionally compelling footage. We get a video package of Cena from childhood to in ring. It’s, of course, well put together. Cena is all embarrassed. Foley says that he’s got a voice Cena will be sure to remember, his little league coach from West Newbury, Mass…Mr. Will Gray. This particular Coach looks relatively young, all things considered. He hugs Cena as Cena stands there.

Coach says that it was the bottom of the 6th, West Newbury down by a run. Bases are loaded, 2 outs, all they needed was a base hit…and John…..STRUCK OUT! lol. The coach says that Johnny cried his eyes out all day. Foley says that everyone strikes out every once in a while. Foley says he managed to turn that frown upside down and he’s going to do that by bringing out this person……

BOO YAA!!! It’s Bull Buchanan!! What the hell!!! hahahaha. Bull comes out, with his entrance and everything! They show a clip of them with one of the weakest raps of Cena. Bull says that Cena was the greatest tag team partner he has ever had. He says that teaming with Cena was the greatest time of his life. Yeah, we eventually broke up, all great tag teams do, but look at Cena! He’s one of the great superstar’s of all time. The crowd boos. For Bull….well, it’s been alright. He got fired. He didn’t see that coming. The old lady left him, he lost all his money in a ponzi scheme and to top it all off, his dog bit him. Gave him rabies and finished his career. So, what he’s trying to say is that…Cena ruined his life. Cena says he’s worse than the Shockmaster…..no, Cena, he’s not. That wasn’t funny.

Foley has one more person. It’s Mr. Cena! John Cena’s pops comes down the ramp and heads towards the ring. They embrace, and he thanks Mick Foley for this opportunity. He would like to say something to the WWE Universe, especially those testosterone, jacked up apes who keep chanting CENA SUCKS. Of course, the crowd does just that. He tells the crowd that CENA doesn’t suck, YOU suck. Bad ass!!! How dare the Universe hassle John Cena! Do you have any idea how HAHD he works!? Little children love him, so let’s be cool, let’s boo him. He calls everyone losers. He’s not one half the man John Cena is. Cena cuts him off, he knows what his dad is trying to do and he loves him. He says this is not the time for this and sends him out of the ring. Cena knows what he’s trying to do, but that’s not him. He’s never told anyone how to feel about him. They can feel how they want. Cena says that wasn’t his life….THIS ring is his life. Him being here whether they boo or cheer is his life, this is all he has. THAT is what he’s going to show on Sunday and he’s going to save Foley the trouble….this is done. Foley says he will grant him that this hasn’t gone well thus far, but he’s going to salvage it. He’s got about 5 people lined up back there, but he’ll bring out the best one first. He describes a girl that is as beautiful as——IF YA SMEEELLLLL!!!!!!

The Rock walks into the ring, ROCK BOTTOM’S Mick Foley then leaves the ring.!!! Holy Shit, fuck a pipe-bomb, THAT was making a statement!

Match 3: Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger
Lockup to start! Sheamus turns it into a side headlock take down and holds it in. Swagger is up and sends Sheamus to the ropes. Sheamus with a shoulderblock. Both men ar up and Swagger with a go behind. Belly to back takedown. Sheamus with an elbow to the temple. They hit the ropes and Sheamus is able to hit an uppercut into a clothesline. He drops some elbwos to the side of Swagger’s head then sends him over the apron with a clothesline.

We’re back with Sheamus pounding away on Swagger’s chest. Suplex by Sheamus and a cover for 1…2..NO! Sheamus whips Swagger, misses a clothesline and Swagger dives, clipping the knee. Swagger with another whip assisted shoulderblokc and a pin for 1..no! Swagger from behind with a submission but Sheamus fights out of it and hits the ropes. Swagger with a single armed side toss and a in for 1…2…no!!! Swagger with an arm submission on Sheamus, Sheamus tries to fight out but Swagger with a knee and a hard blow to the back of Swagger. Again to the kidney. Swagger sends Sheamus to the ropes but Sheamus comes back with a clothesline! Sheamus with an axe handle, another, and some hard poundings in the corner. Sheamus with a knee and a body slam. A pin. 1…2….NO! Sheamus is calling for the Celtic Cross. He sets up but Swagger is out of it and hits Sheamus right in the back! Swagger drops him and we get the corner splash! Swagger with the ankle lock!!! No, he rolls over and kicks Swagger away, outside of the ring! Swagger is back in and Sheamus with an Irish Curse Backbreaker! Sheamus waits for Swagger to stand up, calls for the Brogue Kick! He hits it. Cover. 1….2……3!!!!!!
Winner: Sheamus (***)
A nice match here, I think. Swagger is a good hand and Sheamus continues to be great in the ring. Solid all around.

In the back, the Bellas are signing the petition of Ryder as Del Rio comes in. They want to know what car he drove tonight. Del Rio says he has a meeting with Johnny Ace so h must go. The twins say that maybe they can hang out after Survivor Series. Del Rio says he will throw the biggest party after the PPV. Ryder says he’ll have a party in the LI that they can all come to. Everyone walks away from him.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya
Lock up but Natalya trips her up quickly with a pin for 1. Natalya lifts Kelly and sends her to the corner with some kicks to the gut. Kelly is in Patriots gear, by the way. Natalya with a hard right, but she misses and hits the corner. Here’s Kelly with the stink face! She goes to check out Beth, giving Natalya the opportunity to start locking in the Sharpshooter…but Kelly turns it into a roll up for 1…2…3!!!!
Winner: (1/2*)

Ace is on the phone with what seems like Brodus, telling him that he will debut next week. Del Rio is here. He tells Ace that he made the cover of Hombre magazine. Del Rio says he doesn’t believe this. Punk has made Del Rio a laughing stock. Ace says he is impartial, he doesn’t care who wins the WWE title, but he will say that CM Punk can cause a lot more trouble if he wins the WWE Championship. Del Rio says it’s not going to happen. In fact, he may not even make it to Survivor Series. He will be champion longer than Johnny Ace is General Manager.

We move to Cole and King who go over the Survivor Series Card thus far:

In the back, Striker is with The Miz and R-Truth. He wants to know if they feel overshadowed or disrespected. They do not answer. Striker asks what can they do to get the attention of The Rock. Both men walk away without answering.

Punk is in the back, walking and here comes Del Rio to attack him! He throws him into a truck and starts throwing in some hard rights as a few refs come by to break it up and send Del Rio away.

Match 5: Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry vs. CM Punk and The Big Show
We are starting with Show and Del Rio who had one hell of a match. Show with a right to the back of Del Rio and a body slam then hits a hard chop to the chest in the corner. Another one in the opposite corner. Show with another body slam and a tag to Punk. Punk with a kick to the gut, a right, another kick, some knees in the corner, he stomps a mudhole!!! Punk with some rights in the corner! Punk with a suplex into a pin for 1…no! Punk works the arm, tags in Show and Show hits Del Rio in the gut. Del Rio rolls to the corner and tags in Henry. Lock up in the middle of the ring and Henry sends Show to the ropes. Lockup again and this time Henry sends Show to the ropes. A third lockup…..Show overpowers Henry and tosses him to the ground. Big Show with a couple of headbutts and a body slam, but Henry is too heave and Show falls back. Henry with a cover for 1…2..NO! Henry with a headbutt, and another, knocking Show to the mat. Henry drops an elbow to the back of the knee then tags in Del Rio. Del Rio attacks the back of the knee then gives some kicks to the face of Show and covers for 1. Del Rio with a dropkick ot the face of Show and some kicks. He tags in Henry. Henry with a hard right to Show, then slaps Show’s hand away. Show, on his knees, with some rights and lefts as he gets up. Some body shots and now some headbutts. Henry won’t go down. Whip to the ropes, Henry reverses but Big Show with a shoulderblock. Show calls for the WMD. He goes for it but Henry tags in Del Rio quickly. Del Rio doesn’t want to get in the ring.

We are back with both Punk and Del Rio looking for a tag. Del Rio gets a tag to Henry but Punk doesn’t make it to Show. Henry is in with a headbutt and a right to the face of Punk. Henry steps on the chest of Punk then tags in Del Rio. Del Rio works the left arm with some hard rights. He pins for 2. Del Rio runs to Punk in the corner, right into a boot. Punk goes for a move, but Del Rio is with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then tags in Henry. Punk tries to fight bac kwith a kick but Henry with a headbutt. He then just steps on the face of Punk before tagging in Del Rio. Del Rio works the left arm again, but it doesn’t take long for Punk to fight out of it with some neck chops and rights. They trade some rights but Punk gets the best of it with a whip, a kick to the jaw, a right, a rolling neckbreaker. Henry runs in and Punk hits him with a hard roundhouse! Show is in with a kick to Henry as well! Punk springboards off the ropes to Del Rio, but Henry moves Del Rio and catches Punk! World’s Strongest Slam! Show is in to send Henry to the outside and Del Rio covers for the 1…2…3!!
Winner: Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry(***)
I thought the match was pretty good, I especially liked the end sequence with Henry pushing Del Rio, catching Punk and slamming him down.

After the match, Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker as Punk screams in agony. Show comes in to break the hold and Del Rio books it.

We’ve got the music of Santino hitting the speakers and out comes the man who needs a haircut. Santino says he is sorry for interrupting but he could not resist. It waas this very ring and building where earlier this year, he came THIS close to winning the Royal Rumble. He would have done it too, if it wasn’t for that Son of a Gun Alberto Del Rio. He calls Boston a famous city for the markets, the terriers, the tea parties. But they will also be known as the city who helped put Santino back on its tracks. He is cut off by Kevin Nash

Santino is noticably afraid. He asks Nash one thing, he is not here to beat him up, right? Nash says, why would he want to do that? He’s one of his biggest fans! Nash wants to see Santino do the trombone. As he turns around, he runs right into a Big Boot. Nash says, yeah, he was in the Royal Rumble. He blew the roof off this building. He got the biggest ovation of the night. But did Triple H have the business sense to hire him? No! Well guess what, Triple H, Nash is here and you are not. He lifts up Santino and it looks like we’re getting a Jackknife. Yup, one powerbomb for Santino, and Nash is out.

Randy Orton is doing pushups in the back. Next, we get a rematch from Smackdown with Barrett and Orton.

We are informed that Jonah Hill will be a Guest Host next week.

Barrett comes out for hi match but he is not alone. His entire Survivor Series team is there to support him. Barrett is on the mic. He says that last week, he proved to the world that Orton is the past and Barrett is both the present and the future. In consecutive weeks, the Barrett Barrage has conquered both the Great White Sheamus and Randy Orton. Tonight, in front of his SS team, he will lead by example by devenomizing the viper. Orton comes out with his team as well.

Match 6: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
Orton with a hard right and sends Barrett into the corner. Wade reverses it into the other corner but Randy fires out of there with a clothesline. Orton with a suplex then he drops a knee. Pin for 1…no! Orton stomps on the hand of Barrett then strikes his face with his shin. Wade sends Orton to the ropes then hits a nice side slam and a pin for 1…2..NO! Barrett lifts Orton up and sends hi mto the corner, hard. Barrett wiht some stomps in the corner. He calls for the Waste Land but it’s too early as orton kicks him and hits some rights. Orton gets back on top with a side headlock. Orton tries to fight out of it but Barrett is really holding it in. Orton is finally able to twist out of it and hit a back suplex. Orton with a clothesline, another. Scoop Slam. Orton sends Barrett to the apron, we’re getting the rope assisted DDT and he hits it! Orton is calling for the RKO! Barrett is looking for it, but Rhodes jumps into the ring and attacks Orton! Everyone jops in the ring and it’s CHAOS AND PANDEMONIUM!!! The faces clear the ring of everyone but Hunico. Orton with an RKO to Hunico! Mason Ryan lifts him up and presses him over the ropes right onto Barrett and Swagger!
Winner: Randy Orton via DQ (**1/2)
Once everyone came out to join their respective leaders, it was obvious that we were getting the melee at the end. Thier match on Smackdown was much better. Not to say they did a bad job, this was simply for story purposes as opposed to Friday’s more quality driven match.

The Moment you’ve all been waiting for…..THE ROCK!!!

At 3:15 AM this morning, The Rock woke up. By 3:30 The Rock was eating Breakfast, not a Fruity Pebble in site! By 4:30, he was in the gym, training like a beast! By 6 AM, he was in New Orleans shooting for GI Joe but it didn’t matter because The Rock couldn’t wait! By 3 PM, he was on a flight, by 6:45 he arrived here, Logan Airport. By 7 PM, The Rock was running into a security guard who called him a wicked pisser. The Rock said thank you, he’s got good aim! By 7:30, he was smelling the Italian food from The North End. The Rock wanted to stop, but coldn’t stop, won’t stop until this moment! THIS VERY MOMENT, The Rock in the middle of this ring for the right, the honor, to say….FINALLY!!!! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK……TO BOSTON!!!!

In 6 days, Survivor Series. The 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, the biggest SS of all time! But there’s just one problem….that’s in 6 days, and it’s not RIGHT! NOW! Right now drives The Rock which is why, Mick Foley, the Rock loves you, but there was no way in hell The Rock could sit in the back while you gave the fans all that hot garbage all night long. The crowd thanks him and he says you’re welcome. Right now drives The Rock, moments like this drive The Rock. The Rock is one of the most electrifying men in all of entertainment which is why The Rock has become the most Electrifying man in Twittertainment. When The Rock says “BOOTS to ASSES” you can forget about Kardashian wedding, the NBA lockout and the only thing that will be trending is Boots to Asses and it’s trending right….now! The crowd starts a Boot to Asses chant. He claims that they just made Twitter history in Boston.

Rock came all the way to Boston to make sure that tonight, RAW gets Rocked. To the people, The Rock ain’t waitin 6 days. Tonight, in front of everyone, he’s going to offer an awesome ass whippin to Awesome Truth and he wants to do it…..right now.

The Miz and R-Truth are here! They walk down the ramp slowly then hop in the ring. The Miz starts: Really? Really? Really, Rock? That’s what you want? Truth has news for Rock, if he thinks for one second that anything is happening to Miz or Truth, then he’s the most delusional man in entertainment. RAW gets Rocked? What a joke! Truth is, everytime Miz and Truth or on this show, Raw gets….AWWWEEEESSSSOOOMMMEEE!!!! The Miz doesn’t care about how he spends his day, they don’t care about what he makes trend. What they do care about is leaving him a beaten, quivering mess. Truth takes off his jacket, but Miz stops him. He says it’s not going to happen right now. They don’t care what The Rock wants or what the people want. It’s all about what THEY want. And what THEY want is to make history at the biggest Survivor Series of all time. So tonight, RAW gets Rocked but this Sunday…ROCK gets Beat. The crowd chants Boots to Asses again. They are about leave the ring when Cena’s music hits.

John Cena asks if The Miz is wearing makeup. He says they will have to excuse his partner, calls himself is the captain of Team Bring It but all he’s broughten is crappy messages via sattelite. The Rock is about o say something, but waits. The Rock isn’t even looking at Cena. he says that you will have to excuse The Rock’s partner because clearly he hasn’t had the support of someone who has reached puberty. He’s more concerned about rising against hate, but should be more worried about Rock’s size 15 boot going up Cena’s lady parts. Cena says that what his partner doesnt understand is that despite his affixation with Twitter and his mangina, that Sunday they have to be a team and if his EGO gets in the way, then “John Cena Bitch Slapped Rocky” will be trending worldwide.

The Miz is sick of The Rock and Cena show. You’re trying to make The Miz and Truth an afterthought but go ahead, because the last time that happened, The Miz wons the title. He mocks the slogans of Rock and Cena. He says when they get done with them two, it will never be forgotten. Truth says that Lil Johnny and Lil Rocky wanna go back and forth for all you Lil Jimmy’s, have a blast and we’ll see you Sunday.

The Rock, with one hand up, as the crowd chants Boots to Asses yet again, says yes you will see us on Sunday, but ass they’re saying, RAW here, right now, Boots to asses! The Rock lays the Smackdown on R Truth as Cena attacks Miz. The Rock with the Rock Bottom to Truth. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but The Rock takes The Miz off his shoulders and hits The Rock Bottom! He leaves the ring as Cena looks on, pretty upset. The Rock turns around at the top of the ramp, looks at Cena, then does the You Can’t See Me sign, mockingly.

End Show