WWE RAW Results: November 21, 2011

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, November 21st, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The Giant Center in Hershey, PA
Results by Tony Acero of 411Mania.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We start right away with the NEW WWE CHAMPION CM Punk!!! Punk is all smiles, with the shiny belt that bears his name. He wants to tell us all a story. He remembers not too long ago in first grade, when he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. Some said astronauts, some said cops, one kid said he wanted to be Teen Wolf. When Mrs. Worth got to Punk, he said that he wanted to be a professional wrestler. Notice, he didn’t say Sports Entertainer, he said Professional Wrestler. As a professional wrestler who started at the very very bottom and worked his way to the WWE, he wants us all to know what a big deal it was for him to walk into MSG and win the WWE Title. There’s a lot of reasons why it was so special. The most satisfying of all? I did it on my own terms. He never tried to be an astronaut or a cop, he did it as him, CM Punk. He’s never tried to be anything else. Now that he has the WWE title, the little game of WWE Hot Potato is over. This title is where it belongs. It sits on the shoulder of the best in the world and it’s going to stay there. He knows there are people in high places that don’t like it, but THIS IS THE NEW FACE OF THE WWE. He takes a seat.

As he told FORMER champ Del Rio, he is going to make the title interesting. He says that the show has been sorely lacking. He wants to be the agent of change and one thing he wants to find out is…where the hell is the WWE Ice Cream Bars. Another thing he wants to change is the term “Interim RAW GM John Laurinitis.” He wants to add Former onto it. Of course, this brings out Ace.

Johnny Ace realizes that Punk is a rebel but they both want the same thing; what’s best for the WWE Universe. The crowd is booing the crap out of him. Ace wants to be the first to congratulate him. The crowd gives him a You Suck chant. Punk says that he couldn’t hear a word Ace was saying. He says, here’s why he doesn’t want him to be the GM. When it comes to Mr. McMahon, he’s a greedy, money grubbing, soulless bastard, but he’ll tell you that to his face. Ace is the stereotypical middle management, he’s the worst. Punk says he calls the fan “universe” but they’re not, they’re fans! Punk feels he is nothing but a poor excuse for a middle management, soul sucking, douche. Ace says, he is UPPER Management and Punk has it all wrong. Just because he has no tats and isn’t pierced doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wild side and can be just as crazy as you. He will prove it now. He says that Del Rio is going to get his rematch next week on RAW.

Punk mocks him, saying wow how Radical then says why not right now? Ace says he has other plans for him tonight. A very wise, old man once told Ace that if you put yourself in the audiences shoes, you will never go wrong. So, CM Punk will face Dolph Ziggler in a Champion vs Champion match tonight at RAW. Punk says that’s not creative or innovative, it’s just stupid. Not because he’s afraid of Ziggler but it proves his point. He doesn’t listen. The fans don’t want to see Dolph vs. CM Punk. The crowd chants for Zack Ryder! They want to see Dolph Ziggler vs. ZACK RYDER!! Ace says that Ryder is busy tonight because he has a match with Alberto Del Rio.

Punk says tonight, he will beat Dolph Ziggler. Next week, he will beat Alberto Del Rio. And some day, somebody is going to beat some sense into Johnny Ace….Punk walks out with his belt.

Cole takes us to an exclusive from last night. It’s The Rock on the microphone after the match against Miz and Truth when the crowd starts a chant, “WE WANT RYDER!” I can’t believe they chanted that while The Rock was on the mic. Wow….just wow!

Match 1: Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder
Del Rio is quick to attack with some hard rights to the head of Ryder. Del Rio with a kick to the left arm of Ryder, then a single armed DDT. Cover for 1. Del Rio has the arm locked tight from behind. Ryder tries to fight out of it, but Del Rio with some hard rights, an arm lock again. Ryder with some rights! He whips Del RIo to the corner and goes for a splash but Del Rio moves. Del Rio on the offense but Ryder is here with a right and a flapjack! Ryder to the corner, Del Rio goes for a splash but Ryder has his legs up. Bro kick to Del Rio! Ryder is calling for the Ruff Ryder. Del Rio telegraphs it by lifting Ryder up and over. Ryder is sent to the corner. Del Rio with an Enziguri. Cross Armbreaker and Ryder taps!
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

They show a picture of The Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on John Cena. Tonight we will hear from Cena.

Match 2: Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger
Lockup to start. Swagger with a belly to belly take down before he hits some hard rights to the back of Sheamus. Sheamus reverses with some rights of his own then drives the knee to the head, similar to what he did last night to get him DQ’ed. Swagger rolls outside to compose himself. Swagger back in and hits the knee of Swagger then a body slam and a leg drop, but he misses! Sheamus with a body slam of his own then a knee to the chest of Swagger and a pin for 1…2…no! Sheamus sends Swagger to the corner and drives the knee into Jack. The ref stops him, we get a right and a kick then Swagger with his splash from the corner onto Sheamus and a pin for 2. Swagger with a key lock on Sheamus. Sheamus tries to fight out of it so Swagger hits some knees to Sheamus then a hard right and a stomp to Shemaus. Swagger from behind with a submission. We get some headbutts from Sheamus to break the hold then some hard rough and tumbling before hitting a scoop slam and a cover for 1…2…Swagger kicks out. Sheamus’s eyes are wide as he climps up top. he goes for the battering ram but rolls through, he goes for the Brogue Kick but Swagger moves. Swagger locks in the ankle lock!!!! Sheamus struggles! He reaches for the ropes! He’s….close! NO! He turns and kicks Swagger out of it, he’s up! Brogue Kick! 1…2…3!!!!
Winner: Sheamus (**1/2)
Another good, albeit quick match. Swagger looked good in defeat but we knew who was taking this one down.

Kevin Nash is in the back and he is WALKING!!

When we return, we are reminded as to what Nash did to Triple H a few weeks ago. Nash is at the top of the stage with the mic. Last night, he sat in MSG in the back and thought about what could have been and what could have been. He said he won a championship over at MSG in 8 seconds. A fwe days later, four guys decided to put friendship before business. Those four (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) decided that their friendship was real and was four life. He comes back to the WWE and thinks he has a friend in Triple H, but what does he get? A Boss! Last night should have been him and Triple H in the main event! But did it happen? No! You know why? Because of Triple H!! Triple H is gone! Taken out with his own sledgehammer, neck broken….by Nash! So as Thanksgiving comes upon us, Triple H, know one thing. Survivor Series may be gone but there’s one thing that’s crystal clear….the only survivor of that group stands here now.

We come back after a break with Cody Rhodes in the ring. He wants to talk for a bit about vulnerability given by shame. He says, being ashamed makes you vulnerable to predators…predators like Randy Orton. Cody says that the mask is gone, he’s unbeatable, unrepentant. He laughs excessively before Santino’s music hits.

Match 3: Cody Rhodes vs. Santino
Santino starts with a go-behind. Rhodes holds the ropes to break the hold. Santino shoots for the leg but Cody hits the back of the neck and a right hand then stomps onto Santino. Santino is up though and goes for the Cobra, but Rhodes ducks and hits Cross Rhodes.
Winner: Cody Rhodes (*)
Not much to say here, but Cody rules.

After the match, he goes up to the announce table. He tells Booker that he can hear him. Cody grabs a bottle of water and tosses it in Booker’s face!!! Whoa! TELL ME HE DIDN’T JUST DO THAT!!!

We are in the back with Dolph and Vickie. Mathews makes mention of the two matches Dolph was in. Dolph corrects him and says that he is 2-0 last night. Mathews makes mention of the elimination. Vickie says that regardless, his team won. Dolph says that he doesn’t want to be a show off but HE is the new face of the WWE.

We’re back and Cole is asking Booker how embarrassed he was. Booker says he’s a professional and has a job to do, so that’s what he’s going to do. I guess this is the first shot fired in the eventual battle of Booker vs. Cody Rhodes.

Match 4: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
Lock up to start! Punk with a go behind and Dolph reverses it. Punk goes for the leg, turns into it. Side headlock take down. Dolph tries to move the pressure. Punk with a snapmare into a side headlock again. Dolph wiht a leg scissors. Punk uses his legs to get out of it…wow, that looked bad ass. He grabs a face lock and Dolph sends him to the corner. Dolph with a side headlock into a take down. Punk turns out of it while standing, grabs with a wrist lock and revereses into a side headlock of his own. They hit the ropes and here’s punk with a shoulder block. They stand off, Dolph doves for the legs, Punk jumps over as Dolph gets angry and he goes outside. What a start.

Dolph back in and Punk hits some hard kicks, snapmare into a cover for 1. Dolph with a neckbreaker after a kick and a pin for 1. Dolph with a stomp, and another. Dolph wit a hard right to the back of Punks head then drops an elbow on the shoulder of Punk. Punk with some rights, Dolph gets the better of it and sends Punk down with some rights. Dolph with an elbow drop and a pin for 1. Dolph goes behind with a cravat and arm lock. Punk is out of it with some rights. Whip to the ropes but Dolph reverses it and Punk is introduced to the knee of Dolph! Dolph rubs the head of Punk into his shin. Dolph with some rights then right kick. Dolph goes for another neckbreaker but Punk is there with a backslide pin for 2. Clothesline for Dolph and a pin for 1. Dolph with a facelock. Punk is up with some rights and back suplex to break the hold. Dolph is in the corner and Vickie tries to distract Punk by…blowing a kiss? Dolph comes out of the corner but Punk sends him to the opposite side and runs at him. He goes for the knee but Dolph moves and Punk goes flying outside the ring. Dolph does a headstand in the room! Wow! haha. We got a break.

We are back and Dolph is in control. He’s got a cravat locked in on the ground. Punk is up with some rights. he starts ome kicks then a whip and a leg lariat! Punk with a nice swinging neckbreaker. Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Dolph is in the corner, Punk lifts hum up over for the G2S but Ziggler counters into a Sleeper Hold!! Punk is fading! He’s going down! Punk gets some energy from the crowd. He is standing back up. He’s manuevering Ziggler into the fireman’s carry again! Ziggler rolls over and gets a roll up pin!!! He uses the ropes!!! The reg sees it and stops the pin. I seriously thought he had that one! Punk hilariously does the same thing!!! Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Punk holds onto the ropes. Punk sends Ziggler to the corner, he hits the KNEE! A bulldog and a pin for 1….2….NO!!!! Punk with a body slam! He’s going up top! Ziggler rolls out of target range. Punk gets off the top rope and Dolph meets him with an amazing dropkick! He pins! He locks the leg!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Ziggler sends Dolph up top. Dolph sets up for a Superplex.Punk hits the ears! Dolph goes down. Macho Man Elbow!!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!! Punk’s mouth is bleeding at the mouth. Punk is calling for the Go To Sleep! He sets up! No, Ziggler with a reverse suplex into a pin for 1…2…NOOOO!!! Holy shit balls. Ziggler with some stomps to the face of Punk, he’s mauling Punk right now! The ref is telling ihm to calm down. Punk is getting up and Ziggler is about to hit the Fameasser, but Punk reverses it into a light powerbomb. He lifts up Dolph. Go To Sleep! Cover! 1…2…3!!!!!
Winner: CM Punk (****1/2)
Holy shit balls this was amazing! Beginning to end awesomeness!!

We get a promo video that shows images of Kane and a burnt mask. Interesting. It’s not the same as this one that the commenters thankfully supplied:

The Big Show is out. He says that he proved he was stronger than The World’s Strongest Man. He proved that giants can fly! He says face it, Mark. Once he realized the title was slipping away, he took the easy way out and kicked Big Show’s Little Show. The Big Show said that only one was going to walk out of Survivor Series, Henry you may have left champion, but you got carted out. Show says that his leg MAY NOT be broken and if that’s the case, good for you. Just know one thing, Henry. When he comes back, Show has something waiting for him (the fist).

Backstage, the Kelly and Alicia Fox are playing WWE ’12! Natalya and Beth Phoenix are behind them and said that the only flaw in the game is that whenever they win in the game, the girls don’t cry like they do in real life. They walk away as Alicia and Kelly are all like….anyways, yo!

Back to the show,

Match 5: Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston
Barrett with a hard kick to start the match. Some hard rights send Kofi to the ground and Barrett pins but doesn’t even get a count. Barrett sends Kofi to the corner and hits some hard rights then goes for a suplex. Nice suplex into a pin but only gets a 1. Wade is smiling as he beats on Kofi wih a hard kick. Wade sends Kofi to the corner again. He goes for a clothesline but here is Kofi with his legs up! Kofi with a few clotheslines and a nice kick, he rolls Wade up for a pin but gets 2. Wade lifts up Kofi for Wasteland when Randy Orton’s music hits! It distracts Barrett enough for Kofi to get off the shoulders and attacks, but Wade rolls under the ropes as Randy methodically walks down the ramp…

Back and Wade has Kofi in a chin lock as Orton sits ringside, watching. Kofi hits the ropes and runs right into a Side Slam and a pin for 1…2…NO! Wade with some hard rights. he uses the ropes to choke up Kofi then hits him with some knees as the ref warns him of the DQ. Wade with a Big Boot, sending Kofi draped across the apron. Wade covers for the 1…2..NOPE!! Wade sends Kofi to the corner hard! Kofi falls and Wade starts in with the stomps. Kofi tries to get back in the match with some kicks to Wade from the ground but Wade overpowers him and mounts him for some rights. Wade with a cover for 2! Wade with the knee in the back of Kofi stretches Kofi’s arm back. Wade with a pin for 1 this time then locks in the same submission move. Wade works the back of Kofi then goes for a back suplex, but Koif floats over. Wade goes for a clothesline but Kofi holds down the ropes and Wade goes over. Kofi flies between the ropes right into Wade. He rols back in and pins for 2. Kofi is looking to go up top! But there’s Wade to stop him. Wade gets up and puts Kofi on his shoulders, but Kofi fights out and bangs on the back of Wade then pushes him to the mat. Kofi with a high ass cross body and pins for 1….2…NO!!! Kofi with a hard kick. Kofi is feelin froggy! BOOM BOOM BOOM Drop!! Kofi is callin for it! Kofi went for a splash but Wade moves, but there’s Kofi using the ropes to kick Wade! Kofi with a springboar—-no! Wade kicks the ropes, fucking Kofi’s flow up! Wade lifts Kofi up and we get a WASTE LAND!!!
Winner: Wade Barrett (***1/2)
Another great match tonight. The last minute and a half had great flow and reason. Wowza!

Wade is on the mic. he tells Orton that the winner of this match was….WADE! BARRETT!! Orton turns to Wade quickly but doesn’t strike. He smiles and theyp lay his music.

We’re back! John Cena is here. Of course, the crowd is split. He says it’s been an interesting 24 hour. Last night, history was made and even right now, he can see the excitement and hear the energy. Up until now, finally the world knows who Zack Ryder is, follow him on twitter by the way. CM Punk is the NEW WWE Champion and the question on everyone’s mind about The Rock and John Cena coexisting was answered. The answer is yes. Last night, John Cena and The Rock defeated The Miz and R-Truth. When The Rock came to the ring, he received an ovation that Cena has never seen before. For him, business as usual. The crowd was split…sorta. He loves it. It’s emotion, it’s honesty like that which makes those moments truly unique. However, sometimes people get carried away. Cena congratulates his partner and he stops everything and asks Cena to come into the ring. He knows Dwayne, and he probably wasn’t asking him into the ring to share a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. This gets a Fruity Pebbles chant….cross advertisement in the future? When a man calls you out, you meet him face to face. So after some choice words, Cena found himself being Rock Bottomed. The crowd chants Boots to Asses. Cena says that Mania will be exactly what it needs to be….THE TWO BIGG—–

But here’s The Miz and R-Truth to cut him off! REALLY? Two biggest what? Egos? Because Cena’s Ego won’t even allow him to admit how badly The Rock showed you up last night. You’re out here painting this happy picture of how emotional it was and how great they were as a tag team but failed to mention that there were 17,000 people chanting to The Rock “Don’t Tag Cena!” Of course, the crowd obliges. Cena is always saying “You Can’t See Me.” Well the truth is, last night no one wanted to see him. Truth is on the mic and wants to know what color the sky is, Cena? Truth wants to enlighten him on what’s going to happen at Mania. It will be The Rock putting Boots to Asses all over Miami. C-Nation is about to turn into See Ya Later Nation! Cena says shut up! Cena tells them right now both of them need to worry bout him. He says if they mess with him again, he’s going to beat their asses. He said it more colorfully, though. Two things happened, Mania is set and….nobody cares about Truth and Miz. After all this, they try so hard to prove that they are a threat, but the truth is The Miz thinks Truth is wack job who is just riding Truth’s coattails. And Truth thinks that The Miz is a pompous arrogant idiot whose biggest accomplishment was being the skinny kid on a bad reality show. He tells both Miz and Truth that they need to be booing themselves.

The Miz and Truth tease dissension. Truth is beleiving it. Miz tries to convince him that it’s Cena just trying to split them up. This is going to blow up. Truth is gettin all Whoopi Goldberg on The Miz. The Miz says that everyone is out there for him. Truth says The Miz is about to cross the line. The Miz considers something then pushes Truth. Awesome Truth IMPLODES!!!!! Truth pushes Miz down to the corner and Miz is asking for him to calm down. Miz tells Truth that they are being played! It’s Cena that is doing this! He tells Truth, let’s get John Cena! They remove their jackets and walk up the ramp! Truth is in front…oh shit, I can see where this is going! At the top of the ramp, here’s Miz with the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE on R-Truth!!!!!

End Show

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