WWE RAW Results – October 14, 2013

WWE RAW Results – October 14, 2013

WWE RAW opens with Justin Roberts bringing out the special guest referee for the WWE Hell In A Cell main event between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels.

In-Ring Segment: Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton

As HBK’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring, the WWE RAW announce team of Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler put over Michaels’ past in Hell In A Cell matches. The music ends and a Michaels waits for a “HBK” chant to wrap up. Michaels thanks everyone for voting for him on the WWE App last week. Michaels thanks the fans for not forgetting about “ole H-B-Shizzle.” Michaels runs down his history with both Orton and Bryan. He talks about training Daniel Bryan “many moons ago.” A loud “Yes!” chant breaks out. HBK talks about how he’s never liked Orton and that his best friend is still Triple H. Because of that, he says he can see why everyone might be concerned with him being the special guest referee. He says he respects both competitors and he respects the Hell In A Cell. He talks about being in the first Hell In A Cell match right here in this very building. HBK says when he thinks about Hell In A Cell, it reminds him how glad he is that he’s retired right now. He says what happened at Battleground was a “crock” and promises that it will not happen again. HBK promises that two men will walk in the Hell In A Cell, and one man will walk out the new WWE Champion. With that said, Randy Orton’s music plays. Randy Orton slowly makes his way to the ring as the announcers again talk about the history of the barbaric Hell In A Cell match. Lawler reminds everyone that St. Louis, where they are tonight, is the hometown of Orton. Orton’s music cuts off and a loud “Randy, Randy” chant breaks out. Orton says he’s got a match up next against The Miz, so he’s going to make this very quick. Orton says Michaels has everyone convinced, and that’s great. He reminds him that he was born and raised right here in St. Louis. Orton says he knows these people in St. Louis better than him. He says to take it from him, the people in St. Louis aren’t that bright. Orton says he can see right through Michaels. He says Michaels resents him because as great as he was, he will always be that much better than him. HBK waits for Orton to finish and then says, “oh snap, I’m sorry, were you talking? I wasn’t even listening.” HBK says Orton doesn’t need to worry about him, he needs to worry about Daniel Bryan. Orton flips out and says he’s going to hurt Daniel Bryan and Michaels is going to have to stand there and watch it. The crowd starts chanting “No, No!” and Orton yells at them to shut up. Orton says HBK is no stranger to screwjobs, they’re practically his thing. Orton threatens HBK not to screw him at Hell In A Cell. Orton demands to know if he makes himself clear. HBK says, “you’re trying to intimidate me, aren’t you?” HBK tells him he can’t intimidate him. As HBK goes to walk away, Orton tries to RKO him from behind. HBK avoids it, and tries hitting Sweet Chin Music, but Orton avoids that as well. As Orton rolls out of the ring to avoid it, he is attacked from behind by The Miz. The announcers remind everyone that Orton attakced Miz in front of his parents in Miz’s hometown, and now Miz is attacking Orton in his hometown. With that said, we go to commercial break, with Orton vs. Miz next up when we return.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz

We return from commercial and the match is now in the ring, with Miz still firmly in control. Miz beats on Orton a bit in the corner until Orton cuts him off with a big elbow. Orton and Miz trade punches in the middle of the ring until Miz clotheslines Orton over the top rope. They are fighting out on the floor now. Orton clotheslines Miz down to the ground as Michael Cole informs everyone that Shawn Michaels is trending worldwide right now on Twitter. Orton rolls in the ring to clear the count before rolling back out to continue punishing Miz. Orton slams Miz into the ringside steps on one side of the ring, and then slams him into the ringside steps on the other side of the ring. Orton throws Miz back in the ring and attempts to pin him, but only gets two. Orton starts doing the Ronnie Garvin stomp all over Miz’s body in the center of the ring. Orton tries covering him again, but again only gets two. Orton applies a rear chin-lock as the crowd starts clapping and trying to motivate Miz into fighting back. Miz breaks out of the hold but is thrown over the top and onto the floor by Orton. Orton props Miz up on the barricade for his draping-DDT move, but Miz fights out of it and pushes Orton back-first into the ringside post. Michael Cole points out that both The Miz and Randy Orton are trending worldwide on Twitter. Miz is fighting back now as the action returns to the ring. Miz with a big clothesline on Orton in the corner. Miz goes to the top rope and comes flying off with a double axe-handle smash. Miz attempts to catch Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale, but Orton avoids it. Miz slaps a Figure-Four Leglock on Orton, but just as he does, the lights go out and The Wyatt Family come out on stage. As the lights come back on, The Wyatt Family are on top of the stage, with Bray Wyatt sitting in his rocking chair, likely to hide his inability to move properly with his injured leg. As Miz turns around in the ring, Orton catches him with an RKO. 1-2-3. Orton wins.

Winner: Randy Orton

Bray Wyatt Promo

The Wyatt Family are shown staring at Miz from the top of the stage still. Bray Wyatt gets on the microphone. He tells Miz that he’s the epitome of everything he loathes in this world. Bray asks how much it’s going to take to satisfy the craving he has for fame. Bray says they’re tangled together in this moment. He tells him not to be afraid. He does not wish to see him suffer. He’s just going to put him down. He concludes by saying, “Follow the buzzards,” as the fans say it with him. After that, we cut to commercial.

Fandango vs. Santino Marella

We return from commercial and Fandango and Summer Rae are dancing and posing in the ring. As his music fades down, Santino Marella’s music hits and the crowd pops. Santino marches his way to the ring as Justin Roberts does the official introduction for their upcoming one-on-one match. As the bell rings, Fandango and Santino trade a few dance moves. Santino chases Fandango around with the Cobra/claw. Fandango cuts Santino off and drops him to the mat. Fandango hits Santino with a big elbow as Summer Rae is shown cheering him on. A “Summer Rae” chant breaks out in St. Louis. Fandango hits a big suplex on Santino. He dances around a bit and the crowd boo’s him. Fandango climbs to the top rope, but as he comes off looking for a double axe-handle smash, Santino moves. Santino does a split to avoid Fandango running at him, and then hits him with a high-hip toss. Santino pulls out the Cobra, but before he can hit Fandango with it, Summer Rae distracts him. Due to the distraction, Fandango is able to roll Santino up. 1-2-3. Fandango wins.

Winner: Fandango

Announcement Of WWE Tag-Title Match Tonight

As we head to commercial, Michael Cole reveals that as first reported on WWE.com, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield will be defending their WWE Tag-Team Championships tonight on RAW against Cody Rhodes and Goldust. With that said, we head to commercial.

Backstage Segment: Paul Heyman & Brad Maddox

We return from commercial and Paul Heyman is talking with Brad Maddox. He shows him a replay of CM Punk’s low-blow on Ryback from the WWE Battleground pay-per-view. Heyman tells Maddox that he needs to do something about it. Maddox says Ryback already has his rematch at Hell In A Cell, so he’s not sure what Heyman is looking for. Heyman says he’s looking for much more. Heyman tells Maddox that he cheated and made Maddox looked bad, and a man in his position should not have to look bad. Heyman asks Maddox to make the match a two-on-one handicap match with Punk against both Ryback and Curtis Axel. Maddox says he’s not sure that’s fair. Heyman says Punk is a cheater and a weasel and doesn’t know the meaning of the word fair. Maddox laughs and says he never thought he’d hear a walrus call a Punk a weasel. Maddox says tonight we’ll play Beat The Clock and if his guys win, he can choose any stipulation for the Hell In A Cell PPV match that he wants. However, if Punk wins, Punk gets to pick the stipulation.

Big Show Petition & John Cena Video Package

The announcers talk about NXT star Xavier Woods starting an online petition to bring Big Show back to WWE after he was fired by Stephanie McMahon last week. They talk about many of the top WWE Superstars and Divas signing the petition. They plug WWE.com for more information on the petition before introducing an elaborate video package on “the heart of John Cena.” With that said, the video package airs.