WWE RAW Results – October 14, 2013

Tamina Snuka vs. Brie Bella

We return from commercial break and Tamina Snuka is already in the ring with AJ Lee standing at ringside. The Bella Twins music plays and out comes Brie Bella by herself, per orders of Stephanie McMahon. The bell sounds and Brie goes running and colliding into Tamina. Brie knocks Tamina out to the floor. Brie dives off the apron and splashes onto Tamina on the floor. Tamina gets up and hits Brie from behind as she was going back in the ring. She slams her into the ring apron and then throws her in the ring. Back in the ring, Tamina chokes Brie with her bare hand. Brie snatches up the leg of Tamina for a single-leg boston crab type of submission move. Tamina takes her own leather vest off and whips Brie with it. AJ is shown with an evil smirk on her face watching as Tamina beats up Brie in the ring. AJ is shown again, this time talking to her Divas Title as if it were a person. Okie dokie. An “AJ’s crazy” chant breaks out in St. Louis. Tamina continues to beat up Brie as AJ is now shown dancing with her title as if it were a person. Once again — okie dokie. Brie hits a missile dropkick on Tamina. Brie with a standing dropkick on Tamina. Brie hits a running knee on Tamina. That’s a familiar move, ain’t it? Tamina stops Brie from hitting a top-rope move. Tamina hits Brie with a big boot and pins her. 1-2-3. Tamina Snuka gets the win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

After The Match:

Tamina Snuka continues the beatdown of Brie Bella. Tamina hits her with a Samoan drop. Tamina scoops Brie up and drives her down shoulder-first into her knee. AJ is shown smiling on the outside, liking what she’s seeing. Tamina goes to the top rope and comes off with a Superfly splash onto Brie. AJ finally gets in the ring. AJ locks Brie in the Black Widow and screeches and screams like a psycho. A few referee’s finally break things up. As Tamina and AJ are leaving, Nikki Bella finally comes down to the ring to check on her twin sister. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

Backstage Segment: Brad Maddox, Stephanie McMahon & Daniel Bryan

We return from commercial and Stephanie McMahon and Brad Maddox are watching a match off the Goldberg DVD. Of course it’s a match where Triple H is kicking Goldberg’s ass, but whatever. Daniel Bryan storms in and yells at Stephanie. He says it’s not bad enough that she’s making his life hell, she’s got to make Brie’s life hell, too? He nearly calls her a bitch, but is cut off by Maddox. That’s basically the jist of it.

Beat The Clock: CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel

CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. “It’s clobbering time!” Curtis Axel’s music hits and out he comes with Paul Heyman. A clock showing the time of 5:44 is displayed. Punk must defeat Axel in under five minutes and 44 seconds in order to make the stipulation for his match against Ryback at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. The bell rings and Punk immediately goes to work on Axel. Punk tries pinning Axel early but Axel kicks out with ease. Punk sweeps Axel down and tries immediately pinning him again. Again, Axel kicks out with ease. Punk chops the hell out of Axel in the corner as the crowd “Woooo’s” away. Axel fights back now and snapmares Punk down. Axel tries pinning Punk quickly but Punk kicks out with ease. Heyman can be heard shouting instructions from ringside. Heyman is basically yelling at Axel just to stall things out so they win the Beat The Clock challenge, while Axel’s goal appears to be winning the match. Heyman seems to strongly disagree with that plan, as it can be seen all over his face. Axel continues to work on Punk as the crowd begins loudly chanting “CM Punk, CM Punk.” Axel goes to the middle rope looking for an elbow drop but Punk moves and Axel crashes to the mat. Punk is now back in control of the offense. Punk with a nearfall on Axel. Punk goes to the top rope and comes off with a Randy Savage style flying elbow drop. Punk tries pinning him after that but doesn’t get three. Punk hoists Axel up for the GTS but Axel escapes. Axel slams Punk down as Heyman shouts the amount of time left to him. The two guys are trading punches and chops now in the center of the ring as there is just over a minute left on the clock. When the one minute mark hits, Heyman screams at Axel to simply hold Punk down. Axel doesn’t listen. Axel with a fisherman’s suplex on Punk for a nearfall. Heyman continues yelling at him not to try and beat him, but to simply hold him down. Axel again continues to disregard Heyman’s wishes. Punk hits the GTS on Axel. 1-2-3. Punk wins. Heyman is pissed.

Winner with 0:11 to spare: CM Punk

After The Match: Punk Announces The Stipulation

Heyman throws the I-C title he was holding for Axel down and storms up the ramp. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks pissed. Punk jumps on the microphone and asks Heyman where he’s going. Punk reminds Heyman that he gets to pick the stipulation for his match at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Punk says this is where Heyman becomes proud of him, because Punk learned from him. Punk says he likes Heyman’s idea. “We’re going to have ourselves a handicap match at Hell In A Cell.” Punk announces it will be Ryback and Paul Heyman against CM Punk. “In the Hell In A Cell.” Lawler points out that means Heyman can’t run or hide. Heyman will be locked inside a Hell In A Cell with Punk and Ryback. Heyman freaks out. Punk celebrates.

Up Next: Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio

As Heyman continues freaking out, and Punk continues celebrating, the RAW announce team plug Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio, which is coming up next. With that said, we head to a commercial.