WWE RAW Results – September 1, 2014

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Highlight Reel With Chris Jericho, The Authority, John Cena and Roman Reigns

This week’s show begins with Chris Jericho in the middle of his ring entrance. The ring has the “Highlight Reel” set already good to go and as we reported earlier today, the “Highlight Reel” segment will be opening this week’s show.

Jericho begins on the mic, after letting the fans in Des Moines get some “Y2J” chants out of their system, by saying “welcome to, RAW …is …Jericho!” JBL says he’s bored already. Jericho starts to talk about his guest tonight, basically calling him spoiled.

With that being said, as Jericho goes to introduce Randy Orton, he is interupted by the “King of Kings” theme song. Out walks Triple H, Kane, Seth Rollins and Kane, all wearing suits.

Jericho tells Orton he expected him to come out by himself. Kane goes to “remind” Jericho something but HHH tells him it’s okay, “he’s got this.” Triple H says Jericho is the man who never grew up, which he says he means literally and figuratively. HHH says he has more important business to conduct right now. Jericho says he usually conducts important business when his wife is in jail. HHH mocks a scarf that Jericho is wearing. Jericho responds by mocking HHH’s pink tie. HHH says, “it’s violet, nimrod.”

Triple H goes on to say Jericho should be thanking him for making this the most historic Highlight Reel in history. HHH says he has been re-watching the SummerSlam match between Brock Lesnar and John Cena recently. He says it might not be best for business to have a rematch between Cena and Lesnar. The crowd boo’s. He says he is contemplating naming a new number one contender for Night Of Champions.

As Jericho goes to question who HHH will give the title shot against Lesnar to now, Orton interupts him and talks about himself as the guy who deserves the match. Kane follows and talks about how when he picks up a certain mask, he can unleash a demon on the “Beast Incarnate.” Rollins talks next and the fans immediately cheer. He says “maybe the future has already arrived.” The fans chant “Rollins! Rollins!” Michael Cole points out that Rollins is from Iowa, where RAW is tonight. Jericho then puts in his bid for the title shot by running down some of his accolades, however he is interupted by John Cena’s theme song.

Cena walks to the ring with a purpose, nothing like his usual walk to the ring on RAW each week. Cena, in the ring now, gets on the mic and asks HHH what the hell he is talking about. Cena says if HHH takes his title shot away from him he will take him to court and sue him. He says he’ll then become the new COO of WWE and his first order of business will be to fire HHH. Cena reiterates that at Night Of Champions, he’s not only going in to beat Brock Lesnar, he’s going in to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass.

HHH responds by saying, “Wow.” He mockingly references Cena’s aforementioned threat to sue him. HHH gets serious now and talks about he knows what his job is. He gets in Cena’s face and says he does what is best for business every single day. HHH says he doesn’t think Cena as World Heavyweight Champion is no longer what’s best for business. He says, however, that Cena’s career being ended by Lesnar at Night Of Champions is not good for business at all. Rollins chimes in and says he should let Cena have his match. He says if an opportunity presents itself, there’s always plan B, referencing his Money In The Bank title shot. Orton asks what happened to his rematch dating back to WrestleMania.

Now Jericho chimes in and reminds Orton that since WrestleMania he’s had 1,000 title matches and has succeeded a grand total of “never.” He brings up the fact that Roman Reigns Superman punched and speared him at SummerSlam. Orton talks about how if Reigns were here right now he’d drop him right where he stands. Now Reigns’ theme song hits and the camera pans to the crowd. We see Roman Reigns making his way to the ring through the crowd as he always does.

Reigns gets in the ring and tells Orton, “well here I am Randy, drop me.” He tells Orton that he’s all talk. Reigns tells Kane and Rollins that they don’t seem too happy to see him either. He asks if they’re still bummed that he ruined their eulogy for Dean Ambrose last week. Reigns says they still have unfinished business, but the business seems to be for the title and if that’s the case, his name belongs in that mix. HHH says he’s going to give everyone in the ring right now a chance to prove themselves tonight and find out who stands tall. He says Cena, Jericho and Reigns will take on Rollins, Orton and Kane. He says then we’ll find out who can earn their spot and prove that they deserve it. He says he’ll be sitting at ringside and he’ll be watching to find out.

Rollins tries to get a sneak shot in on Reigns with his Money In The Bank briefcase, but Reigns sees it coming and hits him with a Superman punch. HHH, Kane, Orton and Rollins exit the ring and Reigns stands in the ring with the briefcase. Rollins demands he give it back so Reigns throws it at him. The fans boo Reigns, as they seem to be 100,000% behind their hometown man, Seth Rollins, tonight in Des Moines, Iowa.

Backstage: Tag-Team Action Is Coming Up Next

We see Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler backstage heading to the ring. Jerry Lawler says they’ll be taking on Cesaro and The Miz next. On that note, we head to our first commercial break of the evening.

Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro & The Miz (with Damien Mizdow)

When we return from commercial, all four guys are already at ringside, along with Damien “Miz-dow,” who is with Cesaro and The Miz.

The bell rings and here we go with tag-team action. The first match of tonight’s RAW opens with Cesaro and Ziggler in the ring. Ziggler jumps off to an early offensive advantage, however it isn’t long before the heels take over. We head to a mid-match commercial.

We’re back from the break and we see Cesaro taking it to Sheamus. Meanwhile, the announcers point out that The Miz is being attended to by Damien Mizdow, his stunt double, and his makeup artist, which is some chick who is also at ringside.

Sheamus starts making his comeback as the fans begin chanting for Ziggler. Cesaro cuts Sheamus’ comeback short and takes control of the offense once again. Cesaro mocks Sheamus and taunts him and then goes back to work on him, nailing him with forearms and European uppercuts.

Out of nowhere, while seated on the top rope, Sheamus comes flying off with a battering-ram shoulder block, knocking Cesaro silly and allowing himself to make the tag to a fresh Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler takes the hot tag and comes in to the ring to a huge pop from the fans in Iowa. Ziggler is hitting anything that moves. The Miz tags in and Ziggler immediately goes to work on him as well. Cesaro tries to interfere but Sheamus knocks him, and himself, out to the floor.

Miz is outside the ring now and he tells his stunt double to take his place. Sandow takes his goofy ass suit off and enters the ring. As the referee argues with him, Miz slides in the ring from behind and nails Ziggler with the Skull Crushing Finale for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Cesaro & The Miz

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    • AjStorm

      I have to admit that was a great way to start off Monday Night Raw! It was exciting and got my heart racing!

      • Joe H.

        Monday Night RAW sucked and it was a horrible way to start the show. It was non-interesting, boring and put me to sleep. Had to go to bed early because of places I needed to go today.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says outside of the “Highlight Reel” & Y2J calling Kane, Rollins & HHH the law firm of Sell Out, Suck Up & Schnoz and the Dust Brothers beating on the Uso’s, RAW was lame ass again.
      The crowd didn’t help much either. They were as lively as the county morgue.
      Nikki Bella’s “Growing Up Bella” vignettes were worse than the acting in a Kindergarten play. Her prom picture looked like it was shot earlier in the day.

      • Brian

        This show was god awful. It feels like every time they make any momentum, they throw it away with a card like tonight. Very few of the matches held any significant meaning, the promos outside of the aforementioned Highlight Reel were absolutely terrible (the entire Bella segment was an absolute joke), and all in all, I was only half paying attention to the show by the end of it.

        • Lil Honey

          Boreton’s current Latino Miss Piggy girlfriend or romantic involvement with Kim Marie sucks and is hurtful and lousy he thinks like cena does that he has the right to walk all over me and that sucks

      • SJ

        Well, considering that Cena is a guy who thinks he has the right to walk all over everyone in WWE and watching WWE and make threats and run his damn mouth because he knows that he’s allowed to get away with behaving like a bully toward others. Same goes for Roman Reigns and how he’s behaving toward Randy Orton.
        Fact is:
        John Cena says he would take Triple H to court and sue him if he tries to take away the title match and not allow him to face Brock Lesnar using the rematch clause. Which would suck tremendously awful be completely unjust and worse than lousy! Cena being able to threaten, sue or fire Triple H just to be able to recieve more power to abuse…. if Cena does become the WWE’s COO – Cheif Operating Officer really sucks extremely unfairly and wrongly!
        Randy Orton losing to Roman Reigns in the Streetfight match at the IZOD Center Fri. – 9/26/14 SUUUUUCKS !!!!

        • HV491

          Orton walking all over everyone in WWE and watching it sucks

        • P.P. Johnny

          P.P. Johnny is listening to George Thorogood’s “You Talk To Much” while reading SJ’s comment.

        • Guest

          Someone doesn’t know what Kayfabe is.

      • Vengiys

        Orton has a way of making WWE suck worse right now than Cena ever did, would or could

    • chrissi calvert

      Really wish the WWE would know when they have 2 half decent feuds going in one division to keep them separate from each other.Paige vs AJ needs to be kept away from Bella vs Bella, because if they do what i think they are gonna do at NoC (a 4 way for the Divas Title) Its pretty obvious who its going to come down to

      • Guest

        I don’t know where you’re getting the impression they’re going to be blending the AJ-Paige feud into the Nikki-Brie feud for the title then again there is precedent for them doing that like when the had Laycool and Eve Torres and Natayla for the divas title at the Royal Rumble a few years ago.

    • UltraManTits Black

      Im still not clear why the Bella storyline is so prominent.

      Does anyone really care about this nonsense?

      • Guest

        It’s prominent because you can’t have a feud end where the face gets betrayed by an associate and the face takes it lying down.

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