WWE RAW Results – November 25, 2013

Curtis Axel & Ryback vs. Big E. Langston & Mark Henry

We return from commercial and we see highlights of Big E. Langston winning the Intercontinental Championship on RAW last week. After the video package concludes, Ryback and Curtis Axel are already standing in the ring. Langston’s music hits and out comes the I-C champ. Next out is Mark Henry. It looks like we have ourselves a tag-team match next here on RAW.

The bell sounds and Langston and Axel start things off for their respective teams. Langston whips Axel into the corner and smashes into him with a spear. Axel hits the ropes and makes a blind-tag to Ryback. Axel blasts Langston with a punch and when he turns around, he walks into a sidewalk slam by Ryback. The fans are getting on Ryback already with loud “Goldberg, Goldberg” chants. Ryback beats up Langston for a few more seconds and then tags Axel back in. Axel hits Langston with a few punches and tags Ryback right back in.

Langston recovers and blasts Ryback with a belly-to-belly suplex and then he tags in “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Henry is throwing Axel around like a rag doll early on. Henry hits Axel with a running powerslam. Langston and Ryback hit the ring and Langston clotheslines Ryback over the top. At the same time, Henry nails Axel with “The World’s Strongest Slam.” 1-2-3. Henry and Langston win.

Winners: Big E. Langston & Mark Henry

As we head to commercial, Jerry Lawler announces that after the break we will have a seven-on-seven traditional Survivor Series elimination rematch. No, not the good one, the Divas will rematch as soon as RAW returns. We head to commercial.

We return from RAW and we see highlights of Cena challenging Orton in the opening segment, followed by Triple H making the announcement of Cena vs. Orton at the WWE TLC PPV. They then plug tonight’s main event, as made by Strahan earlier: Big Show & John Cena vs. Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio.

Traditional Elimination Match
– AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Aksana, Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes vs. The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls, Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo

After the clips finish airing, we see all of the Divas already in the ring. It’s time for the rematch from last night’s Survivor Series. Brie Bella and Aksana start things off. The crowd is already chanting random stuff. “JBL, JBL” is the chant going on at the moment. Meanwhile, Bella is spanking Aksana in the ring — literally. Brie pins Aksana and Aksana is eliminated. Rosa Mendes runs into the ring and Bella quickly knocks her down and tags in Nikki Bella. They hit Mendes with their double-team move and pin her. Rosa Mendes is eliminated.

Cameron comes in, as does Tamina Snuka. Cameron tags in Ariane and they double-suplex Tamina. Tamina gets up and blasts Ariane with a superkick. 1-2-3. Ariane is eliminated. Seconds later, Tamina eliminates Cameron. Natalya comes in and goes to work on Tamina. She beats her up and tags in JoJo. JoJo simply pins Tamina and now Tamina is eliminated. JoJo and Alicia Fox are now in the ring and within seconds Alicia hits JoJo with a backbreaker and eliminates her. Eva Marie comes in and the crowd boo’s the hell out of her. Eva pins Alicia Fox and Fox is now eliminated. Rosa tags in Eva Marie and Kaitlyn comes in from the other team. Natalya scoops the legs out of Kaitlyn and applies the Sharpshooter. Kaitlyn taps out and now Kaitlyn is eliminated. AJ and Summer Rae are the only two left on their team. AJ comes in and goes to work on Natalya. The crowd starts chanting “AJ! AJ!” Natalya grabs the legs of AJ for the Sharpshooter but AJ reverses it into a pin attempt. 1-2-3. Natalya is eliminated. Brie Bella attacks AJ from behind and the crowd boo’s. Brie Bella nails AJ and pins her. 1-2-3. AJ is eliminated.

Summer Rae is left by herself now against The Bella Twins and Eva Marie. Summer comes in and the crowd pops. Summer looks discouraged. She thinks for a minute and then starts dancing around for no reason. Nikki again does The Worm like she did last night at Survivor Series. Summer says she can do that. She tries and fails horribly at it. She screams and tries storming off. Eva Marie stops her. The crowd is now chanting “twek, twek, twek” — awesome lol. Summer keeps trying to escape but the other girls keep stopping her. Nikki hits Summer with her finisher and pins her. 1-2-3. Summer Rae is eliminated. The winners and surviving memebrs are Eva Marie and The Bella Twins. The Bella’s both do the worm as Eva stands around clapping looking like she doesn’t know what to do. And that’s over. Thank god.

Winners and surviving members: Eva Marie & The Bella Twins

We see highlights of last week’s “Broadway Brawl” between Ziggler and Sandow. Afterwards, Lawler again plugs the fact that fans can vote for the stipulation for their match. He says the results of the poll and the match itself is next. We head to commercial.

Before we return from commercial, we get a promo for the WWE Slammy Awards, which are “two weeks away” according to the graphic.

When we return live in the arena, Lawler and Sandow are standing in the ring. Sandow cuts Lawler off and says he wants to publicly state that he is above this. He should not have to compete in a match decided by all the half-wits in the audience. The fans voted for a “Hamptons Hardcore Match.” With that said, out comes Ziggler along with some WWE ring crew people who bring out a bunch of weapons.

“Hamptons Hardcore Match”
– Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

We have trash cans, golf clubs, tennis balls and tennis rackets and some boat paddles in the ring. Sandow tries sneaking a golf club behind Ziggler’s back but Ziggler cuts him off and hits him so he drops it. Ziggler is wearing a local New York NHL jersey. Sandow tears the jersey off of Ziggler and throws it. Sandow tosses Ziggler out of the ring. A loud “we want Ryder / WOO-WOO-WOO” chant breaks out as Sandow and Ziggler continue to brawl outside the ring. Ziggler clotheslines Sandow over the barricade. Ziggler goes and beats on the announcer’s table in excitement. When he turns to go get Sandow, Sandow has a microphone and blasts Ziggler with it. The announce team, by the way, won’t stop making Mean Street Possee references. Ziggler puts a trash can over Sandow’s head and body and dropkicks it. We head to commercial.

We return from commercial and Sandow is choking Ziggler with his boot in the ring. He yells “your welcome” at all the fans as he continues laying the boots to a grounded Ziggler. Ziggler fights back. He knocks a trash can over, that was full of trash, and hits Sandow with a neckbreaker on top of all the garbage. Ziggler grabs a boat paddle but Sandow kicks him in the gut and Ziggler drops it. Sandow bodyslams Ziggler in all the trash. Sandow holds up the Islanders NHL jersey. He throws it on top of Ziggler and drops and elbow on him and then shouts “you’re welcome” to the fans again. Sandow throws Ziggler out to the floor.

Sandow goes out after Ziggler on the floor now but when he gets there, Ziggler has a fire extinguisher and sprays Sandow with it. Both guys are down now. Ziggler gets up and rolls Sandow in the ring and then comes in after him. Ziggler does his multiple-punch spot on top of Sandow in the corner. Ziggler grabs a boat paddle and nails Sandow across the back with it. He follows that up with a FameAsser in the trash in the ring. Sandow rolls out to the floor to regain his composure. Ziggler goes out after him.

When Ziggler comes out after Sandow, Sandow blasts him with a trash can. The crowd chants “Randy Savage” randomly as Sandow throws Ziggler into the ringside steps. Sandow throws Ziggler back in the ring as the crowd continues to chant “Randy Savage.” Now the fans chant “Hogan, Hogan” as Sandow grabs a tennis racket. Ziggler kicks Sandow to make him drop it and then DDTs him on a steel chair. Ziggler pins Sandow but Sandow kicks out at two and a half. Sandow gets up, grabs a boat paddle and breaks it across Ziggler’s back. Sandow nails Ziggler with his finisher on a trash can and pins him. 1-2-3. Damien Sandow wins the Hampton’s Hardcore Match.

Winner: Damien Sandow