WWE Receives $31 Million Loan For New Corporate Jet

Posted by Matt Boone August 12, 2013 5 Comments

WWE officially filed a document with the SEC on Monday to announce their plans to finance a new corporate jet.

According to the document, which was filed on August 7th, WWE has created a subsidiary, “WWE Jet Services, Inc.” to enter into a Loan & Aircraft Security Agreement with RBS Asset Finance for a $31.56 million loan.

The plan calls for quarterly payments of $405,458 until the seven-year loan expires on August 7, 2020.

The agreement includes notes about WWE’s use of the corporate jet. For example, WWE is not permitted to use the jet as a taxi service, or fly the jet in restricted airspace.

It was also revealed that the primary hangar location will be the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York.

Listed as the executor of the agreement on behalf of “WWE Jet Services, Inc.” is WWE CFO George Barrios.

WWE is listed as the corporate guarantor of the loan.

You can read the document filed with the SEC online at IR.Corporate.WWE.com.

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    • Whatever

      How are the not permitted to use the jet as a taxi service? That’s all they really need it for is for flying important people in wwe around all the time.

      • dummy

        its a taxi when they’re paid to fly people unaffiliated with wwe

        • The A-Team

          The documents also has to be approved the by US Government Airport Authority…

    • Guest3458975311257

      In the meantime Dixie Carter was seen collecting cans behind the old Impact Zone.

    • Jennifer L Diamond

      well as far as I’m concerned even though I enjoy going to their shows and know that a few of the superstars give up a lot to be on the road. With national debt being what it is they along with all the actors and entertainers of the world could give up a few up of their perks while here in the U.S. Not to mention a few of their cars talking about cena and his 20 plus cars.

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