WWE Releases Developmental Wrestler, The Brad Maddox Experience, Maxine, More

Posted by Matt Boone November 16, 2012 7 Comments

- Chad Baxter indicated on Twitter Wednesday and Thursday that he has been released from his developmental contract with WWE.

“Good luck with your future endeavours,” he wrote in a message yesterday before stating he’s a free agent.

He then posted multiple fan messages offering encouragement, including one saying he can “always make an impact.”

Baxter, whose real name is Derek Foore, was a Notre Dame collegiate wrestling champion WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco recruited last year. He sparingly competed for NXT until the summer, and then was primarily relegated to non-televised events.

– Brad Maddox is featured in this week’s “Outside the Ring” as he prepares for his $1 million WWE contract match with Ryback. “Get inside Maddox’s head as his dream to compete in a WWE ring came true against an unstoppable juggernaut,” WWE states.

– Former WWE Diva Maxine stated on Twitter Thursday that she is a spokesmodel for Artix Entertainment, a video game developer. She shot material for the company today.

– In an interview with Busted Open, Damien Sandow was asked if Rhodes would be able to make it to Survivor Series this Sunday following the injuries he suffered on WWE Main Event this week.

“He is recovering quite nicely. I assure you that the appropriate actions are being taken to promote the best interests of both Cody Rhodes and Team Ziggler.”

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    • shane-o-mac

      So watching impact and the rip off scoreboard is like this-wwe-copied tna’s affair storyline and copied the way tna does a voice over of what happened the week before. Tna- at least this week is copying wwe’s 3 man announce team. Thought vince and wwe fans saaid tna wasn’t a threat to wwe? But yet wwe is ripping off tna it seems whenever they get a chance. How the tide has turned, tna used to copy wwe all the time. Now since wwe creative couldn’t pull a decent storyline out of their ass’s they resort to ripping off tna. And I’m sure that wwe apoligists will bring up stuff from years ago, but I’m not talking years ago I’m talking just the last couple months. So on the rip off meter wwe is the compony that is looking more desperate.

      • Kage

        They had 3 man commentating teams in WCW.

        But yeah, it really does seem like WWE are lifting a lot of things from TNA recently.

      • Papa Georgio

        You must be new to wrestling, since you fail to realize that companies re-use storylines and steal ideas from each others.

        • shane-o-mac

          In your attempt to be smart wrestling fan you totally missed my point. Point I was trying to make was the fact wwe said tna wasn’t a threat. But because creative for wwe sucks nowadays wwe is blatently ripping tna off. That’s the point I was trying to make mr smart wrestling fan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686322729 Scott Kendall

      wow, everyone acts like this is only just started happening. Wrestling promotions have been ripping each others ideas for year. It is just the way it is. This TNA is better than WWE, or WWE is better than TNA bullshit is just that….. BULLSHIT. They are both different products aimed at different audiences. Each has a place in the scheme of things and each will copy ideas from each other. So get used to it, it’s nothing new

      • shane-o-mac

        Wwe and tna will always be compared because they are the only major wrestling companies that are on tv. And the copying thing, yeah it happens but it hasn’t been done so blatently for a while, until now. That’s why I brought it up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Itsasecret-Darnit/537008362 Itsasecret Darnit

      thank god his angle was boring and annoying

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