WWE Reportedly Confident That Sting Will Be Joining Their Roster Soon

Posted by Matt Boone July 2, 2013 35 Comments

- As seen on last night’s RAW, WWE included current TNA star Sting in their video packages looking back at former World Heavyweight Champions.

F4Wonline.com reports that Sting was included in those video packages for a reason.

Word is that Sting is once again interested in joining WWE. While he hasn’t opened direct negotiations with the company, he has sent feelers to WWE about joining them. There is said to be a lot of confidence on WWE’s side that Sting will be on their roster eventually.

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    • hmw


      • The Troll Hunter

        keep going forward like they’ve always been doing

        • Guest5468947347

          You spelled backward wrong.

    • Weed The People

      Sting vs Undertaker for Wrestlemania XXX!!!!

      • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

        is it going to happen? yes yes yes yes yes yes

    • The Peoples Champ


    • Undertaker316

      just because he was in the video package doesnt mean sting is going to sign with wwe because that was wcw footage and wwe owns wcw so they can show any footage they want but since triple h is in charge of signing people he might come to wwe because sting said he doest trust vince mcmahon

      • Matt Goodsite

        and shawn michales and sting are good friends which link to HHH

    • rog

      Doesn’t matter the money, Vince would make a ton out of it, UNDERTAKER VS STING AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

    • Al Oli

      Can you imagine both of their entrances? Stings from starcade was so bad ass. Imagine his mania entrance.

    • Muzlimboy

      Undertaker vs Sting….Now That’s a Once In A Lifetime Match

    • k

      I think Sting is truly the only wrestaler (if there ever will be one) that should brake the streek.

      • spell check

        your spelling is terrible.

      • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

        WRESTLER not wrestaler. BREAK not brake. STREAK not streek. Your welcome.

        • David

          *You’re. You’re Welcome!

          • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

            obviously you didn’t catch the sarcasm!

            • Guest5757463647596969

              That wasn’t sarcasm. It was poor spelling. I can see how you might confuse the two. Take your lumps and move on.

            • Doomsday77

              next time learn to spell before you attempt to correct someone. hahahaa owned yourself.

      • hmw

        what? nobody can’t or won’t break the streak.. It’ll never happen.

    • anthony j

      It will be kind of hard having two face characters fight at the big event. Sting is horrible as a heel, make him a face and turn the Undertaker heel. Undertaker comes out talking about his streak and tells the fans he did it all on his own and that the fans didn’t do anything to help him and no one will ever stop the streak. Lights go out and a promo cuts on but the narrator is that kids voice from 97 Starcade. Dont know how the promo will go but hopefully dark and they use the crowe gimmick along with the crowe them. Now that will make me pay the money to sit front row at Wrestlemania XXX to see that.

      • Shaquille Burton

        They’d most likely both be tweeners

      • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

        they should have undertaker come out to his ministry theme or to In a house in a heartbeat by John Murphy. and Sting come out to his Crow theme

      • Ace Boogie


    • Frederick Williams

      Here we go again, seems like the Sting to WWE always pops up every now and then. Well maybe this time will be different, considering the fed will definitely not make him work a standard schedule.

    • Dammit

      Crow theme. None of this Joker crap.

      • Michael Sinclair

        hes had 3 sides, 2 from wcw and one in tna all would fit in wwe. the dark theme would be a great starting point. theres nothing wrong with the joker side, its another way of giving the stinger another edge

    • Guest5869573785990568747

      It really doesn’t matter if Sting comes back. Vince is going to give the last spot on the card to some abomination like John Cena and Bruce Willis v The Rock and Channing Tatum to promote the new GI Joe.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Taker is the true star of WM, has been for many years. To have Sting, a fellow wrestler he started out with 25 years ago, be his opponent, would put WM XXX through the roof. And that is good for business.

    • Josh

      For years, Sting and Flair were the main competition to WWF. Flair come over for a bit then went back to WCW. Sting never broke.
      Sting already said, a long time ago, that he didn’t want to break the streak. He just wants to face Taker at WM.
      I just don’t want Sting to be reduced to “talent enhancement.”

    • Sheila Belue

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Sting brings Kurt Angle with him since Kurt has said he wants to retire in the wwe.

    • Payney

      Sting In WWE…. OOOOOSH!!!… Gonna hurt tna real bad if this happens!….

    • MrWrestling2013

      Sting has a contract with TNA that goes through January 2014. Please stop the nonsense and hearsay posts.

      • Unknown

        And WWE can offer him a contract starting in February 2014 til the end of WrestleMania or until February 2015 either way ur statement doesn’t change the fact that Sting can head to the WWE for WrestleMania Season and possibly fight Undertaker

    • Jackie Priest

      Looks like TNA’s going to put the title on him again then, or put themselves in debt to get him to stay.

    • Lick Lover

      I wish Sting could have done it many years before. He would be even bigger than his is. WWE Hall of Famer probably. It would be nice to see Ric Flair inducting him into the WWE HOF in the future. Hopefully this will be the year. A bit late for both (Sting and UT) but they can still give decent matches, and will be huge money making match

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