WWE Reports Brock Lesnar Broke Triple H’s Arm At SummerSlam

Posted by Brad Davis August 20, 2012 8 Comments

WWE.com is reporting that Triple H suffered a broken arm at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam. An article at WWE.com states:

“It has also been released that The King of Kings broke his left arm in the same place that he did when Brock attacked him of the April 30 episode of Raw, an assault that lit the fuse on their tremendous rivalry. Although Triple H had initially refused medical attention last night, an examination this morning confirmed the severity of the injury.”

Lesnar and Paul Heyman will open tonight’s RAW at 8PM EST.

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    • TRazor

      Why even bother posting these…

    • askthem

      People on the net are funny brock would kill most of them if they said this in his face HHH arm will be healed by tonight

    • nemotoad

      at first, when i saw him laying on the mat, it looked broke.
      when he got up, i know he’s just hurt but its not really broken.
      its just like the 1st time it happened to him, it was all staged (like that’s new to pro wrestling).

      this is all just a part of the storyline, they’ll face each other again, most likely at WrestleMania next year.

      i always get happy whenever Brock strikes on his opponent (Cena and HHH) because he really puts force in it not like the other wrestlers who are too obvious faking their punches.

    • Sulk Brogan

      It’s a shoot, brother!

    • 40 Dawg

      funny how they had Cena beat Lesnar but let Triple H lose. They should have had Lesnar beat Cena, then beat Triple H, and when Triple H gets the rematch, then Lesnar should be finally pinned. But because they had Cena win, it ruined Brocks image for being an unstoppable force.

      • Broski

        Maybe WWE thinks that Lesnar’s win over Cena would have been predictable.

    • the truth shall set you free

      i though 24wrestling was suppose to tell us real news not kayfabe

    • kdawg

      fuckin wwe i think wrestling fans should unite and and just all togehter stop watching the wwe product. until wwe get their heads out their ass because this gen. is missing out bad w/ how the biz is today. wwe is the name comes to mind in about everybodys head when they think of wrestling, THEY NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER. before wrestlings an after thought.

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