WWE Reports Kane Suffered Brain or Cervical Spine Trauma on RAW

Posted by Matt Boone July 9, 2013 5 Comments

- WWE published an article stating that Kane was injured by The Wyatt Family on last night’s RAW. Their article noted that Kane was stretchered from ringside and his cervical spine was immobilized with a cervical collar.

WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann said that Kane was coherent in the ambulance but they are concerned that he may have suffered “any sort of brain or cervical spine trauma that may be significant enough to either warrant surgery, or an extended period of time away from the ring.”

The article questioned Kane’s status for this Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

  • trollo derpo

    coherent 1990s kane would have meant he uppercutted and chokeslammed everyone in the ambulance

  • Canuck 703

    Have Kane come back as The Big Red Monster & beat the living hell out of both baby faces & heels.

  • Undertaker316

    kane to wake up in the hospital and beat up the nurse and chokeslam the doctor again

  • Undertaker316

    batista or shelton benjamin should return to replace kane if kane cant compete in the match

  • Glen

    I only hope that this sparks a resurgence of the dominant Big Red Machine. The Team Hell No angle is practically over anyway so comedy Kane is out by himself and lost.

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