WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions

WWE.com has an article up with various superstars giving their picks for Sunday’s CM Punk vs. The Rock match at the Royal Rumble. Here are some highlights of what they said:

Kofi Kingston: “It’s been a long time coming since Punk came out and clotheslined The Rock and made a huge statement. Now it won’t be very long, less than a week till the Royal Rumble. We finally get to see the guy who claims to be The Best in the World taking on the all-time Great One. It’s been great to see the build and I can’t wait just like everybody else to see how it’s gonna go down. We’re actually gonna find out exactly who the best is.””

The Miz: “Am I rooting for The Rock? Absolutely. Do I want him to win? Absolutely. Do I want him to unseat the WWE Champion and become the champion? Absolutely, because you know what? At WrestleMania, when I win the Royal Rumble Match, I’ll be going up against The Rock, the person that made me want to become a WWE Superstar.”

Booker T: “Everyone will remember where they were the night Punk and Rock met in the middle of the ring, face to face, eye to eye, one on one. Who’s gonna be the champion? Sunday, it will be determined.”

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