WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions

Posted by Brad Davis January 24, 2013 26 Comments

WWE.com has an article up with various superstars giving their picks for Sunday’s CM Punk vs. The Rock match at the Royal Rumble. Here are some highlights of what they said:

Kofi Kingston: “It’s been a long time coming since Punk came out and clotheslined The Rock and made a huge statement. Now it won’t be very long, less than a week till the Royal Rumble. We finally get to see the guy who claims to be The Best in the World taking on the all-time Great One. It’s been great to see the build and I can’t wait just like everybody else to see how it’s gonna go down. We’re actually gonna find out exactly who the best is.””

The Miz: “Am I rooting for The Rock? Absolutely. Do I want him to win? Absolutely. Do I want him to unseat the WWE Champion and become the champion? Absolutely, because you know what? At WrestleMania, when I win the Royal Rumble Match, I’ll be going up against The Rock, the person that made me want to become a WWE Superstar.”

Booker T: “Everyone will remember where they were the night Punk and Rock met in the middle of the ring, face to face, eye to eye, one on one. Who’s gonna be the champion? Sunday, it will be determined.”

Comment Below and tell us who you think will win Sunday’s WWE Championship match.

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    • Chris

      I predict Rock, but I really hope to be Punk

    • Not Chris Jericho

      I hope Punk. He needs that one BIG win to watch his reign go into the sunset. Other than Jericho and Cena, he hasn’t really defended against a big star. Unfortunately, however, Vince is probably going to cave in and let the Rock have the title at the Rumble.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Just to know that The Rock is going to win the belt then drop it at WM to Cena sickens me. The Rock’s time is 10 years past, is so over rated & only comes back when Vince needs a drawing card. Cena has gotten umteen chances to win the belt.

      I want Punk to retain the title, he’s a great classic heel, but I’ve been watching wrestling way to long to know that Punk won’t have the belt much longer. If there is anyone who deserves a title run, even if it’s as a transitional champ, it’s Ryback. WWE should see how he does with a title reign & go from there. It’s time for some new blood to have the belt.

      • The truth

        How is Rock’s time past 10 years? look the Rock is still young and in good physical shape, he’s younger than HHH, Jericho, Kane, Kurt Angle, and how is he over rated can you name me another current WWE wresler who can draw more than Rock? plus you contradicted yourself when you wrote “only comes back Vince needs a drawing card”. You are sick you need help.

        • Beer Money Jobber

          What, I’m sick because I’m one of the 10 wrestling fans who don’t like The Rock? Really?
          The WWE Universe is a bunch of lost sheep who follow whoever is the “flavor of the month” & it just so happens that it’s The Rock now.

          Knees to faces!

    • Buzz Killington

      Rock wins…. Ziggler cashes in money in the bank…. Cena vs Ziggler wm

      • ziggy

        Omg that would be the greatest thing to ever happen ever. But Vince will never let that happen.

      • Aj Storm

        Dude Ziggler can’t cash the money in the bank on the WWE Championship but the World Heavyweight Championship he can cash.

      • georgephd

        Same thoughts as me, that’s what has gotta happen, its already set up

    • http://twitter.com/madan5k Madan Kumar

      Brock interferes in Rock vs punk match.. Punk retains his title.. In wrestlemania , ll have match Brock lesner vs rock :)

      • http://twitter.com/Deadman_Ink Paul

        That will be good match up

    • georgephd

      Rock to beat punk, but dolph to cash in his money in the bank contract and beat the rock to win to headline wrestlemania…heard it here first

      • ExtremeWrestlingFan

        How can he cash it on Rock when his contract grants him a World title (big gold belt) shot, not WWE title (ugly spinner belt) shot?

    • Vinny Mac

      Here’s what’s going to happen at Royal Rumble, Rock will beat Punk for the title then The Showoff will cash in Money in the bank and beat Rock to be champ.

      Miz or Ryback will win the Rumble and go to Wrestlemania.

    • Mr.Man

      Rock beats punk goes to wm beats cena again ziggler cash in beats rock at wm picking up ziggler and cena feud.

    • john cena

      john cena is going to win the royal rumble 2013 place keep vote on him

    • david mac the stone cold truth


      Punk wins or draw or lesnar help punk to lie cheat & steal but a true dam real match and. The rock will beat punk either in february or may. And my dream match #1 &#2 for 2013 is punk &lesnar vs jericho & rock. Or triple theat rock lesnar orton and the ref be stone cold and my #2 2013 match will be epic and awesome. Lesnar & selthon benijaman. Cm punk vs rock jericho undertaker at summerslam or night of champions or serivior series. And vince will love but if that cannot happen than goldberg vs punk vs zigglar for a title shot. For extreme rules or night of champion
      But if this not fresble than just cena punk rock lesnar for wwe title 2013&2014 and have. Stone cold be the ref & undertaker & kane nash goldberg be enforcers or just taker & goldberg the enforcers and there a plot for wrestlemania30&31 in it

      But the rock will win in emlimtion chambers match rock beat shameus cm punk big show. cody & sandow ryback without the shild. Or lesnar or undertaker o jason reso. To interfear

    • Realist Reigns

      The only legitimacy to CM Punk’s long title reign is 95% due to The ROCK. As little as you newbies think you know. He wouldn’t have held the title this long unless The ROCK hadn’t insisted.

      • Beer Money Jobber

        Have you been drinking The Rock’s Kool Aid?
        The Rock’s opinion is as valuable as Lance Armstrong’s honor.

        Knees to faces.

    • Headinnorth

      The rock doesnt deserve the belt,he hasnt earned his shot yet,i hope the Sheild interferes and takes out the rock

    • http://www.facebook.com/havardj1 Håvard Johansen

      Okay so the match between Punk and Rock is bound to be historical/epic/amazing. Everyone in the US and the rest of the world is talking about this match. This match is just as popular as the match between Rock and John Cena at last years Wrestlemania was. If you follow wrestling just a little bit, you know that one of the biggest matches the past 10 years is about to go down. Twitter, facebook and all of the mainstream internet channels are being exploded with discussions and talks about this match. I even read an article about this match in a freaking “woman” magazine a couple of days a go.

      I have to give the WWE creds for the build up of this match. It’s bound to be an instant classic. I actually couldn’t care less who wins this match. Yes most likely Rock wins it to set up a rematch against Cena, but who cares? You have Cm Punk, a guy whom every “hardcore” wrestling fan loves in one corner. He is already a legend, even though he has many years left of his career. In the other corner you have The Rock. Pretty much everybody knows who he is. He is a legend both in WWE and outside the ring. Both men are at their prime days, and both men are ready to give us the fans a match that we will talk about for years to come. I can guarantee you that you will remember this match for a very long time.

      I don’t give a fuck if you think I am exaggerating this match. But as a hardcore fan of wrestling, this is a match I have been dreaming about since the first time I saw Cm Punk at a indie show many years ago. And it’s actually happening to. #two #legends, one ring, #30minutes of #epic #history will be made this Sunday!

    • JF

      Punk wins and at WM Streak vs Streak

    • sonia munoz

      The rock will beat cm punk tonight at the royal rumble.

    • devon

      i think rock will will lose because of somone whould interfeer dont know but hope the rock whens but i whould like to see jeff hardy return soon

    • devon

      i hope john cena or ryback will when the royal rumble to face the rock or cm punk and i wonder who the phenom will face at wrestlemania

    • http://twitter.com/Deadman_Ink Paul

      Rock is take cm punk card

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