WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 26, 2014

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WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show

The Royal Rumble Kickoff Show opens with a live shot of the arena, as Josh Mathews introduces us to the official pay-per-view pre-show. From thee, we get our first glimpse of the expert panel, which features former Royal Rumble winners Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Duggan does his “Hoooooooo!” HBK talks about looking forward to tonight. Ric Flair does his “Woooooooo!”

After the introductions, Mathews briefly explains the rules of the Royal Rumble match. HBK talks about the strategy behind winning a Royal Rumble match. Flair talks about how the Rumble can be a career defining moment. Duggan says he’s not a big strategy guy.

Following the Rumble match talk, the expert panel breaks down some of the matches scheduled for tonight. HBK says he’s pulling for the New Age Outlaws in the pre-show match. Flair says he’s going for the Rhodes boys. Hacksaw says second generation wrestlers like the Rhodes brothers have a better feel for things.

Mathews introduces us to Renee Young, who is in the social media lounge. Young informs us to use the hashtag “#RoyalRumble”. She introduces a poll on who fans think will win the Rumble match and then reads some tweets from the WWE Universe about tonight’s big event. Young kicks it back to the expert panel.

Mathews mentions John Cena won the Rumble last year and then introduces some preview footage of the Cena vs. Randy Orton rivalry, which culminates tonight in a rematch between the two for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Some video packages air highlighting the recent history between Cena and Orton. As the expert panel continues to hype the Cena-Orton match, JBL’s theme music can be heard in the background. Lilian Garcia introduces JBL as the expert panel tries to talk over it. Jerry Lawler comes out next and the panel continues to talk over it.

We shoot backstage and several of the WWE Superstars are shown, along with Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox. Vickie says it’s time for the guys to draw their entry numbers for tonight’s Rumble. Alberto Del Rio gets his number, doesn’t say it, but says he’s taking everyone out, so he seems happy. Kofi Kingston gets his number and doesn’t really react too much. R-Truth gets his number and seems upset. Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger argue over who gets to pick a number next. Cesaro gets one and seems happy. Swagger gets his and then tries to get Cesaro to trade with him. Cesaro won’t. Great Khali gets his number and Damien Sandow sees it, laughs and tells him “maybe next year.” Then Sandow gets his and Khali laughs at whatever number he just got.

Josh Mathews introduces the Royal Rumble commentary team. Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and JBL briefly talk about the WWE Tag-Team Championship match. Lilian Garcia does the introductions and here we go.

WWE Tag-Team Titles: New Age Outlaws vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes (c)

“Oh you didn’t know?” and we’re off. Road Dogg comes down to the ring talking like he always does. Road Dogg does his usual schtick as he and Billy Gunn enter the ring. Road Dogg finishes his usual stuff and then Billy Gunn does his part. They really came off as babyfaces here, for whatever that’s worth. After Gunn encourages everyone to say “suck it!” Goldust and Cody Rhodes come out and it’s time for some WWE Tag-Team Championship action. Everyone settle in, because here we go!

The bell sounds and it will be Road Dogg and Cody Rhodes starting the match off for their respective teams. We have 15 minutes until the pay-per-view begins. Road Dogg is in control of Rhodes early on. Road Dogg tags Gunn but Rhodes clotheslines Road Dogg, and then Gunn, both over the top rope and out to the floor. Goldust splashes onto one of the Outlaws from the apron and then Rhodes dives over the top to do the same. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, Gunn and Goldust are in the ring with Goldust laid out on the mat. Gunn tags in Road Dogg. The announcers keep giving statistical facts on what records would be broken if the New Age Outlaws were to win the titles tonight. Road Dogg slaps a rear chin lock on Goldust as the crowd tries to get behind the Golden One to get him back into the match. Road Dogg drops some elbows on Goldust and tries a pin. Lots of “two” chants from the crowd on the near falls tonight.

Goldust manages to blast Road Dogg and both guys are down now. Road Dogg makes the tag to Gunn. Gunn goes to work on Goldust in the corner as JBL puts over what great shape Gunn still is in these days. Gunn tries to pin Goldust, but Goldust kicks out at two. “Two!!!” echo’s the fans in Pittsburgh loudly. Gunn runs at Goldust but Goldust catches him and quickly turns him over for a powerslam. The crowd is cheering on Goldust to make the tag now. Goldust and Gunn both make the tag.

Rhodes takes the hot tag and is immediately all over Road Dogg. Rhodes kicks Gunn, who tried to interfere, and then yells “Suck it!” to mock them. Rhodes hits a missile dropkick on both guys off the ropes. Rhodes hits the Cross-Rhodes on Road Dogg out of nowhere but Gunn breaks up the pin attempt just in time. Out on the floor, Gunn spears Goldust into the barricade. Gunn makes the blind tag to Road Dogg. Gunn hits the Fameasser on Rhodes. 1-2-3. New tag-team champions.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag-Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

We shoot back up to the expert panel and the guys talk about the title change a bit before previewing some more matches at the Royal Rumble tonight. We get some replays from the past few weeks showing some of the moments in the Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show feud. We have five minutes until the pay-per-view begins as Mathews introduces a video package highlighting some stats related to the Royal Rumble match.

After the Rumble stats video package concludes, Josh Mathews talks about what’s at stake in the Rumble, as the winner receives a title shot. Hacksaw Jim Duggan gives his prediction for the Rumble. He picks Dolph Ziggler. Shawn Michaels says he was gonna go with CM Punk, but now he’s going to predict The Shield. He says this way he has three chances to be right. Ric Flair predicts his former Evolution running buddy Batista.

We see Daniel Bryan walking backstage to the ring. Josh Mathews informs us that the Royal Rumble pay-per-view will begin with Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt as the first match on the show.

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