WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 26, 2014

Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

Big Show’s music hits and out he comes for his one-on-one match against Brock Lesnar. Some replays are shown of the past few weeks where Big Show and Brock Lesnar had their multiple confrontations. After the videos air, out comes “The Beast In Carnate” to a pretty big pop from the Pittsburgh fans. Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring.

Before the bell even rings, Lesnar goes right after Big Show. Lesnar takes Big Show down and repeatedly punches him in the face. Heyman throws a chair into the ring and Lesnar bashes Big Show with it over and over again. Michael Cole points out that the ref hasn’t even called for the bell to start this match yet. Lesnar continues to smash the chair over Big Show’s back. Big Show says some kind of cussword and is bleeped. Lesnar blasts Big Show with another hard chair shot as Big Show tries to get up. Big Show finally rolls out to the floor. The ref checks on him as he slowly rolls into the ring. Lesnar attacks Big Show before the ref can start the match again. Lesnar grabs the chair again and blasts him with it repeatedly. Lesnar yells at the ref to ring the bell. The ref grabs the chair from Lesnar and runs out of the ring.

Heyman hands another chair to Lesnar. The ref finally calls for the bell. Lesnar runs at Big Show with the chair but Big Show catches Lesnar with the knockout punch on the way in. Big Show is still too dazed to capitalize on it and pin Lesnar. The fight goes out to the floor and Big Show is throwing Lesnar all over the place but still selling the attack he took from Lesnar before the match. Big Show is badly selling his arm as the announcers mention that the chair hit him on the arm a lot as he was trying to block it. The fight returns to the ring where Big Show keeps knocking Lesnar down. Big Show goes for the knockout punch but Lesnar ducks and hoists him up. Lesnar hits Big Show with the F-5 and covers him. 1-2-3. Lesnar wins.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After The Match:

After the match, Lesnar stares at his hands with a crazy look in his eyes. He goes out to the floor and grabs a chair. He slowly walks around the ring on the floor as Big Show is still laid out inside the ring. Lesnar goes back into the ring and blasts Big Show across the back with the chair. And again. And again. Big Show rolls out to the floor. Lesnar comes out after him and blasts him again with the chair. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. He’s hit him with about ten extremely hard chair shots. He hits him in the legs with the chair a few times. Now in the back again. And agian. He goes under the ring for another one and the ref tries stopping him. Lesnar throws the ref across the floor. He grabs another chair and blasts Big Show again. Lesnar blasts Big Show across the arm a few times with a chair and then throws it in the ring. We see a shot of Big Show in the fetal position as Lesnar and Heyman walk away to a chorus of boo’s.

Backstage Interview: The Shield

Backstage, The Shield cut a promo. They talk about how they’ve dominated the WWE since their debut and they will continue to tonight. They say they will eliminate everyone and end up the last three standing and then it will be every man for themselves. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose argue a bit but Seth Rollins calms them down.

Renee Young Interviews Randy Orton

Renee Young interviews Randy Orton. Orton says he’s going to beat John Cena tonight and send him to the back of the line. Young reminds Orton that Lesnar and Batista stand in that same line. She mentions Bray Wyatt as a possible contender, as well as whoever wins the Royal Rumble tonight. Orton says when you’re on the top of the mountain, that’s how it works. He says Lesnar and Batista are good, but not great. Orton calls Bray Wyatt a “Duck Dynasty” reject. Orton says he’s the true face of WWE. He then calls Bray a derranged hillbilly that sits in a rocking chair. Orton says he’s going to make sure he’s the face of WWE tonight and that it’s definitely not John Cena. Orton walks off.

WWE World Heavyweight Title: Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Michael Cole tells us that up next is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. With that said, the video package airs highlighting the history of the John Cena vs. Randy Orton feud. After the video package concludes, Randy Orton’s music hits and out comes the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Orton’s music dies down, there’s a lengthy pause and then John Cena’s music hits. Out comes the challenger to his usual mixed bad reaction from the fans. The bell rings and Lilian Garcia does the dramatic championship match style ring introductions.

After Lilian’s ring introductions a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out from pretty much the entire arena. The bell rings again and Cena and Orton lock up. Orton takes Cena down with a headlock and applies some pressure once he gets him grounded. Cena fights his way out. A loud “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” dueling chant breaks out as Cena and Orton circle each other. Orton gets Cena down and lays the boots to him. Orton headlocks Cena and takes him down as another loud “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out from the entire arena. JBL finally acknowledges the chants after they ignored it the first few times. Now some “Yes!” chants break out as Cena starts to fight back. Jerry Lawler mentions that the Daniel Bryan chant is the WWE Universe letting them know that he’s what’s next if they win. Clearly he was told to say that. A loud “we want Daniel” chant breaks out now as the action continues.

Orton gets Cena back down and is working him over on the ground as a random “Randy Savage” chant breaks out. The crowd is starting to get completely out of control. A loud “Y2J” chant breaks out now as the crowd continues to completely ignore the action between Cena and Orton in the ring. Cena nearly gets Orton in a scorpion death lock but Orton fights out of it. A loud “Undertaker” chant breaks out now as the fight goes out to the floor. Orton beats Cena up a bit and then goes back in the ring. Orton suplexes Cena off the apron and back into the ring. A loud “boring, boring” chant breaks out now from the Pittsburgh fans. The crowd is absolutely crapping all over this match.

Meanwhile, Cena knocks Orton over the top and onto the floor. Cena goes out after him. Cena goes to throw Orton but Orton reverses and whips Cena into the ringside steps. Orton throws Cena back into the ring as another very loud “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out. The announcers are doing their best to ignore the passionate random chants from the crowd. Orton taunts the crowd a bit only to turn into an Attitude Adjustment attempt from Cena. Orton escapes the AA and DDTs Cena down for a near fall. Another loud chant breaks out, but I couldn’t make that one out. Orton stomps away at Cena in the ring. Orton goes to the middle rope and does his pose to taunt the Pittsburgh fans. Cena hoists Orton up and nails him with an electric chair slam. Cena hits the ropes and blasts Orton with a running shoulder-tackle. Cena slams Orton down and smiles before doing the “You Can’t See Me” deal. Orton kicks Cena from his back and avoids it.

Orton gets back up and is stalking Cena. Cena gets up and hits Orton with a neckbreaker. Cena goes to the top but Orton stops him. Cena headbutts Orton down to the mat. Cena climbs all the way to the top and comes off with a flying leg drop. 1-2…Orton kicks out. Cena hoists Orton up for another Attitude Adjustment attempt but again Orton escapes it and counters Cena with a back-breaker. Orton grabs Cena and tries to hit him with his draping-DDT spot off the ropes but Cena shoves Orton out to the floor. Cena goes to slide out of the ring but Orton stops him and this time does hit his draping DDT spot to Cena on the floor.

Orton rolls Cena back into the ring. Orton tries to pin Cena but Cena kicks out at two. Orton goes into Viper mode and starts pounding the mat. Orton goes for the RKO but Cena counters it into the STF. Orton eventually crawls to the ropes and forces Cena to break the hold.

Cena gets Orton down. He does the “You Can’t See Me” deal and hits him with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton grabs the ropes while on Cena’s back. They accidentally bump the ref and Cena slaps Orton in the STF. Cena goes to check on the ref and when he turns around, Orton blasts him with his title belt. Orton grabs the ref and then covers Cena. 1-2…Cena kicks out.

Orton gets in the ref’s face as a “this is awful” chant breaks out. That’s funny. It’s a loud one too. Orton backs up and Cena grabs him and hits him with an Attitude Adjustment. He immediately covers Orton. 1-2…Orton kicks out. That at least stopped the “this is awful chants.” It’s really not a bad match, for the record. Cena goes to pick Orton up but Orton immediately nails him with the RKO. He covers Cena, 1-2….Cena kicks out. A loud “we want Divas” chant breaks out. Orton arrogantly poses to the crowd. Jerry Lawler says the crowd is trying to distract Orton. Yeah, that’s what they’re doing…

Orton sets Cena up for the punt. He runs at Cena but Cena avoids it. Cena goes to hoist Orton up but Orton escapes and counters Cena. Orton slaps Cena in his own STF hold. Cena eventually reverses Orton and now Cena has Orton locked in the STF. Orton reverses that into a pin attempt but Cena kicks out at two. Orton hoists Cena up and blasts him with his own Attitude Adjustment. 1-2….Cena kicks out.

Orton slowly walks over to Cena. As Orton goes to pick Cena up, Cena quickly nails him with his own RKO move. He quickly covers him, 1-2…Orton kicks out. This match is actually pretty damn good, but the crowd is still all over them with boo’s and random chants. Cena sets Orton up on the top rope. He goes up after him backwards. Cena gets Orton on his shoulders on the top but Orton escapes. Cena blasts Orton with a tornado DDT off the top. Cena slaps Orton in the STF again. Orton nearly gets to the ropes but Cena let go just to yank Orton back in the middle of the ring. The Wyatt Family screen thing cuts out of nowhere. When the lights come back on, Bray Wyatt is on the apron. Cena charges him and knocks him off, but when he turns around, Orton hits him with the RKO. 1-2-3. Orton wins.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

After The Match:

After the match, Orton heads out through the crowd. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper hit the ring. Harper blasts Cena with a big boot. Rowan beats Cena up in the corner. Rowan splashes Cena in the corner. Harper blasts Cena with his big clothesline. Harper and Rowan pick Cena up. Bray Wyatt says “behold the creators of the new world” and blasts Cena with his Sister Abigail finisher. The Wyatt Family music plays as they stand over a beaten Cena.

Renee Young Interviews The New Age Outlaws

Backstage, Renee Young is with the new WWE Tag-Team Champions The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg tells Renee to put a little stank on their intro in the future. Road Dogg does his usual schpiel about “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” etc. Renee introduces a replay of them winning the titles earlier tonight. Young says history was made tonight. Road Dogg tells her she’s dittley-daggum right. Road Dogg says they set the record for most tag-title reigns. Road Dogg says the New Age Outlaws do tag-team wrestling better than anyone in this industry. Road Dogg says they’ve got a party to go to and Renee is not invited. He tells Gunn to give her those two words. Gunn says “new champs.”