WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 26, 2014

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Royal Rumble Match

A series of pre-recorded backstage interviews with participants in tonight’s Royal Rumble match airs. The 2014 Royal Rumble match is up next! We go back to the expert panel where Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan preview the big Royal Rumble match. Justin Roberts is in the ring and he runs down the rules for the match.

CM Punk’s music hits and out comes the number one entry in the 2014 Royal Rumble match. The number two entry is introduced and it’s Seth Rollins. Rollins makes his way out through the crowd and enters the ring. The bell rings and Punk charges right at Rollins. Rollins reverses Punk in the corner and is already trying to throw him over the top. Punk chops and kicks his way out of it until Rollins hits him in the gut to kill his momentum. Rollins hits the ropes and blasts Punk with a flying kick as a “CM Punk, CM Punk” chant breaks out. Punk catches Rollins in the corner with a big kick and then calls for the GTS. Each guys trade kicks as the clock appears. 10-9-8…etc. Buzz. Damien Sandow comes out as number three.

Sandow runs to the ring and immediately goes after Punk. Sandow and Rollins team up now to try and eliminate Punk. Punk fights his way out of it. Punk catches Sandow and Rollins with a neckbreaker and DDT combo at the same time. Punk tries throwing Rollins out and nearly gets him but Rollins eventually gets back in the ring. Sandow attacks Punk from behind as the clock hits again. Buzz. Cody Rhodes comes out as number four.

Rhodes hits the ring and he and Sandow trade punches as Punk and Rollins sell on the mat. Rhodes hits Sandow with Cross-Rhodes almost immediately. Rollins and Rhodes fight in the corner now as Punk and Sandow fight in the middle of the ring. Punk eliminates Sandow. Sandow is the first man eliminated. Rollins and Rhodes continue to fight and Punk finally goes over to help Rhodes. They both try and eliminate Rollins as the clock strikes again. Buzz. Kane is number five.

Kane makes his way to the ring taking his dress shirt off. He comes in the ring and shoves Rhodes on his ass and blasts him with a big boot. Kane goes over to Punk and is beating Punk from pillar to post. Kane stomps away at Punk in the corner. Kane blasts Punk with a big clothesline in the corner and then a slam. Kane calls for the chokeslam. He grabs Punk by the throat but Punk kicks him hard and throws him over the top. Punk eliminates Kane. The clock strikes again. Buzz. Number six is Alexander Rusev.

Rusev comes to the ring as Michael Cole informs us about the NXT star. Rusev slowly makes his way to the ring as Rollins and Punk continue to fight in the corner and Rhodes is on the mat. Rusev throws Rollins over the top but Rollins manages to avoid going to the ground. He does the same with Rhodes but Rhodes also avoids going to the floor. Rusev hits Punk with a big slam. Everyone is down now at the hands of Rusev. The clock strikes again. Buzz. Entry number seven is Jack Swagger.

Swagger comes out with Zeb Colter. Colter is holding some kind of racist b.s. sign. Swagger runs to the ring and is a whirl-wind of energy. Rusev and Swagger stare each other down and the two big boys start trading punches. Rusev splashes Swagger in the corner. Rollins takes the leg out of Rusev and now everyone in the ring is stomping on Rusev. The clock strikes again. Entry number eight is Kofi Kingston.

Kingston comes to the ring and nails Punk. Kingston nearly eliminates Punk but Punk hangs on. There’s action all over the place now. Rhodes is trying to eliminate Punk but Punk hangs on again. Swagger comes real close to eliminating Rollins but Rollins manages to hang in there. The clock appears again. Buzz. Number nine is Jimmy Uso.

Uso runs to the ring and goes straight to work on Rollins. Uso goes over to Rhodes and is beating him up now in the corner. Uso goes to Kingston now. The crowd is doing a light “Uso” chant as the fresh man continues to attack anything that moves. Rhodes finally dropkicks Uso down to slow his momentum. We see Swagger working o Rusev in one corner while Uso and Rhodes battle in another. Uso dumps Rhodes over the top but Rhodes lands on the apron. The clock strikes again. Number ten is Goldust.

Goldust runs out to the ring to a decent little pop from the Pittsburgh fans. Michael Cole points out that Rhodes has eliminated Goldust in two past Royal Rumble matches. A couple of guys gang up on Rusev and try to eliminate him. Several guys eventually get Rusev over the top. Alexander Rusev is eliminated. Kingston is thrown out but is caught by Rusev. Rusev lays Kingston across the top of the ringside barricade but he’s not officially eliminated yet. Kingston stands up on the barricade. Kingston runs across the barricade and leaps all the way to the ring apron. He’s back in there. That was awesome. The clock strikes again. Number 11 is Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose makes his way from the backstage area instead of the crowd like Rollins did. Ambrose runs to the ring. Ambrose helps Rollins. Goldust tries eliminating Swagger but Swagger hangs on. A replay is shown of Kofi Kingston making it from the barricade back to the ring. Swagger nearly eliminates Goldust but Goldust crawls under the ropes to get back into the ring. The clock strikes again. Number 12 is Dolph Ziggler.

The crowd explodes for Ziggler as he sprints to the ring. Ziggler comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Ziggler runs over to Ambrose in the corner and does his speedy-ten punch spot. A loud “let’s go Ziggler” chant breaks out from the entire arena. Punk is being worked on in one side of the ring. He manages to avoid elimination. A couple of guys work on Swagger, but he stays in as well. The clock appears again. Buzz. Number 13 is R-Truth.

Truth runs to the ring and goes straight to work on Ambrose. Rollins helps Ambrose and now both Shield members are stomping away at R-Truth. Ziggler is working to eliminate Cody Rhodes. Rhodes survives. R-Truth is eliminated by Dean Ambrose. Uso is shown going to the top rope but Ambrose shoves him off. Uso is eliminated by Ambrose. Kingston is thrown over the top but lands on the apron. Kingston is thrown to the floor but his feet are hooked on the ropes. Kingston does a sit-up and manages to remain in the ring. The crowd pops. The clock strikes again. Number 14 is Kevin Nash.

The nWo music hits as Nash makes his way to the ring. They’re calling him Kevin Nash as well, not Diesel. Nash immediately eliminates Swagger. Nash goes after both members of The Shield that are in the ring. A couple of guys are working on eliminating Ziggler. Nash is working on eliminating Ambrose. The clock strikes again. Entry number 15 is Roman Reigns.

Reigns makes his way to the ring from the backstage area. Reigns runs to the ring and is blasting guys left and right. Reigns hits Goldust with a big spear. Reigns catches Kingston and throws him backwards over the top rope. Kingston is eliminated. Ziggler hits Reigns with a DDT but Reigns shakes it off and blasts Ziggler with a huge spear. Reigns eliminates Ziggler. Reigns eliminated Kevin Nash. Rhodes and Goldust are working together on Reigns as the clock strikes again. Number 16 is The Great Khali.

Khali comes to the ring to a non-reaction. All three members of The Shield are the only guys standing now as everyone else is down. Khali comes in and is blasting each member of The Shield one-by-one. Reigns blasts Khali with the Superman punch. All three guys team up and eliminate Khali. Michael Cole gives Reigns the credit as the man who officially eliminated him. Goldust accidentally eliminates Rhodes. Reigns follows that up by eliminating Goldust. So both Goldust and Rhodes have been eliminated as well. The Shield and CM Punk are the only guys left I believe. Number 17 is Sheamus.

Sheamus runs to the ring. All three members of The Shield try to jump on Sheamus but Sheamus fights his way out. Sheamus grabs Ambrose and hits him with his forearm smashes repeatedly as the crowd counts along. Sheamus blasts Reigns with his big boot. Sheamus poses for the crowd and the crowd pops. The clock strikes again. Number 18 is The Miz

Miz makes his way to the ring. Miz goes after Rollins. Miz nearly eliminates Ambrose but Ambrose hangs in there. Miz punches away at Rollins. The Shield continue to team up on different guys. Miz and Reigns are duking it out now in one corner. We see Rollins and Ambrose working together to try and eliminate Sheamus. The clock strikes again. It’s Fandango at number 19.

Fandango runs to the ring. The crowd is chanting “Daniel Bryan” as guys are fighting all over the place. The clock strikes again and it’s Los Matadores. Both members come out, so everyone is confused. They hold up the cape and introduce El Torito. Torito runs to the ring and he’s the 20th entrant.

Torito calls out Punk. He charges Punk but Punk just puts his hand on his head. Eventually Torito manages to huricanrana Punk. Fandango attacks Torito but Torito manages to eliminate him. Fandango is eliminated. Roman Reigns grabs Torito and simply presses him above his head and throws him out to the floor. The clock strikes again. Number 21 is Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro comes out with Zeb Colter who is holding another sign. Cesaro runs to the ring by himself. As soon as he hits the ring he grabs Miz and does the Cesaro Swing to him. Punk goes to kick Cesaro but Cesaro ducks it. He goes to swing him but he’s guzzled by all three members of The Shield. Cesaro fights his way out of it and is now swinging Rollins. He swings Rollins forever it seems. The crowd got to the count of 16 and then just stopped to clap. Guys he’s STILL swinging him. It’s gotta be a legit 30-40 times he swung him. Wow. The clock strikes again. Number 22 is Luke Harper.

Harper makes his way to the ring. Reigns spears Cesaro. Harper goes to work on Punk. Punk fights back. Both guys trade punches now. Ambrose and Sheamus both get dumped on the apron but neither are officially eliminated. Harper goes to work on Rollins in the corner. Sheamus nails Harper from behind. Punk and Reigns are battling in the middle of the ring. There’s bodies everywhere. Cesaro and Rollins are now trading uppercuts and chops. The clock strikes again. Number 23 is Jey Uso.

Uso makes his way to the ring. Harper nearly eliminates Punk but Punk manages to hang on. The clock strikes again. Holy crap. Number 24 is JBL.

JBL takes his headphones off and enters the ring. The crowd is chanting for JBL now. JBL takes his sport coat off. He tells Michael Cole to come get it. He reaches over to hand it to him but Roman Reigns simply dumps him on the floor. JBL is eliminated by Roman Reigns. JBL goes and sits back down as the crowd chants “you still got it” at him. JBL returns to commentary like nothing happened. Great stuff. The clock strikes again. Number 25 is Erick Rowan.

Rowan comes out with his sheep mask on. He takes the mask off and runs to the ring. Harper blasts Miz with a clothesline and eliminates him. Uso is fighting with Rowan now in the corner as a bunch of other guys are in the other corner. Not sure what they’re doing as we’re only seeing the action between Uso and Rowan. Rowan puts Uso on the apron and Harper blasts him with a big boot. Uso is eliminated by Harper. The clock strikes again. Number 26 is Ryback.

Ryback comes to the ring and immediately picks up Cesaro and starts blasting him with shoulder-blocks to the mid-section. The crowd is chanting “Goldberg” to get on Ryback’s case. Ryback tries eliminating Sheamus but Sheamus hangs in there. Ryback stomps away atr Rollins. Sheamus and Cesaro are shown trading shots. Sheamus gets the better of it and blasts Cesaro down to the mat. The clock strikes again and here we go with another entrant. Number 27 is Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio makes his way to the ring. He blasts Ryback with a big kick. We’re informed that four men have won the Royal Rumble in the past after entering in the 27th spot. We’re told Punk and Rollins have both lasted over 40 minutes now. Harper is trying to eliminate Ambrose but it looks like he’s gonna survive. 42 minutes is the official time for Punk and Rollins thus far. The clock strikes again. Number 28 is Batista.

Batista runs to the ring to a pretty big pop. Batista is clotheslining everyone down. The crowd seems to be boo’ing Batista now. Batista blasts Rowan and knocks him over the top. Rowan has been eliminated by Batista. Ryback and Batista stare each other down and circle each other. Batista starts blasting Ryback with punches. Ryback grabs Batista and throws him into the corner. Ryback runs at him but Batista ducks and hoists him over the top. Ryback has been eliminated by Batista. Del Rio attacks Batista from behind. Batista uses freakish strength to hoist Del Rio up and he eliminates him now. The clock strikes again. Number 29 is Big E. Langston.

Langston runs to the ring as the second-to-last entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble match. Langston slams Ryback down immediately. Langston grabs Sheamus and is manhandling him now. Langston goes to eliminate Sheamus but it looks like Sheamus is gonna hang on. The crowd is chanting for Daniel Bryan again. We see Cesaro and Ambrose fighting in the corner. Langston and Sheamus continue to battle in another corner. A loud “Yes! Yes!” chant breaks out. The clock strikes again. The 30th and final entrant is Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio runs to the ring. The crowd boo’s like crazy realizing Bryan is not going to be in the Rumble. Mysterio nearly eliminates Rollins. The crowd is turning on this match now and they’re chanting for Daniel Bryan loudly. Mysterio tries to eliminate Punk but Punk hangs on. The crowd is boo’ing like crazy. Daniel Bryan has completely taken over both main events on the second biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year without even being out there. Sheamus eliminates Big E. Langston. The crowd is still boo’ing loudly. Cesaro is hitting European uppercuts on anything that moves. The crowd is still boo’ing loudly. They aren’t letting it go. Mysterio hits a 6-1-9 on Rollins to zero reaction. Rollins ends up eliminating Mysterio.

Ambrose and Rollins team up on Sheamus in one corner as another loud “Daniel Bryan” chant starts up and spreads across the entire arena. Roman Reigns eliminates Harper. Ambrose tried to eliminate Reigns but Reigns hung on. Rollins is asking Ambrose what he’s doing. Ambrose and Rollins try to eliminate Cesaro. Reigns goes after them and ends up eliminating all three of them. Reigns eliminates Ambrose, Rollins and Cesaro. Reigns has tied Kane with the most eliminations in a Rumble.

We’re down to Batista, Sheamus, Punk and Reigns. Kane pops up from out of nowhere and eliminates Punk from outside the ring. Kane starts beating up Punk on the floor. We’re down to Sheamus, Reigns and Batista now. Kane continues to beat up Punk. Kane ends up chokeslamming Punk through an announce table on the floor. The medics are now attending to Punk out on the floor as replays are shown of the big chokeslam.

Another loud “Daniel Bryan” chant starts up as all three men left in the Rumble are down. The whole crowd is boo’ing now as they start to make it back to their feet. The crowd is boo’ing incredibly loud now as the final three men square off. Reigns runs at Sheamus but Sheamus clotheslines him down. Batista fires away at Sheamus as the crowd boo’s even louder. The announcers are ignoring the crowd reactions, which are starting to really take over this match. A loud “No! No! No!” chant breaks out as Sheamus and Batista keep fighting. Sheamus points to the WrestleMania XXX sign after dumping Batista on the mat. Sheamus is calling for the Brogue Kick. Everytime he pounds his chest the crowd explodes by saying “No!” They boo like crazy now as Batista starts fighting back. Batista nearly eliminates Sheamus, but doesn’t. Reigns spears Sheamus out of the ring. Reigns holds the new record with most Royal Rumble eliminations with 12.

We’re down to just Roman Reigns and Batista. Both guys are slow to get up. The crowd boo’s loudly as they slowly close in on each other. They start exchanging punches. Reigns clotheslines Batista down hard. The crowd actually pops big for that. They seem to clearly want Reigns to win if Daniel Bryan isn’t coming out, which obviously he isn’t. They are loudly chanting for “Roman Reigns” now as they’ve decided to back him. Batista ends up spearing Reigns and the crowd completely boo’s him out of the building. Batista calls for the Batista Bomb but turns around into a big spear. The crowd explodes like crazy for that. Reigns goes to eliminate Batista but Batista reverses and throws Reigns out. Batista wins and the crowd explodes with more boo’s.

Winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble: Batista

After The Match

Batista sells a bit and the crowd is boo’ing like crazy. They’re all chanting “No! No! No!” now and the boo’s are picking up even more. We see some replays of the final eliminations. The crowd is clearly unhappy with the decision to give Batista the win. They clearly wanted Daniel Bryan to come out and when Mysterio came out as the 30th and final entrant, they absolutely turned on this match. When it came down to just Batista and Reigns, they adopted Reigns and seemed to be completely satisfied if Reigns were to win, but when Batista did, they erupted with loud boo’s. After the replays Batista looks around and the crowd boo’s the crap out of him extremely loud. He gets on the top rope to pose and the crowd boo’s even louder. The show ends on that note. Wow.

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