WWE Says “The Entertainment Era” Has Begun, Punk Criticized

— Following CM Punk’s victory last night over Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series for the WWE championship, WWE.com declared that “the entertainment era begins now.” Last night marked the beginning of CM Punk’s second official reign as WWE champion.

Now the question is what exactly does “the entertainment era” mean? Sound off with your opinions in the comments below this article.

— Chicago Tribune writer Luis Gomez is not happy with how WWE has handled the CM Punk angle, including his win at Survivor Series last night. In his weekly column, Gomez noted that Punk’s title win didn’t have a big buzz like it did when he won earlier in the summer. He also noted that the angle was hurt by WWE bringing him back so soon. “WWE’s best storyline in years has already been botched, and many of the casual fans who came back because of Punk have gone back to watching football on Monday’s,” Gomez said.

Reader Micahel Mols sent the following to us this morning:

I actually counted the Twitter references last night. Now, What constituted a twitter reference here are the following:

-Any mention from commentators of tweets, twitter, hashtags or wrestlers’ Twitter names.

-The Twitter names on the titantron graphics identifying wrestlers.

-Onscreen graphics during matches

What wasn’t counted because I was, well, lazy are wrestlers’ tweeting backstage or during the show and commentators saying “tweet” and “Twitter” in the same sentence. In that instance, it was counted as one reference as opposed to two. However, if there was an on-screen graphic and the commentator said something about twitter as that graphic was showing, I counted it as two references.

Now, remember that the show was about 170 minutes long. The number of twitter references?


That equates to someone mentioning Twitter every 3 minutes and 36 seconds over he course of a show that fans paid for.

In comparison, they mentioned Facebook three times and Michael Cole said “Vintage” twice.