WWE Says They Will No Longer Pay for Sunny’s Rehabilitation

Posted by Matt Boone February 14, 2013 4 Comments

- A few days ago we posted the new Kayfabe Commentaries trailer with WWE Hall of Famer Sunny where she talked about her relationship with WWE and how they were helping her with rehab:

WWE has released a statement to CagesideSeats.com and for the first time ever, they have publicly stated that they will no longer fund rehab for a former talent. Here is the statement from WWE:

“As part of the Former Talent Rehabilitation Program, WWE has sent Ms. Sytch to rehabilitation numerous times, with all costs covered by WWE. Unfortunately, Ms. Sytch has continued to make poor personal choices and is ultimately responsible for the consequences of these decisions. WWE has always provided rehabilitation at a certified treatment center; however, given Ms. Sytch’s inability to change her lifestyle and successfully complete treatment, WWE will no longer fund her rehabilitation.”

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    • nobody important

      HUH??? Isn’t Scott Hall ultimately responsible for the consequences of his decisions? And how many times was WWE paid for his rehab???

      • Razor Morone

        SUNNY is NOT Scott Hall.. all she did was bang his best friend!

        • Eddie Guerrero

          Sunny was banging Scott Hall’s best friend??
          WoW …… the best friend was soooo lucky!!

      • Strokeroo

        Why should we listen to you? You’re nobody important!

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