WWE Seeking Fan Feedback On Royal Rumble

Credit: PWTorch.com

WWE sent out a feedback survey for the Royal Rumble today to select members of their mailing list. It’s interesting to note the questions they ask, as it lends some insight into what WWE is concerned about. The survey is below.

— Did you watch the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event on Sunday, January 29?

— Including yourself, how many people were in your pay-per-view viewing group?

— How did you watch the Royal Rumble pay-per-view?
-Watched at home through my cable provider
-Watched at home through my satellite provider
-Watched at a public restaurant or bar
-Watched at a friend or family member’s home
-Watched on WWE.com
-Watched on another website (please enter web address)

— Prior to watching the Royal Rumble, which announced match were you most interested in seeing?

— After watching the Royal Rumble, which match was your favorite?

— Did you watch the Royal Rumble pay-per-view last January (2011)?

— Please rate your overall enjoyment of the 2012 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

— For non-PPV buyers, WWE asked: “We are interested in finding out why you didn’t watch the Royal Rumble. Please select how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.”
-Due to the economy, I’ve limited my spending on WWE pay-per-view.
-The announced matches did not interest me.
-I was not interested in the main event participants.
-I was unsatisfied with previous WWE pay-per-view purchases.
-I preferred to read the results online.
-Storylines leading into the Royal Rumble did not interest me.
-I opted to watch other non-WWE pay-per-views in January.
-I rarely purchase any WWE pay-per-views
-I tried to order the pay-per-view, but couldn’t due to technical problems.
-I was satisfied learning the results on TV.
-Everything I need to see is available on WWE’s weekly TV shows.
-I’m generally less interested in WWE.
-I’ve already spent my allotted expenditures on WWE pay-per-views
-The matches were similar to previous pay-per-view events.
-I didn’t know the date or time of the event.
-I was not available to watch the event.
-I thought the match outcomes would be too predictable.
-WWE’s TV programs were not focused enough on Royal Rumble.
-I preferred to watch Royal Rumble clips on YouTube.

— Approximately how many WWE pay-per-view events have you watched in the last 12 months?

— From the choices below, please select your three main reasons for purchasing any WWE pay-per-view.
-Dissimilar matches to previous pay-per-views
-Unpredictability of the match outcomes
-The undercard is intriguing
-Preference for “themed” pay-per-views.
-Availability to watch the event
-Preference for pay-per-views with “specialty” matches.
-My friends and family are available to gather on a particular night
-Storylines interest me
-My favorite superstar is in action
-The main event and major matches on the card are compelling
-Historically significant event

— How have the “specialty” matches in general affected your interest in watching the events?

— Do you plan on watching the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday, February 19?

— What other types of pay-per-views do you typically watch? (Select all that apply)
-Mixed Martial Arts (e.g. UFC)
-Other Wrestling (e.g. Impact!, Ring of Honor, etc.)

— Approximately how often do you watch non-WWE pay-per-view movies or events?