WWE Signs Irish Women’s Wrestler, Backstage Speculation on The Rock

Posted by Matt Boone April 10, 2013 14 Comments

- Word going around at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings was that The Rock will not be undergoing surgery for his injuries suffered at WrestleMania 29 because it would force his Hercules movie shoot to be delayed. This has led to some speculation within WWE that The Rock’s injury is fake but all signs point to it being legitimate.

– WWE has reportedly signed Irish women’s wrestler Rebecca Knox to a developmental deal. She debuted back in 2002 but retired in 2008 after an injury. She returned to the ring in October 2012 and has competed for top women’s promotions including SHIMMER. She also has experience in personal training, nutrition consulting, yoga, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, acting and stunt work.

Rebecca told The Herald newspaper in Ireland: “I want to make the most of this opportunity. Sheamus has shown that Irish pro-wrestlers can go all the way to the top.”

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • Luis Rojas

      Hope she is good. Diva’s division needs alot of help…

    • morrisonfanone

      If he is legit injured, he should get surgery if he needs it. Forget the movie. I hope this chick knows what she’s doing. Diva’s division needs a help. I don’t if anyone can save it.

      • gokule

        she’s pretty hot

        • morrisonfanone

          How does that help if she has the skills of Kelly Kelly?

    • Rooter

      The people saying The Rocks injuries r fake r probably the ones that are bitter about his return to wwe

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        I 100% think his injuries are legit. From what I hear it’s very uncomfortable to get sand in your vagina. He should be kept off tv till his next movie is about to come out I MEAN…..till he’s “healed”

      • gokule

        if its a complete tear which he said it was, its very painful and wouldnt have the ability to use his abuductor muscles at all and would require surgery. He has a year of fliming to do, and no one should put it off that long.

        It is obviously only a small/partial tear that can be healed with rest. so rock lied
        btw, I wanted rock to return

    • gokule

      rock’s injury is fake. He said it came off the bone, but he’s going to go shoot the movie first which is going to take an entire year…

      • ddp

        and you are the doctor who’s treated him right?

    • HH

      Vince McMahon called me to fill in for the Rock but I turned it down brother.

    • True Fan

      I dnt see how he’s injured all him & Cena did @ Mania was reverse & countèrr finishers. Nnow I could see if it was during a CM Punk match cause Punk beat his @ RR & E.C

      • morrisonfanone

        And Punk freaked his knee up. Which is not at all shocking considering how he came down from the rope.

    • Steve-O-from Belize

      His injury is 100% FAKE and HHH’s arm being broken by Brock…..its all apart of the WWE storyline to build on his come-back to face Brock at WM30…Nice try WWE.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Fake injury or not, if it keeps the Rock out of the WWE, I’m all for that.

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