WWE Signs New Wrestler, Mysterio/Punk Note, WWE NXT Stars Headed Home

Posted by Matt Boone November 26, 2013 1 Comment

- Many of the WWE NXT Superstars are heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday this week. NXT has no live events scheduled for several weeks.

– Independent wrestler Logan Shulo, who has worked all over the Pittsburgh scene, has signed a developmental deal with WWE.

– Yahoo! Sports has a featured article up on their website where they look at some of the top moments for each of WWE’s 50 years. Fans interested in checking that out can do so online at Yahoo.com.

– WWE has released new t-shirts for Rey Mysterio, who recently made his return to WWE television, as well as CM Punk, with the shirt showcasing his long title reign.

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    • steve

      i get the whole screwing/turning on bryan danielson angle similar to what they did to punk b4 to build his momentum even higher so when it comes around to the time they actually give give him the title and not just his name in the record books as a 1 time champ for what? 5 minutes before the pedigree and cash in. I get it perfect time for a double heel turn for orton n HHH n yes it has built him even more momentum and has takin his even closer to the top of the top guys he is now a top 5 guy he is and thats amazing seriously buts its been long enough give him a title reign and a good/long one and more then just this one time also give it to him around 3 more times after tht making him then technically a 6 time champ including his world title run and among those other 3 runs where he gets the belt i’d be fine with one maybe even 2 of them being world title not wwe title runs but put the strap on him already legit and then eventually give it bck to punk n let him beat his own record and others n wtf r u guys doing with ziggler why are you demeaning him constantly when he is one of the best hands in the ring and on the mic you have and sandow n rhodes both better be in the world title picture and both win one more i want one for now is fine meaning world title they both have the potential to be wwe champs too cody will do so i think sandow as well but not as sure about him and also please do something with zack ryder and give christian one more maatch for the wwe or world title

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