WWE & “The Simpsons” Animators Developing Adult-Themed Web Series “Camp WWE”

Posted by Michael Bluth November 4, 2013 3 Comments

Counselor Vince and Campers CM Punk & Sheamus

Variety.com reports that WWE Studios and “The Simpsons” animators Film Roman are working together to co-finance and co-produce a new WWE-themed web series titled “Camp WWE.”

The adult comedy “will revolve around what WWE’s wrestlers were like as kids.”

“In the show, parents of the WWE stars pack up their kids, their masks, chains and kneepads and send them off to Camp WWE to be transformed into model citizens by the most terrifying counselor who ever lived, Mr. McMahon, after they prove to be a nightmare for teachers and other kids.”

The companies will produce up to 13 three-minute installments of the online show. “Entourage” writer Mike Benson will write the series.

“With a combination of their unique personalities, distinctive characteristics and huge built-in loyal fan base, WWE Superstars make for ideal animation subjects in ‘Camp WWE,’” said Dana Booton, general manager for Film Roman.

WWE Studios president Michael Luisi said, “Film Roman has been involved with some of the most well-known and humorous animated series. They are the perfect partners for WWE Studios to capture our Superstars in a truly unique and fun way.”

  • charley ramirez

    Hahahahaha the character seem pretty accurate except for Sheamus.

  • T 980

    “Adult themed” <— I still can't get over that part

    • Braden

      Me either. With WWE focused on PG, you would think that this cartoon would be children’s themed much like the old Hogan All star wrestling cartoon of the 80′s.

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