SmackDown SPOILER Results For Feb 11, 2011

Dark Match:

Percy Watson d. Chavo Guerrero

WWE SmackDown:

The Green Bay Packers are in the building.

Alberto Del Rio opens SD! with balloons and a red carpet. Kofi Kingston comes out and tears up the celebration. A match between the two is next.

Alberto Del Rio d. Kofi Kingston with his armbar finisher. This was a non-title match.

Edge is backstage hyping his World Title match tonight.

Justin Gabriel d. Vladimir Kozlov. The Corre attacked Kozlov and Santino after the match.

Drew McIntyre is out next and dedicates his next match to Kelly Kelly.

Drew McIntyre d. Chris Masters with a DDT.

Rey Mysterio is backstage hyping his match tonight with Wade Barrett. He also trashed Cody Rhodes.

Wade Barrett is out and says he’ll win the Elimination Chamber and become World champion at ‘Mania.

Wade Barrett d. Rey Mysterio. The Corre ran out and helped Barrett. They beat down Rey until Big Show made the save. Show was then slammed by Ezekiel Jackson.

Kane d. JTG – total squash.

LayCool and Vickie Guerrero separate backstage segments aired.

WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres d. Layla. They teased tension between LayCool.

Edge d. Dolph Ziggler in a World Title match. Vickie was the heel referee throughout the match obviously. At one point, she speared Edge and fell down. Edge then speared Ziggler twice. Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews ran in at the end of the match with a referee shirt and made the pin. Clay Matthews and Edge then celebrated with their belts to close the show.