WWE SmackDown Spoiler Results: May 6, 2011

Below are the complete WWE Smackdown taping results for the show on May 6th, 2011, sent in by Billy Krotchsen:

*World champion Christian comes out and talks about winning the title at Extreme Rules. Mark Henry and Great Khali come out and demand title shots. Randy Orton then comes out and says he wants a shot too. Teddy Long comes out and says that he will let the fans decide and the fans pick Orton. Long announces Christian vs. Orton for the title tonight.

*Backstage, Khali and Ranjin Singh run into Jinder Mahal, who says that it was interesting Singh let Khali dress up in a tutu on Raw.

*Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in a good match.

*Backstage, the Divas approach Layla and thank her for getting rid of Michelle McCool but tell her that they haven’t forgotten how she treated them. Layla says Lay-Cool is officially over and everyone is going to see a new side of her.

*Cody Rhodes comes out and discusses his match at the Extreme Rules PPV. He has bags handed out to make the crowd wear them on his head.

*Ezekiel Jackson defeated The Big Show.

*Layla defeated Alicia Fox. Kharma comes out. Layla backs away. Fox kicks her. She tries to kick Kharma again but instead eats a clothesline. Kharma nailed her with the Implant Buster. The crowd chants for another. She teases it but leaves.

*The Corre attacked Ezekiel Jackson and laid him out backstage, saying that he couldn’t just leave them.

*Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd. Chavo Guerrero was on commentary. Chavo shakes Cara’s hand after the match.

*Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Teddy Long and asked him if he thought it was unfair Christian has to defend the World title so soon. Long said it’s not about being fair, it’s about giving the fans what they want. Long said that Raw had a WWE title bout the day after Extreme Rules and he’s going to make Smackdown just as exciting and unpredictable.

*Randy Orton pinned Christian to win the World title. Orton celebrated and left. Christian sat in the ring dejected as the fans chanted for him. After he went to the back, Orton returned to remind everyone that when they go home, remember he is the new World champion.