WWE Speculates on Vince Firing Laurinaitis and AJ Costing Punk the WWE Title

Posted by Matt Boone June 5, 2012 9 Comments

- WWE’s website has a new article up looking at CM Punk’s biggest threat to losing the WWE Title – Kane, Daniel Bryan or AJ Lee. They speculate that AJ’s obsession with Punk may cost him the WWE Title at No Way Out.

– WWE also has an article up wondering if Vince McMahon will fire John Laurinaitis when he kicks off next week’s three-hour RAW Supershow. Here’s part of their teaser:

“The last time Laurinaitis faced a performance evaluation in January, it looked like Triple H was going to “future endeavor” the GM before Undertaker interrupted the WWE COO’s assessment. Then, “Mr. Excitement” survived another close call in February when he convinced the Board of Directors to spare his position as Raw GM.

Will things be any different this time around for Laurinaitis? Could Mr. McMahon be angling to preside over Raw once again?”

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    • ex fan

      I refuse to watch ANY WWE product until Lauriaitis is gone. WWE talks about anti-bullying yet they promote one in Johnny boy. Time for the story line to change. THAT IS the reason ratings are falling like a rock.

    • johnny hatch

      bring back vince make the show worth watching again

      • bugsbunnie1962

        i agree bring back big vinny and get rid of ohnny boy before wwe completly goes under

    • Merv Haas

      I agree,fire that asshole Lauriaitis,he brings too much bullying to the show,bring back Vince or Triple H to run the show!! I know they have a lot on their plate right now but when they were there the ratings were up ! A lot of our youth look up to there heros in the ring,and to keep these superstars being degraded by Laurinitis,only confuses them,on right and wrong.

    • Ice

      Bring back the Corporation!!!!!!!!!!

    • wmdwfprez

      Who’s AJ Lee?

    • wallace8624

      WWE ownsTNA

      • curtis

        what day

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