WWE Star Has Surgery, WWE Not Happy with Reactions, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 30, 2012 8 Comments

- WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the history of the Buried Alive match.

– WWE officials weren’t pleased with the crowd reactions at last night’s RAW in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s two nights in a row as they were very down on the Hell In a Cell crowd in Atlanta on Sunday night.

– WWE Superstar Derrick Bateman underwent knee surgery earlier today. He posted the following photo on Twitter:

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    • 40 dawg

      How do you think the crowds gonna react when they don’t like what your putting out. Now at least the crowds are starting to show their bordom or displeasure at how things are being run.it’s not just “marks” on the internet. Hopefully this will force wwe to change, DRASTICALLY, as in vince not having final say anymore. And who the hell is this derrick bateman? Never seen him before.

      • 13 inches

        I agree to every word you said.

      • real wrestling fan

        if u dont like wrestling y watch it. i dont like soccer but i dont go on soccer sites just to bash it every chance i get.40dawg get a life

        • 40 dawg

          Didn’t say I didn’t like wrestling, just said it needs a change in direction. BIG DIFFERENCE. A real wrestling fan would know 1-the difference and 2-what I’m talking about. And I guess the fans at the ppv and raw don’t like wrestling cuz they didn’t give wwe the reactions they wanted. Think before you try to bash someone. I might bring up negatives a lot cuz right now that’s sorta how wrestling is. But I point out the positives too, even tho there few.

        • decoy

          Your argument is irrelevant. Wwe can determine the outcomes of their matches and storylines. ‘Football’ on the other hand is a competitive sport where a variety of outcomes are possible. Wwe’s current product would be similar to Christopher Nolan directing ‘the dark knight takes a shit’

          • 40 dawg

            Yeah yeah yeah I hear this a lot by people that really aren’t wrestling fans about stuff is basically pre determined or scripted,weak argument bro. Cuz what your saying is the creative team only comes up with 1 idea and runs with it. Which is not true. When I say change of direction I mean instead of going with idea a go with idea b,c or d. They should go with the idea that shakes sh-t up. Not status quo.

      • CS99

        On point as usual.

    • King James

      If you don’t like the way the crowds are reacting, then start giving them a real storyline. Stop pushing wrestlers on the fans and let the fans decide who their favorite is. It’s much better to make us wait for a push than to have us complain that it was too much too fast.

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