WWE Star Rips Sin Cara on Twitter, Eric Bischoff Praises Kane

– Eric Bischoff had some high praise for Kane this weekend, writing on Twitter:

“Glenn Jacobs (WWE KANE) is one of the most intelligent, well read, and politically aware people I’ve had the pleasure to work with… Glenn Jacobs (@WWE) gave me one of my favorite books: ‘Guns, Steel, and Germs’ by Jared Diamond. Great read.”

– Following his match with Sin Cara on this week’s episode of WWE Superstars, Michael McGillicutty took to Twitter to rip his opponent:

“Embarrassing! I lost to @TheSinCaraWWE?! Goin to the bar. Not to drink but beat the crap outta any SOB that looks like that piece of garbage… Love Eddie. Sin Cara blows. Go away… For the record, Sin Cara is a big, pudgy pile of horse crap. If he has something to say, Im not hard to find. Ill knock his punk ass out!”