WWE Star Turns 32, WWE Looks at Top Top Rope Moves, Rey Mysterio

Posted by Matt Boone April 28, 2013 11 Comments

- WWE posted this video looking at the top 10 top rope signature moves:

- WWE star Alex Riley turns 32 years old today.

- Rey Mysterio was with WrestleMania 29 Social Media Ambassador Gabriel Iglesias after his comedy show in San Diego this weekend. Here they are together:

Rey and Fluffy

  • raidmar

    we all already know what Rey looks like without the mask, so i don’t get the point of covering the face. maybe if he never took it off back in WCW, but now it makes no sense.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.catt.94 Mike Catt

      He did take it off in WCW, He lost it in a Hair vs. Mask tag match involving Nash.

      • raidmar

        that’s what i’m saying. he took it off, everybody knows what he looks like, so why cover the face

      • WCW was GOOD

        I remember he lost his mask in WCW to Jericho…He joined the NWO because he lost a match possibly to Nash…not sure though…just remember they made him wear a 3x NWO shirt to the ring.

        • WCW was GOOD

          Nevermind, you are right Mike Catt…I’m thinking of another Luchadore Jericho Unmasked in WCW. My Bad

          • Anthony Little

            juventud guerrea from mexicools

  • Simba

    No disrespect to Savage, but how the hell was his elbow at number 1? It was probably the least graceful/impressive looking of the listed moves… Plus they could have found a better-looking/connecting Vader moonsault…

    My top 10 of those listed:
    10. Doomsday Device; 9. Savage Elbow drop; 8. Superfly Splash; 7. Swanton Bomb; 6. Sin Cara’s Moonsault Side-Slam; 5. Vader’s moonsault; 4. Coast to Coast/Van Terminator; 3. Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash; 2. Shooting Star Press; 1. Five Star Frogsplash

  • chis

    we all know flash funks 450 splash was number 1!!!

  • ExtremeWrestlingFan

    Heeey! Its Fluffy!

  • clownshoes


  • morrisonfanone

    Who’s Rey Mysterio? The name sounds familiar. Is he that guy that gets injured two minutes after he comes back?

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