WWE Stars Discuss RAW, Legend Taunts Cesaro, Ryder

Posted by Matt Boone January 12, 2013 2 Comments

- WWE releases the following video of Matt Striker, Natalya and Jerry Lawler discussing the first episode of RAW:

- Zack Ryder has been thanking fans and fellow Superstars for their help with his YouTube show. After posting yesterday’s 100th and final episode, Ryder says he has also retired his trunks that say “Z! True Long Island Story” on the back.

- WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes continues to taunt United States Champion Antonio Cesaro on Twitter. It appears they may be setting something up for SmackDown or NXT between the two.

  • ExtremeWrestlingFan

    Much like Dusty Rhodes as the booker in early years in WCW, he’ll try to put himself over at the expense of every young guy.

  • Beer Money Jobber

    If Dusty has a match with Cesaro, I hope he keeps his polka dot shirt on. I don’t want to see his nasty stained belly. I think Cesaro should keep his shirt on too. His nipples look like they’re following you.

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