WWE Stars on Advice from Mom, WWE Looks at Ridiculous WCW Moments

Posted by Matt Boone May 8, 2013 2 Comments

- WWE published an article looking at the “20 ridiculous WCW moments you may have missed.” Some of the angles include Hulk Hogan seeing The Ultimate Warrior’s reflection in his mirror, Ric Flair being sent to a mental hospital, Raven taking Kanyon shopping at Versace and Jimmy Hart battling radio shock jock Mancow on pay-per-view.

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    • Mikey Batts

      They need to stop poking fun at WCW and start looking at themselves. I mean the recent Smackdown taping was horrible, 3 DQ’s in one show. They’re starting to look more like WCW every year. Its sad, that company at one time had everything and chose to put guys like Cena and Triple H over guys who had real talent.

    • morrisonfanone

      Sounds like Vince is bitter. Why don’t they stop mocking WCW and work on making their products better.

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