WWE Stars Shark Diving In South Africa, Daniel Bryan’s Corporate Makeover, Wyatt/Kane

-As seen on Monday’s RAW, Stephanie McMahon is pushing for Daniel Bryan to get a “corporate makeover.” WWE.com has a poll up asking fans if Bryan should in fact alter his appearance for the sake of career advancement.

With almost 9,000 votes cast, here are the current results (as of Tuesday morning):

49% – “Yes, he needs to look more presentable”

51% – “No, his look is what sets him apart from the other Superstars.”

-Bray Wyatt tweeted the following after his attack on Kane from RAW:

“Question authority. Question everything. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, for you are never alone. #EaterOfWorlds #RAW”

-With WWE currently touring South Africa, several Superstars and Divas are going shark diving today, including Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Titus O’Neil, Jack Swagger, Brodus Clay, Tensai, Justin Gabriel, Kaitlyn, Lilian Garcia and Naomi. O’Neil tweeted this photo of the group (click to enlarge):

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