As we reported earlier today, WWE’s new “Unleash Your Warrior” campaign has been the subject of heavy criticism due to many of the controversial comments Ultimate Warrior made being used against WWE in a new featured article released by

The VICE feature took issue with, among other things, Warrior stating that Bobby Heenan getting throat cancer was karma coming back to get him, insensitive remarks about the Hurricane Katrina victims and multiple anti-homosexual rants.

Warrior’s widow, Dana, was quoted in the article, defending her late husband against the criticism WWE is facing because of him.

“I will not be disloyal to my husband’s memory or speak ill of a man who is not here to defend himself,” said Dana Warrior in the statement. “I can, however, tell you his heart was changed by conversations with his two daughters. The true testament of the man behind the character is his ability to evolve. My husband did just that.”

After the article gained a considerable amount of attention, WWE ended up acknowledging the criticism by issuing a statement in response to the story. Check out WWE’s official statement below.

“WWE’s ‘Unleash Your Warrior’ breast cancer awareness campaign and annual ‘Warrior Award’ recognize individuals that exhibit the strength and courage of WWE’s legendary character The Ultimate Warrior. Any attempt to distract from the mission of these initiatives and take the spotlight away from the honorees is unfortunately misguided.”

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