WWE Still Pushing Ryback, Backstage News on Foley-Punk

Posted by Matt Boone November 1, 2012 6 Comments

- Despite Ryback’s loss at WWE Hell In a Cell, the idea is to still push him as a top star and put everything behind him.

– WWE officials have been working on ways to use Mick Foley in the CM Punk storyline and Team Foley vs. Team Punk at Survivor Series may not be the end of their encounters this year.

No word yet if WWE officials are still considering a Foley vs. Punk singles match at December’s TLC pay-per-view.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    • http://www.facebook.com/DjWrox Douglas John Wilkins

      Owen Hart was a faggot that kept sucking his brothers dick so he could get a push but then Vince screwed Bret up the arse and left Owen to fend for himself but he couldent as proof he was dressed as a retarded 12 year old in a bed sheet and underwear (blue razor) and commited suicide because he could not handle his homosexuality and now he is in hell sucking Satans giant cock! hahahahahahahaha and he deserves it – Vince Russo’s Speach for Owens Hall of Gay induction

      • http://twitter.com/Awesomeman3ful Nick Duncan

        I hope you burn in hell

    • Danny Boy

      Owen Hart didnt commit suicide u goff. WWE creative team made him the blue blazer again and tbh they form part of that tragic accident. Owen Hart only did what he was getting paid for and it was widely reported he disagreed with using the blue blazer gimmick. RIP Owen Hart U never quite got the push You deserved pal!

    • Captain Chaos

      I really wish WWE would drop this Punk v Foley business. Mick, in my opinion is one of the 3 greatest wrestlers there has ever been, anywhere. Punk don’t even make my top ten. As Cactus Jack, in WCW, ECW, WWE and Japan, he was near enough on the top of the pile. The gimmick was as good as gimmicks get. His other gimmicks, Mankind and Dude Love were also very effective. Even wrestling as himself, he was more entertaining than Punk will ever be. For WWE to use Mick as a stooge, to further Punk’s career is an insult to Mick, and an insult to his many many fans, who have followed him since his early televised days in WCW. Some of Mick’s battles with The Undertaker, Big Van Vader, Stone Cold, The Rock and Terry Funk, to name but a few, are legendary, gimmick or no gimmick. His two tag matches, along with Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) against the New Age Outlaws were awesome, brutal, and 100 percent entertaining, with the dumpster match being one of the greatest tag matches of all time. His Barbed Wire Death Match with Terry Funk is also one of, if not the best hardcore match ever. Punk ain’t a patch on Mick, and never will be. All Punk will be remembered for is the guy who held the strap for a year, in the dumbed down PG era, purely because WWE don’t want to do a single thing that could cost Linda her chance of getting elected to the Senate. If we were back in the Stone Cold attitude era, Punk would be a mid carder. One other reason Punk is top dog at the moment, if the fact the competition isn’t being used to it’s best effect. You know who I mean. Ziggler, PTP’s etc etc etc.

    • Captain Chaos

      One other thing that’s relevant to this series of comments, is that I hope the site owner can ban the clown(s) posting the nasty stuff about Wrestlers no longer with us. It’s a disgrace.

    • Captain Chaos

      As far as WWE/F is concerned, Owen Hart, was one of the greatest wrestlers, never to be WWE/F Champion. You might say the same about Bam Bam Bigalow. Anyone who knows anything about wrestling will tell you that’s true. Owen died doing what he did best. Yes, maybe he was against the Blue Blazer revival, but he, as the true professional he was, shut the hell up, and did as he was asked. I don’t think any true wrestling fan would disagree with that. Rest In Peace Owen.

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