WWE Stock Continues To Drop, Reddit User Gets Del Rio/RVD PPV Match Wrong

Posted by Matt Boone September 17, 2013 15 Comments

-Shares of WWE stock dropped below $10 per-share in early trading on Monday morning. This comes after WWE released a statement on Friday downgrading their 2013 Business Outlook, particularly for the second-half of 2013. As of this afternoon, shares of WWE stock were down 4.2 percent from Friday’s close.

-The infamous Reddit user, Dolphins1925, missed one of his predictions for the WWE Night Of Champions pay-per-view. Dolphins1925 predicted Del Rio would win the match, however, the match ended up in a disqualification, which means Rob Van Dam technically won the match. While Del Rio did retain his World Heavyweight Championship as a result, the match goes down as a loss for the current champion.

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    • LBlock18

      ok not that what I say matters to any 1 in Impact wrestling but why the hell would you pay AJ less? He is 1 of the best they have along with Joe, Aries, Magnus is doing his thing, can’t for get about Bobby or James storm, these guys really helped TNA grow and you want to pay him less for a job well done? You have got to be kidding me

      • it doesn’t matter

        how bout Kurt?

      • Get to wwe ASAP

        Ajs promo was horrible, the only good part was when he mentioned best in the world, and it felt like a call out to punk. And that part was only good because AJ seemed like he believed he himself at that moment was best in the world. Also the yes chants were good, everyone wants to see him and DB go at it. Rest of the promo came off pretty bad I must say, and the crowd showed it

    • Masterpain

      AJ Styles, Abyss and Austin Aries are the only ones that make TNA worth watching. It might just be me but TNA was actually pretty good until they brought in Hogan and all these ex WWE guys and buried the rest of the roster who actually helped build that company.

      Can’t stand Jeff Hardy. Bringing in Booker T, Hall and Nash was horrible. Kurt Angle is boring. Now they wanna try to pay these guys less so they can pay for Rampage, Tito, and King Mo. These guys don’t belong there. Shit they probably have no business fighting in MMA anymore either.

      • It’s dam true

        Kurt is not boring. TNA has stunted him. Some of his best stuff was just around the corner in wwe till he left for them. Kurt vs punk will be great when it happens on a big stage

      • Ray

        I disagree. Styles, Abyss and Aries aren’t the only ones that make IMPACT worth watching for me, it’s also a lot more wrestlers.

        I like Hardy, Booker T, Hall and Nash and Angle is definitely not boring, he is one of the best ever and still puts in work like if it was his early years.

    • hmw

      TNA sucks. Boring. bad show. ROH way better than TNA

      • Ray

        I disagree with the beginning, i can’t comment on ROH because I have never seen a show. Where and when does it air?

        • Ho Kogan.

          Never ;D

          • Ray

            LOL then how do you go about watching it?

            • Kage

              You can watch ROH shows on its website. Generally, the show is pretty good.

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Short term extensions almost always mean “I’m patient, but you’re going to offer me more money or I’m leaving”.

      If AJ leaves, TNA is going to die for sure. He’s been the soul of the company. It would be like Shawn Micheals going to WCW in the 90’s (not quite so prolific, but you know what I mean).

      I miss Wrestling Society X.

      • Derp.

        I don’t think TNA would die if A.J leaves. For the past nearly a year they’ve had this A.J storyline going, he was gone from wrestling for 7-8 months before he returned with that new gimmick, and TNA didn’t crumble when he was gone, it still thrived very well in my opinion. I would hate to see Styles go anywhere else because I believe he belongs in TNA, but the company isn’t completely reliant on him. There is still massive amounts of talent on their rosters. They would survive. It sure as hell wouldn’t be the same, but it wouldn’t die out.

    • Sheila Belue

      AJ is to good to be treated so bad by TNA , he should go to wwe if TNA doesn’t pay him what they should.

    • Harry Lorenzo Goode

      While that promo wasn’t bad, i feel like some of that aj was spitting out was real especially when he looks in the camera and says “hey dixie I deserve better” which was so true. Aj along with storm, roode, aries, angle , joe, daniels, and magnus have all put there ego’s aside for hogan & company which really unfair. Bottom TNA needs to go back to what made them good in the first place, and get rid of what’s weighing them down and I thick we all know what or who that is. Whatever aj does I just hope it makes him happy

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