WWE Superstars Report – October 19th, 2012

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show as Tensai makes his way towards the ring. Apparently they’ve decided to take Micheal McGillicutty the babyface route, as he’ll be Tensai’s opponent this evening.

Tensai vs Micheal McGillicutty

We last saw these two on Superstars two weeks ago, when McGillicutty lost to David Otunga, and Tensai defeated Yoshi Tatsu. The bell as rung, and these two are set to square off as they briefly lock up. Tensai pushes McGillicutty into the corner. McGillicutty slowly comes out, and they lock-up again, and McGillicutty quickly goes for a standing side headlock. Tensai picks up, sets him down in the corner, and simply starts rubbing his forearm into his face, while shouting, “Who are you?” McGillicutty shoves him off, kicks him in the midsection, and begins firing off several right hands.

Both men are in the corner and McGillicutty tries to whip Tensai to the opposite side. Tensai reverses and charges at him. McGillicutty goes up and over, but Tensai catches him. Tensai looks to be setting up for a running powerslam, but McGillicutty wiggles his way out of, comes off the ropes, ducks two clotheslines, and finally gets taken down with a big shoulderblock. Tensai drops an elbow on the fallen McGillicutty, picks him up takes him to the corner, and delivers several headbutts until the referee finally breaks it.

McGillicutty is to his feet, and gets nailed with a massive clothesline. Tensai with a lateral press, and gets a 2-count. Tensai begins wrenching on McGillicutty’s head, as the crowd starts clapping. McGillicutty gets to his feet, but gets an elbow to the back of the head. Tensai then whips him into the corner hard, and McGillicutty goes down face first to the canvas. The massive Tensai drops an elbow to his back, then starts delivering several striking elbows to the back of McGillicutty’s head. McGillicutty rolls over and gets greeted with a couple of headbutts.

Tensai whips McGillicutty into the ropes, misses a clothesline, and gets hit with a low dropkick. McGillicutty follows up with a high dropkick, which sends the big man out of the ring. Tensai tries to climb up the apron, but McGillicutty nails him with a running knee to the face, as we go to break!

Back from the break, both men are back in the ring, as Tensai takes McGillicutty down with a butterfly suplex, covers, and gets a 2-count. Tensai starts ripping at McGillicutty’s nose and mouth, and breaks the ref’s count. He then starts choking McGillicutty on the bottom rope, and breaks it up at the 4-count. Tensai slingshots McGillicutty throat-first into the middle rope, which sends McGillicutty out of the ring.

McGillicutty slowly gets to his feet, and Tensai pulls him back in, and throws him face-first into the second turnbuckle. Tensai drops 3 quick elbows, covers, and can only get a 2-count once again. Tensai goes back to wrenching on McGillicutty’s neck. McGillicutty fights to get to his feet, but Tensai locks him up in a bear hug. McGillicutty ear claps his way out of it, and makes it to the corner. Tensai charges after him, and catches a knee lift. Tensai charges again, and catches a boot to the face. With the big man dazed, McGillicutty runs towards him, but catches a thrust shot to the throat. Tensai goes for the senton splash, but misses! McGillicutty nails him with a snapmare, and takes him down with a low-flying forearm.

McGillicutty plays to the crowd, climbs the top top, and hits Tensai with a beautiful crossbody, but only gets a 2-count. Both men are to their feet, and McGillicutty attempts to go for a fisherman suplex, but can’t do it. Tensai grabs him by the throat, and plants him into the canvas. He goes for the senton splash again, and nails his target this time, and picks up the win.

Winner: Tensai, with a senton splash, at 7:28

-A very touching segment for the WWE/Susan G. Komen partnership, as Layla talks about losing her mother to breast cancer.

-Raw Rebound time, and C.M. Punk isn’t happy that he portrayed as the devil for the Hell In a Cell promos. Does he want the devil he knows in John Cena, or the one he doesn’t in Ryback? It doesn’t matter who he picks, as Vince McMahon will make the choice for him.

Kaitlyn vs Beth Phoenix

Beth quickly goes behind, and takes Kaitlyn down, backs away, and starts talking smack. It looks like they’re going to lockup, but Beth goes behind once again. Kaitlyn is able to get out of the waistlock, and works on Beth’s arm, and flipping her over by the wrist. Beth is quickly to her feet and locks in a hammerlock. Both women are into the ropes, as Beth pushes her off. Kaitlyn ducks, but Beth stops, and simply throws her out of the ring.

Kaitlyn comes back in, and takes Beth down with a double-leg takedown, straddles her, and throws several punches. Kaitlyn goes out of the ring, and drags Beth out with her. They exchange a couple of shots, and Beth rolls her back in. Beth climbs to the top rope and plays to the crowd as we go to break.

Back from the break, and Beth has Kaitlyn in a chinlock. Kaitlyn attempts to fight out of it, to no avail. Beth whips her into the ropes, misses a clothesline, and gets hit with a crossbody, but Kaitlyn is only able to get a 2-count. Beth is to her feet first and starts putting the boots to Kaitlyn. She then steps on her throat, until breaking on the 4-count. Beth then stands on Kaitlyn’s stomach, pushing down on the top rope for more pressure, before finally breaking on the 4.

Beth picks her up in a bodyslam fashion, but puts her in the corner upside down, and lays the boots to her. She then picks her up by the head, and simply drops it, causing Kaitlyn to hit the back of her head on the bottom turnbuckle, and falling down. Beth covers, hooks the leg, and gets just a 2-count. Beth locks up Kaitlyn by the arm and head in a submission move, but Kaitlyn isn’t giving up just yet. She is able to get to her feet and ram Beth into the corner. She tries to follow up, but Beth catches her with a boot. Kaitlyn goes down, and Beth drops an elbow, but misses. Beth is sitting up, and Kaitlyn dropkicks her in the face with a dropkick, covers, and gets a 2-count only.

Kaitlyn rolls to the apron, gets to her feet, slides under Beth’s legs, and flips her over, earning another 2-count. Both ladies are to their feet, and Kaitlyn hits Beth hard in the face with three forearm shots, then a flying forearm. She covers, and gets a 2-count once again. Beth gets to her feet first, and lays the boots to Kaitlyn, then applies a standing side headlock. Beth sends Kaitlyn into the corner. Kaitlyn goes up and over, locks Beth in a head scissors, lets go, and delivers a right hand. She climbs the top rope, but Beth catches her in a military press, and walks to the opposite side of the ring. Kaitlyn wiggles out, applies a side headlock, climbs the middle of the ropes, and coves off with a sunset flip for the victory!

Winner: Kaitlyn, with a sunset flip, at 6:52

We’re back from break, and finish this week’s show with the end of Monday Night Raw. Vince McMahon has hand-picked Ryback to challenge for C.M. Punk’s championship at Hell in a Cell. For the second week in a row, Superstars features several minutes of Raw, which is exactly what their “B” shows have turned into before.

Source: F4WOnline.com