WWE Supporter Leaves NBC-Universal, CM Punk Accused Of Sealing Moves

Posted by Brad Davis May 19, 2011 1 Comment

— KENTA of Pro Wrestling NOAH commented on utilizing a number of his trademark wrestling maneuvers in WWE.

He told the Daily Star, “Please list him on the wanted list as he stole my move.”

According to a source, Punk was so enamored with the Japanese wrestling star years ago that he adopted a good portion of his moveset, including the GTS and a multiple slaps/roundhouse kick sequence.

— The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Dick Ebersol, who helped bring WWF to prominence in the 1980s with the creation of Saturday Night’s Main Event, is no longer with NBC Universal. Ebersol held the post of Sports Group President, had a contract through 2012 and those within the company looked at his departure as a surprise.

Ebersol was a friend and supporter of Vince McMahon, and helped McMahon upgrade the production of the then WWF product as the company expanded nationally. As mentioned, he was a part of the creation of Saturday Night’s Main Event and also helped found the XFL.

stated on his Twitter account that he will not be returning to the square circle in the near future.

“Here’s the deal…I’m not coming back to wrestle anytime soon,” he wrote.

Goldust has been sidelined since December due to a shoulder injury, which was expected to keep him sidelined for five to six months. He has since undertaken a behind the scenes role with WWE.

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