WWE Surprised Brie Bella Isn’t More Over As A Babyface, Backstage RAW Note

Posted by Matt Boone October 17, 2013 15 Comments

According to one source, WWE is apparently puzzled as to why Brie Bella is not more over as a babyface right now. The general consensus is that she came off on the “Total Divas” reality show as a super-babyface, unlike her twin-sister Nikki Bella, who at times came off as a heel.

Considering the fact that she came off as such a babyface on the show, WWE reportedly failed to understand why she didn’t receive more sympathy from the fans during the beat down she suffered at the hands of Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee on this past Monday’s edition of WWE RAW.

Obviously, Total Divas represents a small percentage of the fan base that watches RAW, and the demographics are very different, however some in the company fail to make that connection.

Speaking of Bella, as noted previously, current plans call for her to challenge AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Championship at the upcoming WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • Bob

      Because she’s a Bella…

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        What do they expect. Just cause her fiancee is super good guy (In real life) doesn’t mean the people don’t see right through her. What’s really sad is Brie is suspose to be the nicer of the Bella’s SMH

      • Nexon

        stupid WWE writers thought Brie will become a babyface just because she is Bryan’s fiancee.
        even i’m not surprised of the people’s reaction, she just lacks something i just can’t remember that exact word she’s missing.

    • VKD

      Her horrific acting and her inability to sell the beatings & threats she endures or the horror of those directed at her boyfriend. Can Rollins or Danielson instruct her in the Art of Wrestling.

    • VKD

      Sorry, “Art of Selling”

    • Awful Acting

      Even as heels both Bellas can’t act. If they could they would have landed a movie or tv show roll in Hollywood without the help of WWE. When Randy was talking smack to her about Bryan she had the same look on her face she had before the smack talk started. No shock or “OMG” how could you say that?

    • Awful Acting

      WWE is always saying don’t listen to the internet fans because they don’t know better, but thats where everything is heading to. Five year old children use iphones and iPads and surf the web all day now.WWE pushes everyone to use Twitter, Facebook, Toute, and the WWE APP, but those same fans are internet that they say not to listen to. WWE don’t you think its time to start listening to some of those fans??

    • law

      id do her either way

    • Tom

      The root of the problem is WWE/Creative spends so much time trying to “stick it” to the IWC that when the IWC comes up with a good creative story for a feud, they go out of their way to twist it into something stupid, or go in a completely ridiculous, un-entertaining manner.

      The fact is, people who watch wrestling are not the ones that are watching Total Divas, and I suspect that when the middle aged housewives that do actually watch E! are not being driven to watch Monday Night RAW.

      They expect that the exposure gotten from Total Divas would drive story lines in WWE, which is a reasonable expectation, but it’s not what is actually happening. It is all a tie-in that nobody is really buying/cares for.

      Every scene on RAW with the Bellas is cringe-worthy due to limitations on their acting/skills/etc. Instead of hand-feeding the Bellas exposure, they should be having them fine-tune their charisma and mic-work.. It just isn’t working.

    • DeepthroatGhoul

      Personally, I want AJ to retain the belt so she and Natalya can have their money-making showdown at either Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, or even WrestleMania 30.

      • Guest

        Eventhough AJ is essentially being booked as the female version of Joe Henning/Curtis Axel and realistically there’s no way AJ will keep the belt that long given her jobbing phase.

        • DeepthroatGhoul

          Well, I see AJ being booked as a fighting champion, since she has Tamina Snuka watchin’ her back.

    • Kage

      Fucking hell WWE.
      Maybe it had something to do with when she and Nikki made fat jokes about a pregnant Kharma? Or all those other time when she was playing a vindictive bitch?
      Hasn’t Vince learned ANYTHING from Miz & Del Rio? You can’t just turn someone babyface for no reason, and expect people to cheer.
      That old man really is going senile.

      • Guest

        Actually Miz & Del Rio were turned face with actual buildup (and had actual fan support) unlike Brie & Nikki who they had turned face with 0 buildup. Plus some of this stuff isn’t Vince’s doing anyway.

    • huggybear420

      wwe needs to find better and new competition for AJ Lee bring mickie james kelly kelly beth phoenix eve or victoria back! hell resign Kharma she still has a major fan base

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