WWE Surveys Fans About Which Superstars Should Be In Main Events In 2014

Posted by Brad Davis December 13, 2013 15 Comments

WWE sent out the following survey on Thursday asking fans which Superstars they want to see featured in main events in 2014. Among the choices:

- Randy Orton
– Big Show
– John Cena
– Daniel Bryan
– CM Punk
– Bray Wyatt
– Roman Reigns
– Seth Rollins
– Dean Ambrose
– Damien Sandow
– Fandango
– Dolph Ziggler
– Alberto Del Rio

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    • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus


    • Masterpain

      Doesn’t matter. If this is a vote, then it’s rigged just like their fake slammy awards.

      • Guest

        Bitching about a scripted awards show, on a scripted wrestling show seems I don’t know………silly?

    • duh

      answer: all but the first 3 and last 1

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny has had enough of Orton, Show, Cena & ADR; could care less about Wyatt, Rollins & Fandango; the rest are all main event caliber.

      • Guest

        Yea even Big Show who wwe loves inserting into title matches for no discernible reason.

    • Camp Cornette

      Where’s Wade Barrett? He has great potential to be main event heel.

      • kenny

        Just what I was asking.

    • Smarky Smark Wahlberg

      I’m glad they included Damien Sandow on this list. He is the perfect heel: talks down to fans but has an aggressive side. I love him. Obviously, Ziggler, Punk, Bryan and Ambrose are great too, but they already know this, so who cares. Cue WWE booking all the muscled up milquetoast lame-o’s to get over in 2014…

    • D

      The right people are in the right places. This survey was just to give everyone that “I can do better than the WWE” feeling, so they’ll be quiet for a while and continue to watch like always. Trust in McMahon.

    • Liana Taylor


    • Markiz Alex

      Where’s Cody Rhodes?! I am really angry

    • Connor Olsen

      Where can I find this survey?

    • Sheri

      I wanna take this survey! where do I find it?

    • Mr. no days off

      - Randy Orton…BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING. NO!!!
      – Big Show…BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! NO!
      – John Cena…HELL NO! FUCK YOU CENA!
      – Daniel Bryan…YES! YES! YES!
      – CM Punk…YES! USE HIM BETTER!
      – Bray Wyatt…UMMM, NO!
      – Roman Reigns…YES!
      – Seth Rollins…NAH!
      – Dean Ambrose…SURE, WHY NOT!
      – Damien Sandow…I GUESS SO!
      – Fandango…GOT TO BE KIDDING
      – Dolph Ziggler…YES!
      – Alberto Del Rio…NO!

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