WWE Survivor Series Results (11/28/2013)

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Traditional Elimination Match
- AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Aksana, Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes vs. The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls, Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo

The Total Divas ladies come to the ring first. They all smile and hug and blah blah blah. Out next, to AJ Lee’s music, is the non-Total Diva team. Team AJ. Whatever you want to call them. Alicia Fox and Naomi kick things off for their teams. We get a lock up, and Alicia sends Naomi into the corner, driving her face into the turnbuckle. Fox hits a big tilt a whirl backbreaker for a one count. Fox picks up Naomi and throws her across the ring before hitting a running boot in the corner. Fox seats Naomi on the top turnbuckle, and heads up after her. Naomi fights out, then hits a split legged moonsault for three. Alicia Fox is eliminated Rosa comes in, and so is Cameron, and the Funkadactyls hit a double split leg-drop. Cameron takes Rosa into the corner and drivers her face into the top turnbuckle. Rosa sends Cameron into the corner, and apparently it’s enough for three. Cameron is eliminated Nikki is in and she hits a face buster for a three count. Rosa is eliminated.

Summer Rae comes in next and she starts dancing around like a bafoon as the crowd explodes and starts chanting her name. Nikki responds by doing the worm just like Scotty 2 Hotty would do back in the day. Summer responds by dancing some more into a big split. Nikki hits the ropes and dropkicks Summer while Summer was still in the split position. She covers her, 1-2-3. Summer is eliminated. Kaitlyn and Eva Maria are in, and Kaitlyn drops her with a G2S like maneuver for three. Eva Maria is eliminated. Naomi is in and she gets dropped with the same G2S-lite over the knee, for another three count. Naomi is eliminated. Brie tosses Kaitlyn into the corner and hits a big missile dropkick for three. Kaitlyn is eliminated. AJ distracts Brie and allows Aksana to hit a big spinebuster for three. Brie is eliminated. Nikki is in a drops Aksana to the mat across her shoulders for three. Aksana is eliminated. Tamina comes in with a couple of big head butts to Nikki.

Tamina nails Nikki with a big suplex. Tamina throws Nikki into the corner. Nikki ends up tagging in JoJo, who the crowd was actually chanting the name of. The crowd explodes when JoJo is tagged in. We get a lock up, and Tamina tosses her away. Tamina picks Jojo up, then slams her back down to the mat before tossing her vest at Jojo. Tamina throws Jojo into the corner, but runs into two boots. Jojo heads to the middle rope, but is caught by Tamina. Jojo turns things around with a roll up, and Tamina comes right back, knocking her down to the mat. Tamina shoulders Jojo, and hits a Samoan drop. AJ tags in and gets the three count. JoJo has been eliminated. Tamina tags back in, and kicks Natalya in the gut. Tamina backs Natalya into the corner and stomps away at her, before running in with a hip bump. Tamina picks Natalya up and slams her down to the mat. Tamina heads to the apron, then to the top turnbuckle. Tamina goes for the big splash, but Natalya rolls out of the way and locks Tamina in the sharpshooter. AJ comes in to break it up as Tamina taps out. Tamina is eliminated. Natalya locks AJ in the Sharpshooter as the announcers put over Bret Hart being on the panel. AJ taps out. Natalya wins.

Winners: Team Total Divas (sole survivor: Natalya)

Backstage Segment: Randy Orton & Charles Robinson

Backstage, Randy Orton sees referee Charles Robinson. Orton says he just realized Robinson is the ref for his match tonight. He sucks up to Robinson a bit. He asks him to call it right down the middle tonight. Robinson says that’s fine and begins to walk away. Orton stops him and says, “you get what I’m saying, right?” Robinson replies, “Randy…I’m gonna do what The Authority says.” Orton seems disappointed.

Ryback’s Open Challenge

The expert panel is introduced one-by-one, with Foley and Hart receiving huge pops. Before they can speak, Ryback’s music hits. He says his favorite Survivor Series moment is the time when Ryback cut off those old hasbeens. Ryback ends up walking to the ring talking about how he’s not a bully. He issues his open challenge. After a few moments of silence, Mark Henry’s music hits. Henry comes out with his bald head and giant beard. The crowd explodes.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

The announcers are putting over all kinds of facts about Henry’s strongman competition days. Ryback is talking trash loudly to Henry, who walks around looking confident. The crowd is chanting all kinds of stuff right now, msot of which is hard to make out. Ryback knocks Henry down early and goes for a pin, but only gets two. The crowd starts a loud “Goldberg, Goldberg” chant. Ryback nails Henry with a big suplex. He goes to follow that up with a big spear but Henry moves and Ryback smacks shoulder-first into the post.

After a six count on the floor after hitting the post, Ryback finally gets back in the ring. At this point, Henry is firmly in control and is dominating the offense. Henry is crawling around on the floor around Ryback, blasting him with crawling-headbutts. Ryback with a cheap shot on Henry and is now attacking Henry’s knees. Ryback slaps a rear-choke on a seated Henry as the crowd continues chanting all kinds of stuff. The announcers are still talking about all kinds of records Henry holds in strongman competitions and weight-lifting stuff. Both guys are back up now and Henry keeps knocking Ryback down with shoulder blocks. Henry nails Ryback with a running powerslam. 1-2….Ryback kicks out before the count of three.

Henry hoists Ryback up for the World’s Strongest Slam but Ryback escapes and counters Henry with a huge spinebuster. Ryback pulls down his strap. He sets Henry up for the Meathook clothesline but Henry catches him coming in with a huge splash. That looked cool. Henry picks Ryback back up and this time successfully hits his World’s Strongest Slam finisher. 1-2-3. Henry wins. The crowd seems really into Henry.

Winner: Mark Henry

Hall Of Fame Expert Panel

The expert panel puts over Mark Henry’s return before changing focus to the next match coming up, which will be for the World Heavyweight Championship. The guys talk about Cena returning early, Del Rio’s armbreaker and how it could damage Cena’s surgically repaired arm, etc. They talk about Cena being in his hometown tonight.

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    • Vitorio

      Punk is selling me on this. Even though the 2 best ate mid carded, I might order and then shut off before World & WWE Title matches.

      • Q9V

        Just so long as you order, you can do whatever you want.

    • Brandon Delgado

      That was the worst finish to a ppv ever! Boring match, terrible finish, and buyers were short changed a whole 15 minutes!

    • Topsy Krettz

      Terrible ending to the PPV. They’re probably teasing a champion vs champion feud for the time being, given the fact that it might be becasue creative just ran out of ideas involving each champion at the moment, so until we get a Royal Rumble winner we might see Cena vs Orton yet again.

    • Jeffrey Mavin

      i guess john is going back to his heel persona

      • Desperado

        good joke

      • tzf

        they won’t turn cena unless all those stupid parents stop buying cena merch for their stupid kids. they give a fukk about their storylines they rather sell their merch

    • taifhamid1

      the ending makes sense actually, they are unifying the titles, and possibly going into a new era

      • trollingisahobby

        new era by still making cena the douchbag of the wwe

      • kiaba360

        starting a new era with two guys that dominated the previous era, what a great idea.

    • FightFan

      I wonder how they’re gonna blame low buys on Daniel Bryan this time…seriously I’m not even the biggest Daniel Bryan fan but it’s clear the fans want him in the main event. The crowd chanting “boring” and “Bryan” during the main event should be a pretty big eye-opener, but it’s clear creative is not even trying to get things right.

      • tzf

        read the article with the former comparing bryan’s and mysterio’s run sounds pretty realistic to me

      • Q9V

        Face it…he’s just not ready, brother. Trust in McMahon.

    • Darren Fisher

      They are possibly unifying the titles. Or Cena is going heel and aligning himself with the Authority, Orton and Shield.

    • trollingisahobby

      i can’t complain I watched the payperview for free

    • FTV

      The work that Seth Rollins and especially Roman Reigns did today was amazing, they stole the show for me.

    • Desperado

      “Orton grabs Big Show and nails him with his draping DDT spot off the top. For some reason, the crowd boo’s anyways.” For some reason? did u watch the match? Orton tried the DDT off the top rope but BIG SHOW couldnt keep his feet on the turnbuckle and instead it became a normal DDT. The crowd was booing because they all saw that they messed that spot up. dumbasses

    • Jpro Walkom

      It’s time they unify the belts. They should unify IC and US Titles too. They’re doing nothing with the US. With the IC on its own you could make it the mid carders title. With more fighting for that one title it could mean something again. Also by unifying the WWE and World Championship, you have the one major title. It’ll be easier for Rumble Winners and with one belt MITB could return to Wrestlemania. With MITB back at WM more people can get on the show again. Or else they can have MITB part of TLC, after all it has Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

      • tzf

        the problems are not the titles, but to present them right, like i can’t remember when ambrose his us belt last. they should have us and ic title matches on a weekly basis. and how they degraced the wwe belt during the bryan orton feud hurts the title as well. nothing against creating heat, but if you do it that obviously and foreseeable it doesn’t do a damn thing but hurting the champion and the belt.

        about the ppv: doesn’t worth to buy they elevated reigns, forseeable, big e wins forseeable, aj’s team lost the same, cena and orton won the same, bryan&punk won also kinda predictable.

        • Jpro Walkom

          i’ve actually grown to like Reigns a lot. In fact i love all members of The Shield. And i hope all of them get to be big stars and not turn out like Nexus lol.

          • twet

            probably won’t happen rollins/ambrose although they are great will probably end in a midcard spot at best

    • king

      it seems like wwe creativity team now wants to unifying the 2 world title by making the match b/w WWE champ Randy Orton vs WHC John Cena. what do you think wwe universe? do u wanna see 2 world champ on 2 brands or unified World champ on 2 brands?

      • Sagar Garg

        I want RAW vs Smackdown and the draft picks again!! Its a crappy idea to unify these titles

        • Guest

          Given how Raw and Smackdown are pretty much back to being one show no not really.

          • tzf

            actually that’s wrong raw has mostly talents of both shows while smackdown mostly features the smackdown roster and here and there one of the raw superstars. although i agree there is no more that straight brand separation as it was ealier

    • Sagar Garg

      They have so much talent to bring both the championships at par but wwe just seems to have stuck to cena for so long that they just cannot think of anything else. While Daniel Bryan is a clear crowd favorite and a deserving WWE champion, Cena can have his feud with anyone of the other talents like Ceasaro, Rey, Ziggler, RVD, etc. They will be supercool matches and the World Heavyweight championship will be in limelight again. But WWE and for that matter HHH (I hate him and his stupid business acumen) just cannot see past Cena and Orton whom I never want to be in the picture for the titles at Mania.

      • tzf

        they did the same thing to bryan they did to punk just burying a storyline without no reason at all although those two had the biggest buzz in the last 5-10 years. now they are midcarders, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they are in crappy storylines as well.
        if they continue the way they book they’ll probably will get even more people turn off their tv/not ordering ppv’s than they already do.

        • Q9V

          Bryan is a midcarder, Punk isn’t. Going forward from here, Punk will feud with the Shield until Roman breaks free and turns face. Then he’ll save Punk and put the hurt on Rollins/Ambrose. Far as Bryan goes, he’ll probably get “brainwashed” and put into Rowan’s goat mask, just to continue pushing that idea. The system works. Trust in McMahon.

          • tzf

            sure talking crowd involvement biggest thing since stone cold, had excellent matches during his #1 conteder/champion run but is a midcarder… you should stop sippin vince’s koolaid dude

            • Q9V

              R-Truth had a lot of good matches, is technically sound in the ring and gets great crowd involvement as well. And they dressed him up in a Confederate uniform and made him play an idiot. Bryan was made a top champion what, 3-4 times now? Yeah, he’s not getting mistreated. Trust in McMahon, he knows what he’s doing.

            • tzf

              got buried at mania in 18 secs, after finally winning the wwe title he loses it after 5 minutes and the next time after 24 hours. that’s how you bury your characters. and that’s what vinnie mac is good at, they killed punks buzz, i agree they buried r-truth when he stepped up, the same with christian, and if i remember correctly with henry as well, not even talking about how many times they put ziggler in the doghouse and now bryan. you know if they would’ve messed up or didn’t get the crowd into their character i could have understand that but instead they push orton during whose match the night after mania the crwod did everything but paying attention to the match…

            • Q9V

              How did Punk and Bryan get buried? Bryan went on to become one of the most over acts in the company and beat John Cena CLEAN at Summerslam. Punk went on to hold the title for over 400 days straight. If that’s being buried then you need to re-evaluate things a little bit.
              As far as Ziggler goes, he’s his own worst enemy. Ziggler’s a selling machine and that’s why he’s used to make other talent look good. He even made Tensai look like a beast in their match, when Tensai threw him over the commentator’s table and Ziggler sold it like absolute death. Ziggler’s role is to make others look good. And he does it very well.

            • tzf

              have you seen the last 3 ppv matches bryan had before ss? that’s pretty much getting buried to me, including the fact that you work a yet useless program with some solid but not great newcomers…
              punk carries the company about a whole year nearly on his own and at mania he’s screwed out of the main event…
              ziggler probably most impressive work ethic, cashes in, wins, gets burried for del rio…
              worst 3 in wwe are sheamus, del rio and cena i’m constantly skipping through their matches unless they got a great opponent. redundant 3moveset sh!t with predictable outcome

            • Q9V

              Punk was never going to get the Mania main event. We knew halfway through his reign that it was going to be Rock/Cena, that wasn’t a surprise.

            • tzf

              i’m talking bout the end of his run, putting the belt on cena and ahving once in a lifetime II

            • Q9V

              So am I. The moment the Rock announced he was facing the champ at the Rumble, it made Punk a non-factor. Punk isn’t as big a name as Cena and definitely not as big a name as the Rock so the WWE went with the guaranteed money.

            • tzf

              they pretty much did the same thing they did with bryan, take the title off him, because they don’t care about the audience they rather listen to sponsor’s/merch sales. that’s not innovative and will hurt your brand.

            • Q9V

              Vince has been doing business the same way for what, 40 years now? Trust in the man, he knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately, not everybody can become a mega star. Bryan got a push, got to beat Cena clean and is a 3-time world champion. That’s not bad for the short time he’s been in the company.

            • twet

              yeah and that he’s still in the business pretty much is because of bad choices of wcw management. but hell i can write what i want you will still continue to su(k on vinces (ock

            • Q9V

              Aw, you got it bad. LOL

    • Troy Bennett

      guys take a stand against wwe and go to sports2watch.com for free ppvs from wwe and tna. no downloads and just a 10 mins delay but the vids are 100% free ive been watching this site for almost 5 years

    • yoyo

      Terrible ending for a ppv. Orton vs. Cena again?!

    • Irsh_WWE

      Cena is my fav, but the creative teams are making the storylines.. complete crap, God, not another Cena vs. Orton

    • Irsh_WWE

      Cena is my fav, but the way creative teams are making the storylines.. complete crap, God, not another Cena vs. Orton

    • Esteban C.

      ROH is the best wrestling in the world, great matches on TV free of charge. Quit watching WWE and stick it to the McMahon family and their lame wrestling shows.

      • Q9V

        ROH has Matt Hardy. Your argument is invalid.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says WWE PPV = crap.

    • Pinmepayme

      So predictable. I used to look forward to the PPVs but not anymore. Just watch RAW and SMACKDOWN leading up and you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen.

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P Johnny would rather spend the $55 to fill his gas tank than waste it on another crappy WWE PPV.

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