It’s Official: WWE Wants “Wrestling” Out Of It’s Name

A meeting was held by WWE officials yesterday, where a very interesting subject was discussed for the world’s #1 wrestling promotion.

It was agreed that the organization would no longer be referred as “World Wrestling Entertainment”, due to Vince McMahon’s decree to eliminate the term “wrestling” from the product. The company will be solely branded as “WWE”. Multiple sources indicate the meeting ended with this directive firmly in place. This is their final move in making sure the word “wrestling” is no longer visible on any WWE product.

WWE isn’t actually changing their company name as some other sites have reported, but rather employees are being told never to say or print the word “wrestling.” One WWE source says they compared the move to how Chevrolet told their employees this year not to refer to their brand as “Chevy” anymore, but he feels it’s actually more like the NFL telling it’s employees never to say “football” again.