WWE Talent Frustrated Over PPV & Live Event Payoffs, WMXXX Pay News

WWE talent is scheduled to receive their WrestleMania XXX pay in the next two weeks. Most of the talent is said to be unsure how the pay is going to be structured, as they don’t know if they will only be paid based on the actual pay-per-view buys, or if WWE Network subscriptions will be taken into account.

If they are paid strictly off of PPV buys, they will be looking at a substantial pay decrease compared to recent years. If the Network is taken into account, they will still be looking at less pay, but nowhere near as much as if they were only to be paid based off of the pay-per-view intake.

Talent is said to be frustrated already due to the fact that their pay from live events is significantly down from last year, so if the WrestleMania payoffs are down quite a bit as well, considering it’s their big annual payoff, there is going to be a lot of unhappy campers in WWE.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)