WWE Thinks Snooki & Rock Will Lead To PPV Buys, & More

— WWE is hoping that the addition of The Rock and Snooki to WrestleMania 27 will help them break 1 million pay-per-view buys. They’re also hoping that the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter will influence people to order the show.

In an interview with Multi-Channel News this week, WWE’s Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson said that WWE is firmly behind the idea of using social media (specifically Facebook and Twitter). Wilson said they were trying to bring back former fans with The Rock and new fans with the Snooki storyline.

Wilson talked about fans being able to go to The Rock’s Facebook page for his response to what John Cena did to him on RAW. She said, “That allows us to continue the storyline even after we’re off the air. It’s really a 24-hour engagement that our fans have with the WWE going into WrestleMania.”

— The Hollywood Reporter had an article up yesterday about how Snooki was boo’d at the WrestleMania 27 press conference in New York City. Regarding her training for WrestleMania, she said:

“It kind of came naturally to me. I did gymnastics for eight years, and I have been cheerleading since middle school … I am going to rehearse this weekend for Mania and will incorporate my gymnastics skills.”

Snooki also said she used to watch WWE because she thought a former star was attractive but stopped watching:

“When they gave me this opportunity, I started watching it again to see what I would do and what’s happening,. And I really enjoyed it.”

— Snooki’s tag team partner this Sunday, Trish Stratus, was interviewed this week by Diva-Dirt.com and had this to say about Michelle McCool and Layla El, who they will face this Sunday in a 6-person mixed tag match also involving John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler:

“The opportunity came up to work with LayCool, which I’m so excited about. I mean they’ve done such great work, people love to hate them. As a fan, I’ve sat back and I’ve watched, especially Layla , watched them grow into great workers. They’ve put in the work to develop their characters.”