WWE TLC 2013 Results

WWE TLC Kickoff Show

We kick off the Kickoff Show with the expert panel, which consists of Mick Foley (in a Santa Claus hat), Booker T, The Miz and of course, Josh Mathews. The guys run down many of the top matches for tonight’s show.

We shoot to the social media lounge with the lovely Renee Young. She talks about the history of the TLC matches. She sets up a poll, which asks the question: “What would hurt the most? Falling off a ladder, crashing through a table or getting hit with a steel chair?” You can vote on WWE’s Facebook page. She runs down some tweets further hyping tonight’s PPV.

As the guys on the expert panel continue to run down the matches for tonight, The Shield interupts them backstage. Dean Ambrose talks about how they’re going to beat up CM Punk tonight. Seth Rollins does as well, even mimicking The Rock with an “it doesn’t matter what you think!” line. Roman Reigns says a couple words, and back to Ambrose to close things out with a “believe in The Shield” line.

When we shoot back to the expert panel, Kofi Kingston comes out of nowhere and bitch-slaps The Miz. The two are separated by Mick Foley and Booker T as Kingston is on fire continuously saying “you wanna keep talking?!” The action stops there and we shoot live to the commentary table.

TLC Kickoff Show Match
– Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler

Fandango and Summer Rae come out dancing and it’s time for our lone Kickoff Show match of the evening. Before Fandango even finishes his entrance we have our first bickering match between Michael Cole and JBL on commentary. Fandango “shushes” the audience once he gets in the ring. Before he can continue with his promo we get a loud “we want Ziggler” chant. Fandango talks trash about Texas line dancing until Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and out comes Ziggler.

The bell sounds and Ziggler gets straight to business with Fandango. Within seconds of the match beginning, we shoot to a mid-match commercial. When we return, Fandango has Ziggler in a rear chinlock. We get a shot of Summer Rae looking on from the floor. Ziggler back-suplexes Fandango to get out of the hold. We have ten minutes left on the pre-show clock as Ziggler does his ten-punch spot on Fandango in the corner.

Ziggler continues his beatdown on Fandango for another minute or two, and then out of nowhere, Summer Rae pops up on the apron and distracts Ziggler, allowing Fandango to push him off the top-rope. Fandango follows that up with his top-rope leg drop and that’s all she wrote, folks! 1-2-3. Fandango wins.

Winner: Fandango

We shoot back to the social media lounge where Renee Young reads some more tweets hyping up tonight’s WWE TLC pay-per-view show. She reveals the results to the poll question I mentioned earlier. The winner of the poll is falling off a lader with 78%. 13% crashing through a table and 9% getting hit with a chair.

After that, we go back to the expert panel where the guys discuss the poll result and the Kickoff Show match that just took place between Fandango and Dolph Ziggler. They talk about Summer Rae costing them the match. By the way, The Miz is no longer on the panel and the guys are now discussing the scuffle between Miz and Kingston. They do some final hype for the top matches at TLC tonight.

Following the video package, Josh Mathews asks Mick Foley and Booker T for their official predictions for the title unification match. Booker T picks Randy Orton. Mick Foley points out that this is Orton’s first ever TLC match.

As the guys continue to talk we get a shot of a limo pulling up. We see Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and finally VINCE MCMAHON come out of the limo. All three head into the arena as the Kickoff Show concludes on that note.

Our live coverage continues with the beginning of the WWE TLC pay-per-view show. For those interested in reading live PPV results throughout the evening, click ahead to page two below.