WWE Tryouts Today, Cody Talks Goldust’s Return, Barrett

Posted by Matt Boone February 1, 2013 4 Comments

- The three-day WWE developmental tryouts in Tampa, Florida begin today. Jim Ross will be attending and tweeted the following:

“30 stars Potential @WWE stars can earn millions if their dreams come true..it all starts Friday morning here in Tampa. Who’s in unafraid to fail?”

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett will be appearing at the Baltimore Auto Show on Friday, February 8th from 7-9pm.

– Cody Rhodes says he had no idea his brother Goldust would be making a surprise return in the Royal Rumble. Cody tweeted:

“Watching TheRumble. Well handled secrecy, @WWEDustyRhodes didn’t even smarten me up, didn’t see Dustin the whole day, then I heard his music. We have MANY differences, but you’re pretty undeniable when I can barely hear said music because the crowd. Amused that I spoiled it for him”

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    • Josh

      Oh please. If I remember correctly, he is the one that eliminated Goldust. Are you telling me that they do no have that all mapped out for storyline purposes?

      • Patience is a virtue

        Shh.. don’t warn the idiots before they get a chance to comment man. That’s no fun. Wait for it :P

      • kindred1313

        Actualy the whay they do it is, They get ques from the back from other guys that come in after. For instence Jarico will get a que fron Cena thats Ziggler is aliminating him well after the match starts.

        • Mr. Real Talk

          You must surely be retarded. Learn English (spelling included) or get the hell off the internet.

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