WWE Using Cena and CM Punk More Often, Heyman’s ECW Commercial, Kelly Kelly

– Kelly Kelly had some time off and was not backstage for last night’s RAW Supershow in New Orleans.

– WWE aired a new commercial for the upcoming ECW DVD on last night’s RAW Supershow that featured a voiceover from Paul Heyman. Word is that Heyman taped the promo for the commercial several weeks ago, possibly before he even agreed to come back for the Brock Lesnar storyline.

– Look for John Cena and CM Punk to work a lot more SmackDown tapings in the future, with a lot of dark main event appearances. The feeling is that Randy Orton was sent to SmackDown for drawing power but now that’s not enough.

Among the wrestlers, the feeling is that they are stretching Cena thin and the comment was made that it’s no surprise Cena is getting divorced because he’s never home. There’s also a feeling among the wrestlers that WWE is running the top guys ragged and that’s never a good thing.

Partial source: PWInsider