WWE Using Cena and CM Punk More Often, Heyman’s ECW Commercial, Kelly Kelly

Posted by Matt Boone May 29, 2012 7 Comments

- Kelly Kelly had some time off and was not backstage for last night’s RAW Supershow in New Orleans.

– WWE aired a new commercial for the upcoming ECW DVD on last night’s RAW Supershow that featured a voiceover from Paul Heyman. Word is that Heyman taped the promo for the commercial several weeks ago, possibly before he even agreed to come back for the Brock Lesnar storyline.

– Look for John Cena and CM Punk to work a lot more SmackDown tapings in the future, with a lot of dark main event appearances. The feeling is that Randy Orton was sent to SmackDown for drawing power but now that’s not enough.

Among the wrestlers, the feeling is that they are stretching Cena thin and the comment was made that it’s no surprise Cena is getting divorced because he’s never home. There’s also a feeling among the wrestlers that WWE is running the top guys ragged and that’s never a good thing.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • Jus Sayin

      They sure are i mean do they not have faith in the other talent?

    • Jus Sayin

      They sure are i mean do they not have faith in the other talent?

    • Sofa

      just bring those new guys, antonio, damien and ryback into (good) storylines and people will get used to them.
      if wwe takes more cena and punk wwe will depend more and more on them and less on other talents which actually deserve it more which is actually the reason why wrestlers like carlito, mvp or shelton left.

    • bluebook

      They have had no success in producing new stars. The only exception was CM Punk and I think an argument can be made that he MADE HIMSELF a star, despite WWE’s constant efforts to keep him down and involving him in uninteresting, stupid and nonsensical storylines. I can’t think of one good storyline he’s been involved in since becoming a top star, and that’s why he’s status as a main-eventer has not been cemented.

      R-Truth had a great thing going with his heel persona and little Jimmy, and they had to turn him face way too soon, and turn little Jimmy into a stupid mascot for stupid kids. The Miz, on the other hand, has been a heel for wayyyyyy tooo looong, and that’s usually not a bad thing, but Miz heel persona has gotten old, boring and annoying. He’s always whining and complaining, to the point where he’s rants are now nothing but absurd ramblings. It would have been MUCH better to have turned Miz face, and R-Truth heel for their feud, instead of the other way around, and I think MIz would be in a better place now.

      Dolph Ziggler has hit a dead end and has not been able to develop his character, same goes for Swagger, only that he’s been hitting that dead end since years ago.

      Alberto Del Rio’s promos have gotten sloppy and repetitive. He’s still great in the ring, and he’s got the right attitude, but give him more to work with for god’s sake.

      Kane is nothing but a cartoon villain now.

      Kofi Kingston needs to go to Smackdown and be allowed to talk.

      Daniel Bryan is doing great, don’t change a thing.

      • Ice

        I think that Dolph Ziggler teaming up with Swagger and Vickie wasn’t helping neither..If it was just Ziggler and Swagger together, then it would of been great, and they could of build a strong heel tag team, but with Vickie it was just annoying, thats why I’m glad that it seems as if Dolph parted ways after this past monday night raw

    • cee

      “WWE is running the top guys ragged” excuse me but haven’t they been doing that for years?

    • http://www.facebook.com/WolfLink22 Matt Rayfield

      Well Vince is the maun guy in charge if you guys have still not noticed yet. I see more WCW type stuff in WWE now then i do wwf/e stuff. I mean face it WWE is beinging the crusierweights back when or if they launch their new network. WCW had crusierweights when Vince thought that they were stupid. TNA has the TV title thing that WCW had then scrapped like Vince did the crusierweights. WCW had the NWO and i see a mini nwo with Johnny Ace, Eve, and Otunga, and now Big Show is on board with them too. Both TNA and WWE have guys with winning streaks what’s next have Clay win a major title then have a kevin nash like story where big show or another big guy like kane come in and ruin the storyline when it is successful? TNA has not ruined the Crimson character just yet by giving him a loss and that is good. Sure i could have the same question for TNA. But they are at least trying with things like open fight night and they are going live with an 8 pm timeslot too. They even have a gutcheck thing going and they do it on the same impact program while wwe has to have wwe superstars and nxt and those only come on online now too.
      So of course WWE’s RAW is going to see an overkill of Cena and Punk on the same show. They are trying to bring back matt bloom as tensi which is not going over well. Heck TNA is doing better with Steve Sting Borden then Vince is with punk and cena combined.So when we see other guys pushed like punk and cena are wwe wise then it will be great again. They had a ok thing with Jericho going vs punk but never had jericho take the belt off of punk to see punk earn it back later which would have been good too.
      Cena and punk do need some time off most of all cena more then punk tho or he will get burned out.

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