Rey Mysterio continues to talk with WWE officials about a return but he has not signed, despite recent reports. The talks are close enough that they have talked about what commitments Mysterio has and does not have left, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The big “All In” indie event on September 1st is a key topic of the negotiations. Mysterio wants to work the show for obvious reasons and WWE would rather he not work the show, for the same reasons. Mysterio is also looking to drop his Crash Heavyweight Title in Mexico, if he signs with WWE.

Mysterio confirmed last month that he and WWE were negotiating a three-year deal. The Observer recently reported that WWE wanted to break the announcement themselves, if they finalize a deal, so the return will likely be announced as soon as it is finalized. The two sides are said to be really close to a deal but the major issue continues to be Mysterio wanting to work a part-time schedule.

Mysterio recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on The Ross Report and said he’s staying busy while he waits for “something big” to happen with WWE.

“I’m still involved with [Aro Lucha]. I’m a part stock owner with the company and I’m still running wild. I’m kind of doing my own thing just like I have been for the last three years. Opportunities seem to come my way and if I feel that it’s something that I can take advantage of, and move forward with it, I run with it. If they hand me a ball, and I feel like I can go, I’m going to go.” Mysterio added, “I’m just kind of jumping here and there waiting for if something big happens to pop off with WWE again, in the meantime, I keep doing my thing.”